Poppy has created two decks. The first is the


(Llewellyn Worldwide Publications - now out of print)

Above: The original book cover front and back

Below: The reprinted/re-written/second edition cover front and back


Is available either:

a) On its own to accompany a deck you may have already bought.

b) As part of a limited edition book and deck set. There are VERY FEW decks and book sets to be had there will never be any more original sets after these sell out. The books will be signed.


or poppywildspirit@gmail.com

Poppy will reply but due to severe pain and disability is unable to type or use a computer regularly.


About the Wild Spirit glyph

The symbol can be seen as a joyous person with the dot as the head and the arms upraised, the spiral being the spirit within all beings. Or it can be seen as representations of sun (dot) crescent moon and the serpent spiral of wild earth energy linking them. Or the dot little Earth with all the beings there being embraced by the endless energy of All-That-Is. Or the dot is a star, the crescent the moon and the spiral the sun. It's vibrant, expresses interconnectedness and is open to many interpretations so feel free to choose your own!

Above: The Wild Spirit card back incorporating the glyph and expressing the interrelationship of beings

Please scroll down for more on the Wild Spirit Tarot

Poppy's other deck is


Finding the Magic in the Midst of Life

And celebrating the extraordinary in what we suppose to be ordinary!

Above: The Fool

This is the first image from a new deck celebrating the wild enchantment and highlighting the wise council inherent in everyday interactions. Each card reveals a seemingly ordinary person expressing their extraordinary qualities in recognizable, yet exceptional, settings. From a man on a building site to a boy on a skateboard the cards allow us to gain insights and encouragement from someone just like us - an amazing, but commonplace, individual living in an amazing world. The cards allow us to appreciate the unique charm and wisdom of all those we encounter. Beauty is be celebrated in all its forms and the cards encompass people of all ages, sizes, colours and physical abilities. These cards also embrace the other beings – both seen and unseen - that share our everyday reality with us. These are the faeries (and a myriad other spirit or Otherworldly presences) as well as our creature-kin - the fabulous yet familiar mammals, birds and insects that share our journey. As such The Everyday Enchantment Tarot is warmly inclusive, welcoming us into a more unified vision of world.

This deck encourages us to appreciate life anew and engage with each other as the as the infinitely wise, and endlessly creative, beings we truly are. In this The Everyday Enchantment Tarot will expand our capacity for empathy and gratitude, promoting deep connection with all beings that share the journey with us.

Copyright Poppy Palin and Schiffer

Above: The Everyday Enchantment card back - a reversible image that expresses the Oneness of all beings - be they human or non-human; seen or unseen - and the flow of Creation



Above: The elegant woman in the Nine of Coins enjoys the fruits of her labours

Below: The vivacious Queen of Wands directs with her baton (magic wand) and conducts with passion

Above: Ace of Blades - an incisive vet points with surgical scissors as he works to save a dog

Below: Five l oving little girls (and their faery companion) experience shared joy in the Ace of Cups

Above: The sneaky Seven of Blades is getting away with it Here the blades are the metal spikes on the fence but also the broken glass shards in the window. Blades are the Swords suit in this deck. The suit was changed to Blades as its far easier to spot a sharp object in everyday life than a sword!

Below: A young family is moving on swiftly in the Eight of Wands - the gatepost and the sign are all wands.

Above: A place of meditation in the Four of Blades - the sharp tent pegs are the blades here

Below: A woman feels trapped by her situation in the Eight of Blades - the swords on her wallpaper in her dismal apartment are the blades

Below: The inquisitive Page of Blades expresses his enthusiasm - he wears a 'sword of truth' on his t-shirt and his penknife keeps his reference book open. The hedgehog's spines are sharp 'blades' and the daffodils' leaves are also green 'blades'.

Above: The down-to-earth Queen of Coins takes payment for her homegrown produce

Below: The enterprising Page of Coins puts his money-making plans into action

Above: Wheel of Fortune is on a roll - good luck!

Below: The Ace of Wands starts creating from a blank canvas

Above: Nine of Blades - the blades are her long (sword embellished) nails. A loyal Pug dog looks on.

Below: Six of Coins - Lady Bountiful gives her charity donations in public view

Above: Five of Wands - there are five wands, the umbrella counts too!

Above: The King of Coins, gently sowing his seeds and considerately reaping the rewards. He's a genial sort of chap, a good earth-father to all. He's an ethical employer and the oilseed rape crop is organic, of course! The cows aren't there for farming purposes, this man has learned the error of his ways and now they're kept happy in a field out of the goodness of his heart rather than for profit. He's a good steward, not a greedy man, but is still able to make a good living and is ploughing his material rewards back into the land and local inhabitants. Overall, this card has got a green and gold glow of health, success and vitality.

Above: Two of Wands - a flamboyant, energetic drummer throws his sticks into the air. He earns the admiration of the crowd by being different. His backdrop is a lovely lake with free flying birds and his bass drum skin has an image of the world on it, both reminding us to follow our passion wherever it may lead. We can travel far, and to places of great beauty, if we listen to 'a different drum' and be ourselves.

Above: Five of Blades. The angry chef has all the knives, and so all the power, in this kitchen. Not a harmonious place to work!

Below: Six of Blades. Instead of the traditional design that shows a man rowing a boat away, here we have a man skating away from the past (represented by the backpack) with the woman and child...the blades being their skates. this picture was inspired by the old Jethro Tull lyric 'skating away on the thin ice of a new day'. Everything, including the geese, moves towards the dawning light.

Above: The Four of Coins - this serious young 'king of the castle' has built a pebble-lined moat to protect his 'treasure'. The seagull and the crab add to his defenses as he glowers at us, warning us to stay away. Meanwhile the children in the background have fun with their dog, just as children should on the beach. They run free while this boy stays put - he's forgotten fun in order to hang on to his possessions.

Below: Four of wands - celebration and community but also freedom - here the moth flies away from the flame rather than get burned

Above: The Five of Coins shows poor and sick people outside in the snow while a woman wins on a gaming machine, She and her partner are warm enough to wear short sleeves while the outcasts are freezing. Her dog begs for attention just as the people outside seek help.

Above: Strength - a bravehearted woman and her stalwart companion

Below: The Three of Coins - teamwork on a canal

Above: The incisive King of Blades gives a cutting synopsis, presenting the evidence with clarity

Below: Temperance offers her 'fusion food' to the feuding teens

Above: Mourning the past and not letting go - the Five of Cups. While the woman grieves on the grave the person she thinks she has lost appears unseen behind her, hoping to remind her of the eternal nature of being.

Above: The Eight of Coins has a Down's Syndrome man taking on a paid woodworking apprenticeship with a great sense of achievement and delight. This card reminds us to find what we love and to apply ourselves to it wholeheartedly, knowing that only we can bring this unique thing into being in the world. We rebirth the sun of ourselves - of our own singular creative expression - and make it shine for others to enjoy. This is our purpose and our joy. We give it our all, for the All.

Below: The impetuous Knight of Wands expresses the reckless passion of youth in the heat of the moment

Above: In complete contrast to the hedonistic Knight of Wands, this Knight - the Knight of Coins - is a young man seriously committed to making money. He focuses single-mindedly on the task in hand and ignores his peers having a good time in the background. He is solid, determined and reliable but certainly a candidate for the adage 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

Below: Three of Blades (Swords). While the storm rages outside, and the magpie (one for sorrow) passes by, the storm of grief affects a lone woman. Her blades have cut a fabric heart of blue roses in two and she holds a pin cushion pierced with three pins. Behind her is a photo of a happier time showing her and her ex-lover. This card expresses the terrible pain of loss that has to be experienced as the result of us loving another being. The sewing machine also reminds us that we can stitch ourselves back together again.

Above: Queen of Blades (swords) - cutting to the chase; an incisive Doctor with her scalpel.

Below: Six of Cups - youthful joy at a tea party...with a wistful nostalgic look from the Mum

Below: The lionheart - the charismatic King of Wands. He's a born leader and being visually impaired doesn't stop him seeing, or doing, more than most others. People are drawn to him like moths to a flame.

Below: Ten of Cups with the planter/tubs being the cups here. This card is obviously a modern take on the traditional 'happy ever after' image.

Below: Six of Wands - yes...success!

Above: The Ten of Coins. Here's the generous patriarch as Father Christmas in his rather luxurious family home, complete with ancestral portrait. He even has a throne-like chair from which to dispense his largesse. The coins may be the chocolate ones we get at this time of year - preferably dairy-free chocolate but that's unlikely as this man is a stickler for long established ways of behaving! Or ese they can be actual coins, representing inherited wealth. This card is all about security and patronage which can be either comforting or controlling.

Above: The Hermit hides so he can seek

Below: Protesting with passion in the Seven of Wands - count the Policemen's batons

Above: The gentle, generous Page of Cups - a messenger of love

Below: The industrious Seven of Coins - taking stock while a customer offers cash

Above: The Nine of Cups. This man loves the lavish lifestyle he can now afford. He does however look a little smug - maybe all that attention is going to his head?

Above: The Hierophant - a wise but staid teacher who maintains the status quo

Above: The Two of Cups - there are more partnerships in this image than just the flirty men drinking coffee on the park bench! It's all about attraction - yes - but also deep relationship between all kinds of beings.

Above: The intrepid young Page of Wands takes the leap to inspire his friends...and us

Below: The Lovers - true soul-love knows no boundaries of age

Below: The Four of Cups - a young man lets his hope trickle away

Above: Seven of Cups - wild flights of fancy are grounded in flesh

Above: The World - creating a better reality together

Above: The Hanged Man - loitering with good intent

Above: Putting in the groundwork in the Ace of Coins (Suit of Pentacles)

Above: The crazy poet Lady Moon and below a basic description of the Moon card

Who am I? I’m not sure, but whoever I may be I’m influenced by the moon; a sad, certifiable luna-tic walking the margins.Or perhaps not. Because some say I’m a Seer, looking past the fripperies of modern existence to the shining verities of the Universe – the visionary on the road to enlightenment, rather than the road to nowhere. Whether I’m lost in mad reveries or a prophet thrice blessed depends on your perspective…I’ve lost mine so I’ll let you decide. I’m in two minds, my thoughts like twin glittering fish darting in opposite directions. I just wish they’d stop jeering at me, whoever I may be. I lose my clarity when I’m chased, chastised, challenged…where was I?

What do I represent? I symbolise what you dread most. I’m the bottom line: decrepit, demented, rejected, reviled, dirty, crazy, hungry, helpless, penniless – down and out. For me and my underdog there’s no safe home, no kind face, no loving embrace. I’m your dark night of the soul, cold and lonely, lit only by my old friend the stony-faced moon. Although she hangs so distant, and seemingly indifferent, she brings illumination of a special kind, her gleam highlighting the precious silver amongst the shadows. She cuts through rationality, revealing the mystery of being, enchanting us. Her cool appraising gaze sees deep within us, inspiring our soul-poetry and awakening our magic.

What do I mean to you? I’ve things in my bag that may interest you – discarded dreams, hidden fears, fleeting memories and broken belongings that meant something once but are now just cumbersome baggage. Are they yours? Let’s examine them now. Don’t be afraid for when things fall apart there are revelations and opportunities to look beyond appearances – a chance to let the wildly unusual into your everyday being. I don’t regret my marginal moon-bidden life because there’s poetry in my plight and in my Sight. And in yours. Remember this! Because I’ve already forgotten.

Copyright Poppy Palin - not for reproduction unless with permission.

Below: The Star inspires us to shine as a guiding light

Above: The woman in the Two of Blades (suit of Swords) denies her problems

Above: Justice - seeing both sides, weighing the truth, maintaining the balance

Above: The Magician - manifesting marvels in a mundane world

Below: The Tower - this woman's world is falling apart

'I see this deck as being like a bridge between the mundane and the magical; reminding us that we don't have to wear long flowing gowns and sit looking longingly into a medieval fountain to be able to accept or bring magic into our lives.'

Rebecca Stevens

Above: The authoritarian 'firm but fair' Emperor on his 'throne' and below a basic guide to The Emperor

Who am I? I’m The Emperor, fifth card in the Major Arcana. My sign is Aries, as you can see from my mug. That means I’m a born leader and get things done – both for others and myself. You find me in my role as charismatic manager and team leader but I’m also at ease helping run a household. My drive, commitment and vitality mean I’m always forging ahead at the cutting edge.

What do I represent? I embody the qualities of a benign ruler – magnanimous yet rigorous; firm but fair. I offer stability and structure but insist on my own considered terms and conditions. Mine can be the iron fist in a velvet glove but no one respects a limp handshake. Yet I’m a man of honour who works hard and aims bring out the best in those I’m privileged to supervise - I see no harm in using a little judicious discipline if it enables others to shine. And as the photograph in my office shows I’m also a family man, a passionate lover, fierce protector and dutiful provider. I’m often known as the All Father as I’m proud to take care of my human tribe both at work and home.

What do I mean to you? In a reading I may signify someone seen as a figure of authority – your employer, instructor or a member of your own family. Like me they may be charming, efficient and reliable or arrogant, domineering and inflexible. You need to decide if they are helping you or holding you back. Or perhaps my qualities are what you need now - that indominitable strength of will, relentless energy and boldness. My passion and motivation may enable you to plough through obstacles…or, if you are being too selfish you may just run into a brick wall. I may reveal the need for order in your own life – for you to establish rules or break them if they cause suffering.

Below: The dreamy Knight of Cups - a troubadour goes wooing in vain

Above: The Empress -showing lots of love in her bustling kitchen

Below: The Chariot - focused and present in the wild moment

Above: Death...and rebirth. A midwinter scene that reminds us that there are always returns.

In the Death card we meet an elderly lady, a grandmother, tenderly talking to her granddaughter, possibly even her great granddaughter.The little girl represents the start of life’s journey and the grandmother its ending, both aspects united in the tender moment. We can imagine the elderly lady is gently counselling he little girl that she may soon be gone, but not to fear this passing as she has lived a full life and is now weary and ready to leave her worn our psychical self to go home. The child gives her full attention to this and seems to understand deep inside. They share this intimacy in a winter woodland, winter solstice being the key time of death and rebirth. At their feet a crow caws, the crow being a representative, or messenger, of death. The crow stands next to snowdrops, revealing new life in the midst of the chill of winter. Above them another crow circles and waits, gently reminding the woman that her time is nearly come. There is also a woodland sprite present above them to bring comfort to both the lady and the small girl. In the background we see a younger woman, ethereal and barefoot in the snow. This shining woman, and the crow above her, are moving away from the manifest world into the eternal light. The woman is the elderly lady as she once was, vibrant and in her prime, and represents her life-force energy leaving this aspect of material existence. The bright colours of the child’s attire represent regeneration and joy and contrast with the sombre colours of the older woman, although both wear purple to show they are connected...and perhaps not so very different after all. Likewise the muted shades of the winter woodland are lit by the brilliant otherworldly light that shines through into this world, reminding us that if we deny or reject the darker or hidden aspects the brighter ones lose definition and cease to have meaning. 

Above: The tempting Devil deliberately flouts the rules as he goes the wrong way

'I have been waiting for a modern deck such as this for YEARS now, and although one or two are good and readable, none have the clarity, emotion and obvious personality and story telling your Everyday Tarot cards have. The first card immediately resonated, and as for the Devil card.... it just nailed it for me.'

Davina Powell

Above: The Sun - dazzling us in a drab alleyway and lifting our spirits

Above: The High Priestess - the Mystic Queen of the Night brings her magic to the mundane

Above: The young woman in Judgment encourages us to find a more meaningful way of life

Above: The loving, creative King of Cups welcomes us to his home

'I just wanted to say I love what I've seen so far from the Everyday Tarot! Are you still working on this? I for sure would love a copy when it is completed. Been looking for just such a deck. Beautiful work!'

Lisa Lee

Above: Nine of Wands - the fence posts are the wands as the crutch is also a wand. This boy has been beaten but still walks past his tormentors, showing perseverance and resilience. Just like the ant that carries the heavy leaf and the swallow that flies to the UK from Africa each year.

This deck is now the property of Schiffer as well as Poppy, watch this space for more details.

Here are some of the initial designs for cards that were later replaced

Above: The original Page of Coins design - needs to have coins not bank notes

Below: The original Three of Cups design - too bright in the background

Below: The original idea for the Six of Blades - not everyday enough

Below: The original Ace of Cups - nice but not watery enough

Above: The first version of the Queen of Wands - not dynamic enough

Below: The first design for Justice - needed a better central figure

Above: The initial version of the Ace of Coins - needed different companion spirit

Below: the Queen of Coins in her initial guise - needed a stronger Queen

Here's a lovely review on Aeclectic Tarot

REVIEW: The Everyday Enchantment Tarot created by Poppy Palin

By Jenn (Member of TABI)


I am writing this review in the October of 2015. The Everyday Enchantment Tarot has a

publisher and it is planned that it will be printed in 2017. I await this with eager



I have been privileged, along with a few others, to see each card as Poppy has created it.

The Major Arcana is complete and the Minors are well on their way. This deck is like a

dream come true for me. It not only has the guidance of the traditional card IDs, it also is

illustrated with up to date pictures of life as it is in our era.

As the name suggests it not only shows the events of everyday life, it also includes the

enchanted and often unnoticed aspects. The sparkle that is swamped by the “in your face”

pressures that modern times impress onto us.

Poppy has taken the traditional cards and brought their original meanings right up to the

NOW. She has incorporated the wisdom of the Tarot, and retranslated it to speak to us in

a modern language that we can relate to. Even the suits are not just suits. For instance

wands appear as candles standing upright, as police batons, and as a paintbrush, Cups are

not fancy chalices, but teacups and picnic mugs, but even with this variety they are easy

to identify.


Tarot is about day to day living. It is a tool to help us see where we’ve been, where we

are now, what the options are, and to bring to our notice things that may well be missed,

but that can make the difference. Our World is overwhelmed with the negative (listen to

the news broadcasts and you will see what I mean). The Enchantment is there but only if

you can open your eyes and look for it. The EET helps you do this.

The “players” in this deck are not limited, they are humans of a mixture of ages, cultures,

professions, jobs and abilities (many of which are rarely mentioned within the tarot or in

fact in day to day life), There are also animals of the fur, feather, fin, hoof and flipper

genres as well as insects and of course The Myriad of unseen beings of Enchantment that

are there to remind you. A fantastic cast that would certainly create a hit as a West End

Play illustrating True Life Today.


This deck is a wonderful tool for both the seasoned reader and the newbie. All you need to

do is look at the card, ask yourself what it is illustrating and there you are – you have

your “meaning”. Each card has multiple possibilities, you may be drawn to the main

characters and their actions and situation, or maybe you will see someone or something in

the background that grabs your attention. Poppy has hit a wonderful balance of detail

without overcrowding the card. I first ventured into the Tarot over 30 years ago, and I spent many

years trying to “learn” the meanings of each card, only to find that the meanings did not always match the

illustrations, and different decks and their meanings could be in conflict. I ventured into

using my intuition, but even then it could be difficult to be guided by the picture or pips.

With this deck there is an abundance of support to inspire your translation, to personalize

it for the person you are reading for.


I have done some trial readings using just the Major Arcana and I have found them a

delight to work with. They have proven themselves to be amazing companions on the Tarot

road of discovery. I hope you will be as “Enchanted” as I am about the “Everyday” life that is illustrated

here. Poppy is creating an amazing deck with her magical and insightful gift.


The reviewer, Jennie Austin has been using the tarot from the early 80s, and has many decks in her


She is a Holistic Therapist, Coach, Teacher and Reiki Master.

She loves helping and working with animals, especially dogs, and she had her own dog grooming business

for over 20 years.

She is also the Author of Practicing Reiki.


Thank you to all those who take the time to send Poppy positive feedback, it is truly appreciated.



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(There are so few left so if you want a new one with a book ask Poppy now!)

Above: A selection of the Major Arcana cards

What recent purchasers of the deck said...

I love the colours, images, backs and cardstock; everything. Then there is something that is more difficult to describe (especially in foreign language  ), but I call it simply love. There is a strong feel of love in these cards!I feel very privileged and lucky to own this deck now as I almost missed it.

Riitta, Finland

The deck arrived safely on the 19th and I have really enjoyed it even more than I had expected.  You know I came across it quite by accident and I am really surprised it hasn't received more attention - I really love it and cant wait for the book download. 

Maria, USA

I received the deck today! I love everything about it. I love the way it feels in my hands, the way it fans out...and of course, the art is breath-taking.  I share your love for earth and animal. I know this is strange, but I can practically feel your soul in this deck.  It is very rich, pure and warm

Kelli, USA

This is my favourite deck of all time. the colors and images speak through me with an ease that no other tarot has been able to do. If I could only have one deck to read from for all time this would be it. As an oracle it will tell you what you need to know.'

Lisa Silver Crow Perrault, USA


Below is a link to a new tarot site that will take you directly to Poppy's tarot



Above: Poppy's first jacket design submitted to Llewellyn for consideration. It was sold in a charity auction for Happy Landings animal sanctuary in Somerset, UK.

What follows are the basics for using the deck without a copy of the book. The cards were originally designed as a Divination Pack but the publisher wanted to call it a Tarot (thus offending Tarot purists, and perhaps rightly so) as it isn't strictly a conventional pack. Saying this the cards can be used following a traditional tarot system if preferred. Here's a very brief introduction to the Wild Spirit deck as the book was huge (with stories for each card's 'character') and this can only ever be a synopsis of the full work. A little of your own precious imagination is required to fill in the gaps and make the cards into a cohesive system that works for you as an individual. That's the wild spirit, after all, it was never meant to be that prescriptive!


This is just an initial helping hand for those who own the deck only.

Each card of the Major Arcana card has a detailed story about the character or 'energies' depicted. These stories were given in the 280 page book STORIES OF THE WILD SPIRIT, now out of print. This book's size was the reason why the deck was so expensive and therefore was not so popular to buy at £32 when most decks cost under £25! In time I hope to scan in each story in here or at least write a synopsis for each card for users of the deck to have access to. The cards need their stories...in this they differ from other decks.This reflects Poppy's own need to always combine words and images.


These cards are more succinctly explained and only had a page each to describe them - 'snapshots in spirit time' as the editor aptly called them. Here is the synopsis from the book of their meanings

POLLUTION - Eight of Water


Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot