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For All Our Relations


Make Every Day Mother's Day

From One Mother to Another

We can make every day Mother's Day by:

Not eating another creature's beloved babies,

Not using another's offspring as a commodity or expendable item,

Not stealing their milk,

Not taking and using their skin or fur,

Not referring to them as 'it',

Not hunting them down or experimenting on them,

Not condemning them to a life of misery, in captivity.

Have a heart!

Asking Forgiveness

This spring equinox we can renew our connection with all our relations, be they human or non-human, seen or unseen. We can start by asking their forgiveness.

Forgiveness for polluting the ground and water with agrochemicals, fracking, nuclear waste and toxic landfill,

Forgiveness for spoiling the air with vehicle, plane and industrial emissions and for geoengineering/solar radiation management/stratospheric aerosol spraying,

Forgiveness for filling the atmosphere with electromagnetic microwave signals/ frequencies and that cause damage and disorientation,

Forgiveness for encroaching on and appropriating the shared green spaces, brutally taming the wild with monoculture and destroying biodiversity with genetically modified crops,

Forgiveness for filling the oceans with plastic and poison,

Forgiveness for treating our precious creature-kin as expendable - as inferior beings, slaves or possessions. Forgiveness for slaughtering, experimenting on, blowing up, using and abusing them at whim,

Forgiveness for forgetting our essential Oneness.

Dear brothers and sisters of the earth, air and waters please forgive us our trespasses. We promise to do better and to show you, our extended family - our other selves - the respect and care you deserve. May we live together in peace, with love.



our skies


Greenheart crafts


Season's Greetings and a Merry Midwinter to All

Apologies for the lack of updates this year, Poppy has not had access to a computer for many months. She has completed The Everyday Enchantment Tarot and will be creating a new website in the near future. A link to this new website will be posted here as soon as possible. Hopefully there will be a blog and maybe audio/podcasts to follow plus lots of new content.

hunt saboteur

Above: Solstice Saviour - for the wonderful hunt saboteurs that save lives



BM HSA, London, WC1N 3XX

The hunting season is now in full swing in the UK. Foxes are still being killed despite a supposed hunting ban (three were killed on Saturday 3rd December alone). Traditionally many places have Boxing Day hunts. Without the HSA there will be many more deaths of our creature kin.

Please help them in any way you can!

Because non-human lives matter - for all our relations

Above: Six of Coins - a public display of giving in the season of goodwill

Below: Ten of Coins - a traditional Christmas. Both cards are from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot

Above: The Six of Blades - steadily moving into a brighter future...a good card for Winter Solstice

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Thanks for your patience - and for your consideration - it's deeply appreciated. And with deep love to those others who suffer pain.We are one another. Never alone; all One.

For the sake of the seen and unseen, the human and the non-human - for all beings - it's time to remember who we are. We are All-That-Is and we are One. When we know we are each other there can be no strangers so let's reach out and re-connect with ourselves.

Above: The Star from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot - reaching out with unconditional love

Above: Tattoo design to honour the elements/seasons and express interconnectedness

To have your own design created by Poppy please see tattoo designs for charity

The person who commissioned this donated to

JUNE 2016

Apologies for the broken state of this website which went down unexpectedly (and for unexplained reasons) last month. Hopefully it will be up and running again so come back soon for updates on the tarot - there'll be lots more to see!

Poppy has no access to a computer at present but normal service will be resumed ASAP. Thanks so much for your patience, it's appreciated.




Above: Seven of Blades from the Everyday Enchantment Tarot

Copyright Poppy Palin

MARCH 2016

Let's Dance!

Updates from the Everyday Enchantment Tarot

The deck that reveals the magic all around us, here and now, and celebrates the interconnectedness of all beings be they human or non-human; seen or unseen.

Here's the latest selection for your enjoyment

Above: The Nine of Cups. This man is enjoying the fruits of his success and loving the lavish lifestyle he can now afford. He does however look a little smug - maybe all that attention is going to his head?

Below: The lionheart - the charismatic King of Wands. He's a born leader and his lack of sight doesn't stop him seeing, or doing, more than most others. People are drawn to him like moths to a flame.

Below: Ten of Cups with the planter/tubs being the cups here. This card is obviously a modern take on the traditional 'happy ever after' image.

Below: The know-it-all Knight of Blades is a young motor mouth hairdresser that pays no heed to his client - he knows best and applies his cutting commentary as well as his scissors!

Above: Nine of Blades - these blades are her long (sword embellished) nails. Her wee loyal Pug dog looks on.

Above: In complete contrast to the hedonistic Knight of Wands, this Knight - the Knight of Coins - is a young man seriously committed to making money. He focuses single-mindedly on the task in hand and ignores his peers having a good time in the background. He is solid, determined and reliable but certainly a candidate for the adage 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

Above: Five of Blades. The angry chef has all the knives, and so all the power, in this kitchen. Not a harmonious place to work!

Below: Six of Blades. Instead of the traditional 'man rowing the boat away', here we have a man skating away from the past (represented by the backpack) with the woman and child, the blades being their skates of course. It was inspired by the old Jethro Tull lyric 'skating away on the thin ice of a new day'. Everything, including the geese, moves towards the dawning light.

Watch out for the final previews of the new cards to be posted here soon


The latest in the 'Living in a Magical World' series by Beatrice Walditch

This marvellous new book was dedicated to Poppy which was an honour and sincerely appreciated.

This book resonates with Poppy's recent work, exploring the genuine fluidity of reality as opposed to the locked down version of 'consensus' reality we have had 'pulled over our eyes'.

The next book in this series is concerned with another theme close to Poppy's heart - the magic inherent in the everyday. The book will be called 'Enchantment is All About Us' (which can, of course, be read in two ways.) Magic isn't just something that happened 'back then' in a mythical realm so unlike this one, created by special people. Nor is it what happens on special occasions, either by accident or design. Its about the unfurling miracle of what is; of just this, right here and now. Magic is sparking in each being, regardless of species or status. It's singing in each liquid moment if we be present and truly witness. Awakening people to this imminent magic - this wild enchantment - is essential if we're to stop being passive bystanders of fate, waiting for the 'big parent' or someone 'out there' to save us. If we want a different world we have to act as conscious and compassionate co-creators in full awareness of who and what we all are. We have to know we are One being; one Self dreaming Itself as many selves. When we remember this we become lucid dreamers - wild dreamers - who are alive to the magical moment. We know enchantment is all about us and that reality is far from ordinary no matter what we've previously believed.

If Beatrice is being her usual prolific self then her take on this subject in 'Enchantment is All About Us' will be available very soon!

To find out more contact Beatrice, or to see more of the books for the fantastic Heart of Albion, go to

Publishing frighteningly good books since 1989

Heart of Albion, 113 High Street, Avebury, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 1RF
(0)1672 539077


It is with great sadness that Poppy has to announce that Slippery Jacks not-for-profit Art House and Press is now closed. This amazing endeavor, a true labour of love by Sharon and Dave Zak, served many, many green-spirited, wild-hearted people on their questing journey. It provided us with excellent books, art, courses and information, all with infinite care. Poppy would like to offer her sincere thanks to Sharon for her wonderful work in producing the second edition of the Wild Spirit Tarot book as well as for supporting and promoting Poppy at every opportunity. Sharon was always backing and celebrating the work of others as well as doing the most incredible work herself. Her art is stunning, powerful and deeply moving, providing an effective gateway to the otherworldly aspects of being. Sadly that too is now on hold. It can only be hoped that one day there will be more from this amazing, generous artist, teacher, healer and eloquent writer. The world will be lesser without her selfless support of other artists and her own beautiful creative offerings.

Above: One of Slipperys beautiful books and a piece of Sharon's art

Slippery Jacks was an extraordinary endeavor. May it inspire us all to be as altruistic as its founders as well as prolific, tireless and inspired as they are. Goodbye Slipperys, with love and gratitude.


Letting Go of All That Keeps us Apart

May this year see the end of our separation

Above: Mourning the past and not letting go - the Five of Cups from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot shows us somebody experiencing great sorrow and unable to move on. While the woman grieves at the grave the person she thinks she has lost appears behind her. He hopes to remind her of the eternal nature of being and the unseen levels of existence, encouraging her to let go of her fear. Although it is right to experience deep grief in a real way, and not avoid this natural part of life, there's also a time to realize that all separation - even that of physical death - is an illusion. As with almost all cards in this deck the image shows representatives of our creature-kin as an integral part of our lives. In this case we see the loyal dog and a crow acting as intermediary between this layer of reality and the otherworlds. The deck always reveals our interconnectedness with a variety of human and non-human beings, be they physical or not.

Here are some of Poppy's spice illustrations for Bitten food magazine

(sadly not a vegan food/ travel magazine but high quality and very interesting)

'The universe is the game of self which plays hide and seek forever'

Alan Watts


Celebration and Dedication

Appreciating time with family, friends and our creature-kin. Enjoying our hearth and home if we have the benefit of such security. But never forgetting those who have no security and nobody to care.

(It's sad that Crisis at Christmas have turkey dinners. Soon, if we all keep doing are bit, there'll be deep compassion that spreads beyond humanity and extends to all beings. Then festive food will be cruelty-free. For now Crisis are acting with empathy for their human-kin, and that's beautiful. )

From abandoned Bosnian dogs to orphaned elephants in Zambia IFAW needs your help in December

So does the HSI, please help them if you are able. Thank you.

Above: The Ten of Coins from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot. Here's the generous patriarch as Father Christmas in his rather luxurious family home, complete with ancestral portrait. He even has a throne-like chair from which to dispense his largesse! The coins may be the chocolate ones you get at this time of year - preferably dairy-free chocolate but that's unlikely as this man is a stickler for long established ways of behaving. This card is all about security and patronage which can be either comforting or controlling.

This season isn't all about coming together with loved ones in cozy surroundings. The winter solstice - and the return of the sun - can be about reaffirming what matters to us in the next solar cycle. Casting off the old things that hold us back and coming into the light of our best selves. It's all about being the most marvellous, vital expression of the self we appear to be whilst remembering that what we really are is All-That-Is having an experience as an individual. Isn't that worth celebrating? Yes!

Above: The Eight of Coins from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot has a Down's Syndrome man taking on a paid woodworking apprenticeship with a great sense of achievement and delight. This card reminds us to find what we love and to apply ourselves to it wholeheartedly, knowing that only we can bring this unique thing into being in the world. We rebirth the sun of ourselves - of our own singular creative expression - and make it shine for others to enjoy. This is our purpose and our joy. We give it our all, for the All.

Dedicating Ourselves to What We Know to be Right


Even as they declare war again. Especially then.

National Demonstration 12th December London

See Stop theWar Coalition for more details

'Whatever they say about us,
we haven't killed anyone.
They've killed hundreds of thousands.
Hundreds and hundreds of thousands.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands.
Perhaps they think that if they keep pointing
at us, saying,
'Stop the War are the problem!'
no one will notice the blood
on their hands.'
Michael Rosen

People around Britain came out to say not in our name on 28th November

They didn't listen then but we won't stop until they do

Here's why we can't stop standing in peace, for peace

Manufacturing Dissent - The Truth About Syria Documentary

Roland Dumas reveals Britain planned to attack Syria years ago

Listen to ex-British soldier Ben Griffin saying why we will not fight for Queen and Country


Stop the Fracking Nightmare before it starts

Voices from the Gasfields Documentary

View the weekly Fracking Nightmare update by Ian R Crane

Visit to get updated and involved

Find out about geoengineering - weather and climate manipulation

Here's a former KLM pilot speaking out

Research the 'smart agenda' and electromagnetic pollution

Here's Josh Del Sol, creator of 'Take Back Your Power'

Olle Johansson talks about the effects of electro-magnetic fields

See also

And the documentary Resonance - Beings of Frequency

There's been so much on these pages over the years about these three crucial issues - fracking, geoengineering and the 'smart' agenda. There will continue to be in the future as they affect all life on this small planet. Please scroll through past news updates to find other information and links, thank you.


Listen to Gary Yourofsky's remarkable presentation - 'The Best Speech You'll Ever Hear'

Gary is an animal rights activist and animal liberator who has spoken around the world

Tim Shieff, vegan free runner, parkour expert, ninja warrior and athlete speaks from the heart

'To me, ending species-ism is the root to world peace and the third step in the trilogy of black rights, women's rights and animal rights... Justice can only be denied for so long before everyone is aware of it.'

For anyone who tells you being vegan isn't good for you watch this

Gary L.Francione - Distinguished Professor of Law at Rutgers

An introduction to the great man's work, proving that veganism is not a fringe or strange choice

Veganism - non-violence and compassion in action, for all our relations


Above: The incisive King of Blades from the Everyday Enchantment Tarot, seen here holding up the evidence and offering a clear cut analysis

Sometimes there's no justice, just us...

Free Palestine - Free Ourselves

Free Gaza - Free the World

Do you care about Palestine? If you have a Co-Op bank account here's something you can do...

Today the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has launched a legal case against the Co-operative Bank on the grounds of discrimination. Last month, PSC’s account was closed by the Co-operative Bank which cited “the Bank’s risk appetite” for the closure and has refused to elaborate further. Another 20 organizations working for Palestine – including a number of PSC branches – have also had their accounts closed or denied. PSC and its legal team believe the decision is discriminatory and contravenes the Equality Act 2010. PSC has today initiated legal proceedings against the Bank.

List of local groups who have had their accounts closed or denied: Abergavenny PSC branch, Abu Bakr Rauf Memorial Scholarship Fund, Boycott Israel Network, Bristol PSC branch, Cambridge PSC branch, Computers for Palestine, Discover Palestine, International Women’s Peace Service Palestine, Liverpool Friends of Bil’in, Norwich PSC branch, Northern Palestine Solidarity Network, Nottingham PSC branch, Oxford PSC branch, Plymouth PSC branch, Saddleworth Women’s Scholarship Fund, Sheffield PSC branch, Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund, West Midlands PSC branch, York PSC branch, Yorkshire Palestine Cultural exchange

The Co-Op Bank is supposed to be ethical and supportive of human and animal rights. Clearly they have forgotten this promise to their customers in the face of pressure. See more at: including letters for download explaining your reasons for closing your Co-Op account. What a disappointment this is for people who expected more of them.

Watch this UNICEF short film about Gaza one year on

Be part of the peaceful BDS movement and boycott Israel. It worked to bring down apartheid South Africa, it'll work to end the tyranny of Israel.

If you think this is racist (or supposedly anti-semetic) you haven't done your research

Listen to Professor Ilan Pappe

Miko Peled

Or Max Blumenthal

Call it what it is - ethnic cleansing - and join BDS in 2016. Thank you.


John Pilger, a true journalist with integrity, tells it how it is again

Another decent investigative journalist, James Corbett

And Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire

Here's a little something that may alert people in the UK to the lies routinely told (or sold) to us


'You are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality...whatever affects one directly affects all...

Any man's death diminishes me. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.'

Martin Luther King Jnr.

We could add to this by saying that the needless killing of any being or creature diminishes us. MLK believed this too. Because we remember we are One, regardless of species or any other external expression of the Infinite Consciousness we all are.

We need to know this intimately - bone deep and soul-wide - and to act on it immediately. Because if we do not then we will never truly change anything. There will always be pointless suffering, bondage and inequality. There will always be cruelty and indifference based on 'betters' and 'lessers' - a human-centric hierarchy just as there have been those based on race, gender or belief. We will continue to neglect, hurt and dishonour ourselves.

We will be diminished.

Let's dedicate 2016 to remembering who we are and then being our knowing, unfailingly, with love.

No more apathy...

Above: The Four of Coins from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot with the apathetic, jaded young man being offered fresh inspiration by a friend.

Thank you for reading, for sharing and for being.

Wishing everybody a marvellous and magical midwinter - thanks to all who visit this site.

Whatever you do, and however you celebrate this wonderful season, go well for the good of the All.

With love.


Remembrance and Honouring


See the website for details of other actions around the UK and lobby your MP

In memory of the inimitable Dave McGowan, outstanding researcher, author and

fearless truth seeker. Taken from this realm on November 22, 2015 after a brutal illness.

researcher dave mcgowan dead died death

We were blessed to have his humour, intellect, tenacity and deep insight.

Go well, Dave, you'll be sorely missed. May your questing spirit shine on and inspire us all.

Remembering Who We are and Honouring Our Self in All Beings

Some images taken from the superb memorial at Port Sunlight.

Sculpture by Sir W Goscombe John RA

Not to glorify but to show the pathos. This work so eloquently expresses the futility of war.

The blasted trees, the hollow eyes that have seen too much, the slipping away and the brave holding on...

Amidst the squalor and destruction the men aim at the nameless figure above, not knowing they are about to fire on themselves. Caught up in the fear of separation they act as they've been conditioned to.

These men feel they're acting valiantly yet they are falling into the old trap of forgetting we are One.

When we remember who we are we know killing another being is suicide - we are each other; to harm them is to self harm. The truth of Oneness is simpler, kinder and more elegant than the bitter lie we've told ourselves about being disconnected beings fighting for space in a dog-eat-dog, hierarchical world.

These boys had tears of rain placed perfectly on their faces which was so beautiful

This boy with haunted eyes really seems to be weeping for the lost men, women, children and creatures.

The spider's web on his face shows how nature reclaims and life continues, how life burgeons and fades, but also reminds us how we are all connected in the web of life.

All of us. Not just humanity. No exceptions.

Let there be an end to species-ism and human-centricity. To racism and sexism. To division and cruelty.

Let there be peace, deep unity and parity, and let it begin with us, right now, in this shared moment. |

Because we remember who we are. We are each other; we are One.

With love, honour and gratitude to all those so tragically taken from their lives.

No more war. Not in our name. Peace.

Remembering and Honouring our Creature-Kin, Always

Tens of thousands of dogs are imprisoned in laboratories around the world, and injected with or force-fed substances. They can suffer horrific effects such as vomiting, diarrhoea, internal bleeding, organ damage, seizures, paralysis and even death. These animals are often supplied by purpose-built breeding facilities, which churn out litter after litter of puppies. You may know we have been campaigning to stop the expansion of one such beagle farm in Yorkshire, England, owned by a company called Bantin & Kingman Ltd (B&K).

In 2013 B & K applied for planning permission to expand to breed thousands of dogs for experiments. Previously applications had been denied as there would be a noise disturbance from the barking. This time they said this could be solved by denying the dogs access to outdoor runs. They said this was to protect their health to ensure they'd be suitable for experiments.The Home Office gave approval for this indoor only life as outdoor runs could expose the dogs to infection carried by wildlife and thus make them unsuitable for testing as the results would be invalid. Satisfied the lack of outdoor runs would solve the noise issue the Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities approved the proposal to expand.

Cruelty Free International ( C.F.I) firmly believe that if the Home Office had not authorized B & K to deny dogs outdoor access then the application would have been rejected by the Secretary of State. This decision is outrageous and C.F.I believe this is a violation of EU law. They have been given the green light by a judge to take a hearing to the high court. If C.F.I win and B & K have to provide dogs with outdoor runs then the company will not be able to expand as planning permission was granted for expansion based on no outdoor runs. So B & K will be stopped from breeding thousands of dogs for experimentation.

IT IS VITAL THAT WE TRY AND HELP C.F.I WIN THIS as it is the only genuine hope for these poor dogs now. PLEASE can you donate to help them?

Michelle Thew, Cruelty Free International


Always look for the leaping bunny logo


Support the Mighty Sea Shepherd

Proceeds from every high quality, beautiful item purchased from our online store goes to support Sea Shepherd’s mission to defend ocean wildlife worldwide.When you give a gift from Sea Shepherd, you have the opportunity to share your passion for preserving and protecting the world’s oceans and all the biodiversity within them. Every gift truly makes a difference.


Sea Shepherd is the world's leading direct-action ocean conservation organisation.

Join them today


Sea Shepherd's second campaign to stop illegal fishing in Antarctic waters - support them now!

To find out what you can do contact


Tel: +44 (0)300 111 0501


Sea Shepherd UK
27 Old Gloucester Street


The Everyday Enchantment Tarot Update

A deck that reveals the magic and deep meaning in 'ordinary' life

and celebrates all beings in a great dance of Oneness

Above: The King of Coins, gently sowing his seeds and considerately reaping the rewards. He's a genial sort of chap, a good earth-father to all. He's an ethical employer and the oilseed rape crop is organic, of course! The cows aren't there for farming purposes, this man has learned the error of his ways and now they're kept happy in a field out of the goodness of his heart rather than for profit. He's a good steward, not a greedy man, but is still able to make a good living and is ploughing his material rewards back into the land and local inhabitants. Overall, this card has got a green and gold glow of health, success and vitality.

Above: Three of Blades (Swords). While the storm rages outside, and the magpie (one for sorrow) passes by, the storm of grief affects a lone woman. Her blades have cut a fabric heart of blue roses in two and she holds a pin cushion pierced with three pins. Behind her is a photo of a happier time showing her and her ex-lover. This card expresses the terrible pain of loss that has to be experienced as the result of us loving another being. The sewing machine also reminds us that we can stitch ourselves back together again.

Above: The Two of Cups - there are more partnerships in this image than just the flirty men drinking coffee on the park bench! It's all about attraction - yes - but also deep relationship between all kinds of beings.

Here is a lovely review of the Everyday Enchantment deck

REVIEW: The Everyday Enchantment Tarot created by Poppy Palin

By Jenn (Member of TABI)


I am writing this review in the October of 2015. The Everyday Enchantment Tarot has a

publisher and it is planned that it will be printed in 2017. I await this with eager



I have been privileged, along with a few others, to see each card as Poppy has created it.

The Major Arcana is complete and the Minors are well on their way. This deck is like a

dream come true for me. It not only has the guidance of the traditional card IDs, it also is

illustrated with up to date pictures of life as it is in our era.


As the name suggests it not only shows the events of everyday life, it also includes the

enchanted and often unnoticed aspects. The sparkle that is swamped by the “in your face”

pressures that modern times impress onto us.


Poppy has taken the traditional cards and brought their original meanings right up to the

NOW. She has incorporated the wisdom of the Tarot, and retranslated it to speak to us in

a modern language that we can relate to. Even the suits are not just suits. For instance

wands appear as candles standing upright, as police batons, and as a paintbrush, Cups are

not fancy chalices, but teacups and picnic mugs, but even with this variety they are easy

to identify.


Tarot is about day to day living. It is a tool to help us see where we’ve been, where we

are now, what the options are, and to bring to our notice things that may well be missed,

but that can make the difference. Our World is overwhelmed with the negative (listen to

the news broadcasts and you will see what I mean). The Enchantment is there but only if

you can open your eyes and look for it. The EET helps you do this.


The “players” in this deck are not limited, they are humans of a mixture of ages, cultures,

professions, jobs and abilities (many of which are rarely mentioned within the tarot or in

fact in day to day life), There are also animals of the fur, feather, fin, hoof and flipper

genres as well as insects and of course The Myriad of unseen beings of Enchantment that

are there to remind you. A fantastic cast that would certainly create a hit as a West End

Play illustrating True Life Today.


This deck is a wonderful tool for both the seasoned reader and the newbie. All you need to

do is look at the card, ask yourself what it is illustrating and there you are – you have

your “meaning”. Each card has multiple possibilities, you may be drawn to the main

characters and their actions and situation, or maybe you will see someone or something in

the background that grabs your attention. Poppy has hit a wonderful balance of detail

without overcrowding the card.


I first ventured into the Tarot over 30 years ago, and I spent many years trying to “learn”

the meanings of each card, only to find that the meanings did not always match the

illustrations, and different decks and their meanings could be in conflict. I ventured into

using my intuition, but even then it could be difficult to be guided by the picture or pips.

With this deck there is an abundance of support to inspire your translation, to personalise

it for the person you are reading for.


I have done some trial readings using just the Major Arcana and I have found them a

delight to work with. They have proven themselves to be amazing companions on the Tarot

road of discovery.


I hope you will be as “Enchanted” as I am about the “Everyday” life that is illustrated

here. Poppy is creating an amazing deck with her magical and insightful gift.


The reviewer, Jennie Austin has been using the tarot from the early 80s, and has many decks in her


She is a Holistic Therapist, Coach, Teacher and Reiki Master.

She loves helping and working with animals, especially dogs, and she had her own dog grooming business

for over 20 years.

She is also the Author of Practicing Reiki.

See Poppy's Tarot pages for any more news on the deck

Enjoy the last smoky scented breath of Autumn

A stunning November sunset - no enhancement, this is exactly how it was!

What jewels are cast at our feet!

May your path be ever wild and beautiful - go well, for the good of the All


A Message from Upton Protection Camp - At the Frontline

On Friday 6th November at the High Court in Manchester, the judge ruled for Upton Community Protection Camp to be evicted from the land that they have occupied on Duttons Lane since April 2014. Upton Camp is the longest running anti fracking camp in the UK and the first to occupy the actual site where the drilling is intended. This camp has been and still is, the only thing preventing IGas from drilling an exploratory fracking well.

We feared eviction with 48 hours notice. We got 28 days

An eviction will undoubtedly be followed by the drilling of this beautiful land. IGas have planning permission until May 2016 and so in order for them to not lose this site and possibly the whole PEDL licence (as per the drill or drop rules), it is imperative for them that they drill here. WE WILL RESIST THIS!!

As John Davies, who lives permanently on the camp, stated - “It’s time to get organised and be ready. We will continue to work hand in hand with the rest of our community in our campaign to prevent a drill rig from arriving here.”

Alice Fraser recently said in a press release - “....We will defend that land by any means necessary.... We will not back down.”

Need we say more?

So...we call on you. Help us to protect this land. Let’s put a stop to this industry everywhere that it rears its ugly head and make a Frack Free Everywhere!!!

Come and join us at Upton Community Protection Camp, Duttons Lane, Upton-by-Chester, CH2 2PE

For the sake of the Earth and all beings don't forget to look at the geoengineering pages for any updates

Do You Want the Truth?

For those who are interested, outstanding journalist James Corbett speaks brilliantly here about False Flag Operations. Perhaps in light of current events this November we should take heed of his wise words.

Here is James Corbett discussing the BBC

His website is

And finally, not a popular opinion but...

Perhaps some dead are more honoured, or remembered, than others?

No disrespect meant, just perhaps a little objectivity and clarity is needed amidst the Paris hysteria.

How many civilians died in Syria this week? In, Libya, Yemen and Lebanon?

How many in the open air prison that is Gaza, as a result of the continued siege?

How many in Iraq? How many of those were as a result of depleted uranium?

How many deaths as a result of another nation's brutal, illegal interventions?

How many creatures perished in slaughterhouses and laboratories across the world?

Why is the life of an innocent being in one nation worth more mention or mourning than another?

We are One and we all suffer...we all bleed. With love to All.


Above: Green Man tattoo design - see Poppy's 'tattoo design for charity' details here sacredtattoo

Updates from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot

A deck that reveals the magic and deep meaning in 'ordinary' life

and celebrates all beings in a great dance of Oneness

'Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality, God in the sense of being the Self...

The deep down basic Whatever-There-Is.

And you're all that, only you're pretending your not'.

Alan Watts

Above: Two of Wands - a flamboyant, energetic drummer throws his sticks into the air. He earns the admiration of the crowd by being different. His backdrop is a lovely lake with free flying birds and his bass drum skin has an image of the world on it, both reminding us to follow our passion wherever it may lead. We can travel far, and to places of great beauty, if we listen to 'a different drum' and be ourselves.

Above: The Four of Coins. This boy has become king of his own sand castle and has built a pebble-lined moat to protect his 'treasure'. The seagull and the crab add to his defenses as he glowers at us, warning us to stay away. Meanwhile the children in the background have fun with their dog, just as children should on the beach. They run deliciously free while this boy stays put - he's forgotten fun in order to hang on to his possessions.

Above: Eight of Blades (swords) - the woman here is performing a circus act but she is throwing the knives at herself. She is her own worst enemy. She is blind to the fact she is sabotaging herself and is tied up by her own inner anxieties. Most of her problems are in her own mind. The 'self' throwing the knives has wings tattooed on her back that remind her she is free to choose the pain of bondage or can be free from her mental torments. The may bug, or 'cockchafer' beetle flying away reminds her of this too.

Above: Five of Coins shows the poor and sick outside in the snow seeking help while the supposedly 'Christian' woman and man drink in the pub and win on the gaming machine, warm enough to wear short sleeves. Their dog gets no attention either although it too begs. But they forget that they could just as easily be those on the outside tomorrow. And those on the outside remember that they too were once those careless 'forgetful' people on the inside.

This deck is now the property of Schiffer, as well as Poppy. Please watch this space for more details.


The latest campaigns from



Nestlé starved mice for 23 hours before feeding them a dose of cinnamon extract through a tube forced down their throats, then killed and dissected them.

In another experiment Nestlé fed mice to obesity over ten weeks, and then forced them to eat a diet containing cinnamon extract for another 36 days. Next, they were force-fed glucose and repeatedly had their blood taken over a two-hour period, before being killed.


Danone implanted tubes into the small intestines of two-week-old piglets and force-fed them baby formula four times a day for six days, as well as taking fluid samples from the implanted tubes. Tragically, one of the piglets died as a result of the initial surgery.


Yakult force-fed five-week-old mice with probiotic bacteria, then exposed them to radiation from ultraviolet lamps placed only 12.7cm from their skin – three times a week, for three months. The mice developed deep wrinkles and signs of ageing, and were then killed so their skin could be removed and examined.

Cruelty Free International (formerly BUAV) believe these disgusting experiments were conducted simply so that the companies can make health claims about their products – some of which are already available on supermarket shelves.

These companies produce or own more 'everyday products' that you would think:

Water and drinks brands: Buxton, Perrier, Pure Life, San Pellegrino, Badoit, Volvic, Evian

General food: Buitoni, Maggi, Cow and Gate, Activa/Actimel

Coffee and chocolate: Nescafe, Kitkat, Aero and other dairy based 'treats'

Nestle own The Body Shop and Stella MacCartney (I'm sure Linda would be thrilled)

Animal food: Felix, Friskies and Purina cat and dog foods (because they are animal lovers, right?)

A review of experiments carried out on monkeys in UK laboratories has found that monkeys are still being subjected to extremely distressing, invasive and harmful experiments

Please, please STOP funding companies and charities that carry out experimentation.

Withdraw your support for every corporation or cause that is involved in this disgusting industry of suffering

This is simply not acceptable and cannot be justified, ever. How dare they do this?

How dare we give them our money and so our consent?

But there is good news. Animal Aid's campaign

Has resulted in Age UK stopping testing on animals, joining Marie Curie cancer care in rejecting experimentation as a way of finding a cure


When one suffers, we all suffer. No good can be born out of another creature's pain.

This short video reminds us of the beauty, dignity and healing power of our creature kin

Here's Walt Whitman from 'Song of Myself '

“I think I could turn and live with the animals, they are so placid and self contained;
I stand and look at them long and long.
They do not sweat and whine about their condition;
They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins;
They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God;
Not one is dissatisfied-not one is demented with the mania of owning things;
Not one kneels to another, nor his kind that lived thousands of years ago;
Not one is responsible or industrious over the whole earth.”

Thank you Walt.

Here's a wonderful short video called The Lie We Live

'What's going to happen to the arms industry when we remember we're all One?

Bill Hicks

'In a time of big lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act' John Pilger

Geoengineering (stratospheric aerosol spraying, 'persistent contrails') Update

'All you have to do is look up' Dane Wigington of

Surely we're sick of this - certainly it's utterly sickening having to keep reporting it. But here we go again. What we see here follows the same process that's been reported here for years now.

Firstly let's remind ourselves of a normal sky with ordinary natural clouds and a plane with a small 'non-persistent' contrail in a clear sky

Now let's look at some unnatural skies starting on 29th September

Please keep scrolling down, it gets worse than this!

22nd September

19th September - highlighted circle shows spectrum patch

17th September

The images below were taken in September but the date stamp didn't work...

9th September

5th September

4th September - rainbow spectrum highlighted

Finally here's a new discovery.

On this occasion the 'spraying' continued well into the night and here is a rainbow patch in the dark

Whatever this spraying is, or what it's for, it isn't normal, natural or tolerable. Look up - speak out, PLEASE!

For all our relations - for all our other selves - we cannot accept this.

Above: Tattoo design sketch for charity- see here for more information

And don't forget Greenheart Crafts for charity

Above: Suffolk Puff Brooches made from preloved and recycled fabrics

Finally - these pole masts are springing up on our streets, seemingly without public consultation, and nobody seems to notice let alone care...


True Lasting Success

Leaping Over Obstacles with Joy and Feeling Great About Ourselves

Above: The Six of Wands from the Everyday Enchantment Tarot - the 'wands' are the hurdle posts

This Harvest time let's hope we all feel we've achieved something and seen the 'first fruits' of our efforts in this solar cycle. Whatever labour of love we've engaged in may it be enjoyed and appreciated, spurring us on to do more worthwhile things for the good of the All. More than this, may the 'great work' of being the best version of ourselves we can be progressing well. We don't need to do to achieve, although doing can be fun. Simply by honouring who and what we authentically are, and expressing our particular energy wisely and well, is enough of an achievement in today's world. Sometimes being who we be seems the hardest thing with all the pressure to be somebody else deemed better than us. Yet we occupy a special space in this reality and are needed just as we are, here and Now, for this Universe (indeed all Universes!) to be unfolding as it should. Renewing our awareness of our eternal essence, and engaging with our own unique becoming, is a vital and beautiful thing. That's our only real 'job' - to be the best version of us and fulfil our precious role. We're all the Creator and just by being who we truly be we create something meaningful and marvellous that nobody else can. Let's cultivate a self-worth that isn't ego-based but born of an understanding (a deep remembering) of who and what we truly are. So, this Lammas well done to us all for being - and for being the All so wonderfully!

Inspiring Article 'I bought nothing new for 200 days' About Consumerism

Why is this still happening?

Don't just sign the petition - stop buying from companies who engage in this barbarism. Affect their profits because they clearly don't care about anything else.


Mahatma Gandhi said 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' What does our society say about our real level of understanding?

How many animals died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and who will remember them after seventy years?

Utter devastation - how many non-human souls perished as a result of this sickening human folly?

How many animals have died in nuclear tests since 1945?

Who knows and who cares, when no people have died in these blasts? Well, we care!

To see how many nuclear tests have been done, and where, watch this time lapse. It's horrifying but essential we know the scale of the madness of King Human. It hasn't just been two bombs detonated in Japan...

Yes, do remember the people who perished as a result of the nuclear bomb but please consider the animals. Creatures are always missed out when it comes to war, nuclear 'accidents' or natural catastrophes. We always count the human cost, never the cost to all our kin. No reporter ever mentions the non-human casualties and this reinforces people's indifference and our sense of superiority as dominant species. Yet all are equal and vital in the Web of Being. Let this awareness of Oneness of all beings begin with us now. Our human-centricity has to cease before we truly become empathic, fully awakened and deeply connected beings.

And where does radioactive waste go? How many beings will this damage?

Above: Plans by the UK Government to turn UK into a deadly toxic waste dump. As if pushing fracking and the unconventional gas industry ahead wasn't enough for them...

To quote Flux of Pink Indians - 'Parliament says it's safe, why not bury it there?'

A Message About TTIP - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Dear friends, I'm writing to tell you about a really important issue and asking you to join me in taking one very simple action. TTIP is a frightening trade deal between the US and EU, which our politicians are negotiating in secret right now. The deal is like a wishlist for big corporations, but would be a disaster for ordinary people and our democracy. This deal could:

- make it nearly impossible to reverse privatisation in our public services, such as our NHS or schools

-give big businesses the power to sue our government if it chose to make laws that would harm their profits, like raising the minimum wage or putting plain packaging on cigarettes.

- let thousands of currently banned nasty chemicals into our food and cosmetics

- put more bee-killing pesticides onto our fields

I don’t know what you think, but it paints a terrifying picture for our future - and our children and grandchildren’s futures. Indeed for all our relations - be they human or none human. Fortunately, there’s a growing people-powered campaign to stop TTIP. More and more people across the UK and Europe are hearing about this dangerous deal, and getting behind the campaign to stop it. If ordinary people shout loud enough in every town and city, our MPs and MEPs will have to listen. So will you join me and sign the petition against TTIP now?

PS. You can find out more here:

Another Worthwhile Petition

HSI petition to stop the bull running in Spain

Humane Society International (HSI) works on animal protection issues around the world

Keep Netanyahu out of the UK: Sign the letter to David Cameron now

The Israeli press is reporting that Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is due to visit London in September to meet David Cameron.As a serving Prime Minster, Netanyahu is immune from arrest for his war crimes. But that shouldn't stop us from shaming David Cameron and his government for welcoming him to the UK, and making clear to Netanyahu that he won’t have immunity for ever. We are committed to bringing him to justice, however long it takes.Sign PSC's letter to David Cameron, and tell him to get his priorities straight - impose an immediate arms embargo and sanctions on Israel. Don't meet with its war criminal leaders.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign 'works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism'

After all that let's focus on some of the untamed beauty in the world!

Above: The green heart of being pulsing wildly in Swallow Falls, Snowdonia.

Below: A heron watches for fish at Swallow Falls

More Updates from the Everyday Enchantment Tarot

Above: Five of Wands - yes there really are five, including the umbrella!

Above : The first rejected version of Queen of Blades (swords) - it just wasn't sword-ish enough! She's a strong and forthright woman but the overall card didn't have enough focus on a blade.

Below: The best version has more appropriate symbology. This woman is cutting to the chase - an incisive professional (Doctor) with a scalpel who will 'tell it like it is'. She has a little sword as a pendant too.

Let's hope that this medical professional (above)has the good sense - as well as the compassion - to reject animal tested medicines and the horrors of 'Big Pharma'. May she have not been bribed into promoting these sickening products. Perhaps she is researching into alternative methods and works for the Dr Hadwen Trust?

Above: A lot of joy and a little wistful nostalgia with the Six of Cups from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot

Introducing the Fabulous The Tarot of Innocence by Davina Powell

Above: Some close ups of the cards from Tarot of Innocence.

Here Davina describes her wonderful new deck and book set. It's highly recommended!

This is a deck that worked its way into my head as an idea back in 2004. In just 28 days I had every card described in a word document. Trust me my husband will back me up on that - he had only just replaced a worn out keyboard and was shaking his head in disbelief that I could type that much, so quickly whereby another keyboard was going to be needed. His support was unwavering. He had gotten used to my mutterings and attempts to verbalise the ideas, and did a great job in coming up with his own idea for the 7 of wands.

Then came the search for the artist, based on the fact I had the artistic ability of a gnat with epilepsy. 5 years later, a forum member from the US volunteered to come on board as partner. He opted for the image creation whilst I took on the mantle of putting a book together. The energy flowed, the ideas blossomed and it felt as though the universe had played a wonderful role in demonstrating synchronicity.Sadly, the artist bowed out of the project after completing b/w sketches, and pencil colouring 22 cards. I honestly thought the whole thing was dead in the water, but these dudes within the images were not going to let things lie.... :) Fast forward to 2015 and I had the crazy idea of attempting to finish the deck myself. My start point?? Some low quality scans sent ft site who I knew would be able to do the rest. What you see is the result of that work. The Tarot of Innocence came to be.But what is it??Well, it is a deck with some differences. First off, characters appear regularly through the deck. So you will see the character of the Magician appear in other cards than his own. He stays in character and his energy adds another dimension to the card he appears in. Strength does the same. There are stories told through the Minor Arcana utilising these repeat appearances. A pixie is the key character in the suit of swords, and a couple of fairies tell a great love story in the suit of cups. Yet all suits follow in the main, the RWS tradition with a bit of Mythic tarot vibe thrown in for some of the cards. With this in mind you realise you are looking at a community. One made up mainly of Fey youngsters. Strength & Magician are siblings. Their school pal is the Hermit. Mum and Dad? That one is easy - just look for the Empress and Emperor. Although it is a fey world, the scenarios and images are easily related to in from our world. The Fool is the dude who we see at times when undergoing that lovely stage of mid-life crisis. The wee one on the 4 of Pentacles is showing the "It is my ball and you ain't playin'" attitude.

Then came the book. It is in a workable PDF format. (Click on any link in the index and you will be taken straight to that page). I love tarot books that give equal input to both Major and Minor Arcana. Mine does just that. I also like to be given some ideas to ponder with regards a card image. Each card has two pages allocated, one page describing the scene, with another page posing questions to consider as well as space for personal notes.Then there comes the extra. The workbook. Lots of exercises to help the user bond with the deck. One of which is a Wife Swap scenario. Yep - The King of Swords and Queen of Wands get together for a while. :) There is also a quiz, but for the more serious minded you are invited to look at colour association, card comparisons, reversals etc.Overall it comes in at 262 pages, so definitely cannot be considered a standard LWB.

So, if anyone is interested please e-mail me for further information.
I have these available in either b/w (from the original sketches) or in colour. Either set is $32 US inclusive of shipping. If both versions are bought, they are $59 for the two. Cards are poker sized and come on linen cardstock. Now for the extra touch:

Each deck has a card that will be dedicated to a name of your choice, thus making the deck personalised.

Above: Black and white version of 'Tarot of Innocence' by Davina

Below: Coloured and gorgeous!

The whole Tarot of Innocence deck is utterly gorgeous, whimsical, surprising and original. A stunning addition to anyone's collection and a great way for any tarot beginner to get aquainted with the system without being overwhelmed or confused by the more traditional arcane symbolism. It's both fun and bang-on effective in what it communicates. Davina knows her tarot inside out so you will have all the knowledge of a real specialist at your fingertips. Contact for more information.

"I send the ENERGY of LOVE and GRATITUDE to the WATER and ALL living CREATURES in the GULF of MEXICO and it's SURROUNDINGS. The whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae and ALL LIVING CREATURES. I AM SORRY. PLEASE forgive me. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!"

Wise kind words from the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.

This could also be directed at the waters that continue to be contaminated by the Fukishima Daichi nuclear disaster, BP Deep Water Horizon and the Bay of Plenty oil spills in the USA and New Zealand. And to all the waters contaminated daily in wilful acts of desecration - and in small, careless ways - by humanity. And to those waters drained and permanently poisoned in the USA Canada and Australia by Fracking

Ian R Crane Presentation

Don't let fracking come to the UK - watch and share

The Truth BehindThe Dash For Gas

Above: All we need is love - the message of the Page of Cups from the Everyday Tarot

JULY 2015

Don't Just Believe the Mainstream

Question Everything!

Above: The Hierophant - the teacher who reinforces cultural/religious norms and traditions can also be a wise spiritual guide. More so if they can let go of their own conditioning and reconnect.

Below: The re-envisioned Hermit card from the Everyday Tarot. The previous version of this card was too far removed from the 'everyday' concept that relates to ordinary lives. This new version shows the solitary figure studying/reflecting in their own home with their companion animals - and a suitably reflective familiar spirit. They are 'going within' to find their own truths and validating their own inner knowing as opposed to actively seeking out in the world. This card is almost the opposite of the Hierophant in that it reveals the importance of finding our own way - seeking, researching and 'vision questing' rather than a relying on received wisdom from mainstream teachers. The similarity is that both cards are about deeper understanding and acknowledging the hidden aspects of being. A blend of both the individual solitary time of the Hermit and listening to what others have to say 'in the world' with the Hierophant is the most desirable path. We should aim to hold the balance and find the connection between inner and outer/personal and universal...which is what the Everyday Tarot (and the tarot in general) is all about.

For anybody wanting to comment on the Everyday Enchantment tarot (or view others comments) there is a thread on the excellent Aeclectic Tarot forum

Thank you for your interest and support

A Recap on a Few Familiar Topics

Gaza - One Year On

The Jewish Voice for Peace Speaks Out

Because this isn't about anti-semitism, but rather about humanity, compassion and what's RIGHT.

Above and below: New Bansky pieces in Gaza

He said thuis but we can all say something...

Watch this short piece he made on Gaza


When Harry met the water buffalo...

Carrying on the noble tradition of the patrons of the WWF, another Windsor shows their true colours.

Because of their choice of Patron (Princes Philip and Charles) the WWF could be renamed as WTF

Here's an organisation worth supporting -BUAV is now renamed as Cruelty Free International and are still campaigning against all animal experimentation

The UK Government has announced today a cruel beagle breeding farm in Yorkshire can expand.

Sign the Cruelty Free International petition here

Support the Hunt Saboteurs Association in their work saving sentient beings



We in the UK need to look to the USA and Australia for things that are coming our way next if we don't heed the warnings of people who are currently suffering under the 'Smart' agenda (and the fracking agenda) in those countries. Here is a new short film about smart meter fires.


Above: The loving Empress in her busy kitchen, taken from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot. This is another revamped image to replace the original idea.

JUNE 2015

Walking Tall - Staying Strong

Finding our Inner Resolve and Carrying On, Come What May

Above: Nine of Wands for the Everyday Tarot (there are nine fence posts - and the crutch is a wand too).

This boy has been beaten up but still chooses to walk past his tormentors. He may be leaning on a crutch but he moves steadily, with a look of steely determination. He's a symbol of resilience and perseverance - just as the ant carrying his leaf and the swallow migrating from Africa are. This card encourages us not to give up, to face our fears or difficulties head on and walk tall. This doesn't mean either taking unnecessary risks or being unduly paranoid - the boy here certainly hasn't forgotten what has happened to him but won't allow himself to become either wreckless or restricted by anxiety. Nor does he wish to retaliate in any way. Instead he utilizes the strength he found in adversity to move with care through any obstacles, drawing on his inner reserves and indominitable will to present a resolute but calm figure.

This boy may appear bruised and exhausted but his spirit has been hammered strong on the anvil of suffering and tempered in the fire of his pain - he is forged stronger than before. Whatever happens to his body, his eternal flame burns brightly and will act as a guiding light to those going through their own trials. The girl in the gang sees this and will soon find her own bravery to walk away from her bullying friends .Whatever our own problems, we can be inspired by this boy's ability to get knocked down but to get up again, finding our own resolve in the face of any ridicule. It is the eternal energy of the spirit that drives us, no matter what happens to the temporary shell. We can take care of the body while not being overwhelmed by it's afflictions. We endure because we know we are more than the physical and our true extraordinary essence is beyond pain.

In the spirit of the Nine of Wands here is some information that isn't popular and those who put forward the information are often ridiculed by their peers or dismissed. You won't find this subject in the mainstream media unless it is being denigrated and so to not share it would be negligent.

What IS Going on up There?

Criss-crossing lines of spray or emission that spread into fat billowing strips, then make a silvery/milky haze across the sky. They keep coming and spread all day...see date and time stamps.

The ones above right aren't clouds, they are the lines spreading out into a haze

Above right is the ubiquitous patch of rainbow that will appear on a 'heavy spray day' It isn't seen here in clouds but rather in layers of spray/emission that have spread out giving the sky a silvery look.

After 9pm and there are still new lines spreading across the sky. Whatever this is, is it right?

Anybody new to this may just think 'so what? It's just some contrails.' Please look at the pages for geoengineering/persistentspreading contrails/chemtrails on this site for why this isn't 'just contrails' and see the films of Michael Murphy and Dane Wigginton 'What in the World are They Spraying' and 'Why in the World are They Spraying', both available freely online. Here is a trailer for the newest of these films...

Chemtrail/Geoengineering film, "An UNconventional Shade of Grey" Official Trailer

Two Re-Drawn Cards from the Everyday Tarot

Above: The Star - a shining light offering hope, encouraging us to keep the faith even when times are hard. The girl expresses serenity in adversity and shows great courage, holding out a helping hand to those trapped or struggling. Her gentle, compassionate presence is healing in itself and as refreshing as the water she bears.

Below: Ace of Wands - the poised paintbrush is the wand here. This card calls us to 'begin it now'! There's a new dawn for us as the lark ascends, the horse gallops free and the pheasant wakes. All that wild, bright energy is available for us as we engage in fresh projects. The creative spark of All-That-Is is ours to work with.


MAY 2015

Greening and Growing Together

Finding the magic in the midst of 'ordinary life' with the Everyday Tarot

Above: Queen of Coins from the Everyday Tarot - a green-spirited 'earth mother', hands-on and practical. she sells her ethically produced eggs and vegetables to make a living in harmony with other beings and the land. Nothing is 'used' or taken from - this is a true co-operative. She knows that all are equal - all are family - and her children's well-being depends on that of all others, be they human or not, seen or not.

Below: Seven of Wands from the Everyday Tarot - standing up for what's right, no matter the personal cost. Holding one's ground and resisting destruction, with love. The Police batons are seven wands ready to strike back. The trees are also wands, standing guard just as the protestors are their protectors. And the protestor's placard is held by a wand - once itself a tree, now reused with care and awareness. All things are connected.

Never Forgetting...

Ian R Crane's new and informative documentary on Fracking

Voices from the Gasfields

It started with just one well...looking to Australia for what the future holds for the UK if we don't act soon

Citizen journalist/campaigner Pippa King covers sleepwalking into a Surveillance State - Biometrics, RFID, Big Data. & the 'Internet of Things'.

Here is an introduction to who she is and what she does

Here she discusses Smart Agenda and the Internet of Things

Glasgow is set to be the UK's first Smart City - very stupid?

Please don't forget to look up and alert others to what's going on above our heads

Whatever is going on in the sky, be it spraying or aircraft emissions, the circular 'rainbows' (seen below) appear as a direct result. These aren't the natural phenomena caused by ice crystals. Why are they there?

These only happen on days when there has been a lot of 'activity' from planes doing whatever it is they are doing up there. It happens as frequently in the North West as it does in the South West of the UK and at any time of day, as can be observed from the date/time stamps. The milky, 'silked out' sky and veils of spreading plane trails are visible in all these images. Could it be metallic (possibly aluminium) particles contained in the trails? Whatever it is it is unlikely to be beneficial to the Earth and all her creatures - including us.

Above: The strange silvery hazed sky and 'rainbows' that result from spraying/emissions

Below: This is how it begins, layer upon layer of criss-crossing spreading trails.

Below: A close up of spectrum with silky-hazed sky and a typically modified sky showing 'spreading trail drift'

Please find out more on the chem/contrails pages on this website. The images there have been collected for many years from all times of day and different areas. The image directly above right (of the trailed sky) comes from the recommended source Thanks for looking - pass it on!

APRIL 2015

Above: Four of Wands from the Everyday Tarot - celebration, community but also freedom...the moth here chooses to fly free rather than be burned in the flames.

What have we got to celebrate today, in this moment? Sometimes its hard to find the beauty in this Now we're sharing. Due to unfortunate family circumstance Poppy has, for the time being, had to move somewhere she finds uninspiring and aesthetically unpleasing. It is her challenge - the one set by her own Everyday Tarot - to find the magic in this seemingly hostile environment and see with fresh eyes (indeed to experience with fresh senses) the wonder of the commonplace. It's easy to see the beauty in wild areas and gain understanding from marvellous events but can we find it in an urban sprawl or in a simple interaction? The Everyday Tarot will hopefully encourage us to experience wonder and meaning in what seems at first glance the most mundane circumstance. Together let's see if we can witness and celebrate the unique glory of the present moment, wherever that may be - at the petrol station, crossing the road, hanging the washing out...

Because enchantment is everday, not just for special occaisions.

There will be more Everyday Tarot updates soon.

MARCH 2015

Mother’s Day in the Australian outback is brutal and bloody – but then so is every day. Away from questioning eyes, in the dead of night, millions of kangaroos are slaughtered every year, including mothers and their babies.

There is no scientific justification for Australia’s mass slaughter of its unique wildlife. It cynically denigrates kangaroos as ‘pests’ simply to earn foreign exchange from their body parts.And now, in an attempt to boost falling sales, budget chain Iceland has started selling kangaroo and other so-called ‘exotic’ meats. We have been here before! Many years ago we ended this barbarism – and we’re determined to do it again.

In truth, female kangaroos are amazing mothers. They reinforce the maternal bond with their young by grooming them as they suckle. She will often have an adolescent at foot and a baby in her pouch and produce different types of milk for each. Her pouch is a safe haven for her young but sadly, it offers no protection from bullets!

Every night, large trucks career through the outback looking for kangaroos. The shooters are not interested in baby joeys and so when the rifles crack, it is the adults who are shot. They may be killed instantly or their jaws or limbs may be shattered by the bullets.

Even football boots are made from kangaroo skin - you can help stop this

Imagine the helplessness of a dying mother unable to protect her young. She will watch as the hunter pulls her baby from her pouch and decapitates him or beats him to death. She may see her adolescent flee into the dark in panic where he will be utterly alone, waiting for almost certain death from predators.

This is the world’s largest massacre of wild land animals and around six million kangaroos are earmarked for slaughter each year. This figure does not include the million or so joeys and adolescents as they’re just trash. So, it’s likely that for every female kangaroo in Iceland’s freezers, two other lives will have been snuffed out.

Unfortunately this applies to Lidl too.

For more information on how to help and end this abomination go to

A couple of Viva's other campaigns...

Thought provoking and fantastically creative videos by Steve Cutts



With love as always, more soon.


The Precious Gems of Winter

Subtle, sometimes stark but always simply stunning

The wonderful palette of subdued shades and the sketching of eloquent charcoal lines - winter has so much to offer if we take a deeper look into it's understated mystery

And then the fabulous blaze of colour that signals the end of another perfect day

Two images that reveal inspiring patterns, so easily overlooked...

These images are for all currently experiencing the summer in the Southern hemisphere and to remind those of us in the North how glorious this much maligned season is!

Don't forget

Crafting for your favourite animal charity

Above: Painted wooden hearts with vintage floral decal/transfers and recycled ribbon

Below: Cushion covers with recycled yarn and vintage buttons

Here's the newest card from the Everyday Tarot

or, perhaps, more alluringly


Finding the Magic in the Midst of Life

And celebrating the extraordinary in what we suppose to be ordinary!

(What do you think of this proposed new title? Let Poppy know, all feedback welcome and valued although as ever she may not be able to respond to your comments due to her pain-limited computer use)

Above: Knight of Wands - the wreckless but inspiring passion of youth


Generosity, Empathy, Creativity

Being the best version of ourselves we can be - for the good of the All

Above: The Six of Coins from the Everyday Tarot - you've got to give it away, with love. This is a card that allows us to consider if we are the beggar, the worthy cause or the giver in this situation? Or are we the person who turns their back and walks away, carrying their shopping bags and absorbed in their own concerns? Of course we are all of them in potentiality - we are one another - but only one of these applies to us at the time of seeing the card.

Above: Seven of Cups from the Everyday Tarot - exploring fantasy in this reality. The brimming cups here are tattoo ink caps. This deck always draws on real people, places and situations, revealing the magic in our own lives, here and now. The tattoos depict the same symbols as are shown the traditional card image emerging from the cups. They represent gifts or choices...or maybe are just illusions/delusions. Are we victims of wishful thinking and being tempted by pretty diversions? Or are we allowing our imagination to enrich our daily lives in a positive way?

Below: Seven of Coins from the Everyday Tarot - taking stock. This card depicts a craft worker reconsidering a creative venture. It may seem as if the project needs rethinking but rewards for hard work and good planning are coming, as the hand holding out seven coins reveals. Will the craft worker see the offer before her or will she remain in a state of deliberation? Perhaps her dog sees more than she does and can alert her.

Above: The Singing Seed - before (left) and after (right) reworking .

Below: The Last Dance of Autumn reworked

The Singing Seed and Last Dance of Autumn have been reworked so that the creatures are more realistic (and different) but still stylized to keep the movement of the piece. Reworking an original painting is a risky business and perhaps not recommended; the danger being the original energy, flow and feeling will be lost. A painting is created with a particular mood and inspiration - it has an essential essence that is hard to tap back into. Inevitably the style of painting changes and it can mean that the original is ruined by the need to keep updating or improving on things. Hopefully that hasn't happened with these two.

Midwinter's Glory

The exquisite beauty of December's evenings

They may come early but they are so inspiring; so perfect. Enjoy!

A very merry midwinter to everyone

***More updates soon***


Seasons Rushing By

Here is a new version of Rushing By. This one has been reworked so that the creatures are more realistic but still stylized to keep the movement of the piece. Reworking an original painting is a risky business and perhaps not recommended; the danger being the original energy, flow and feeling will be lost. A painting is created with a particular mood and inspiration - it has an essential essence that is hard to tap back into. Inevitably the style of painting changes and it can mean that the original is ruined by the need to keep updating or improving on things. Hopefully that hasn't happened with Rushing By.

Coming soon - Poppy's first attempt at an audio file

Hoping it works as it will be great to communicate more fully without typing at computer.

The glorious shades of a late autumn, some of the inspiration for the audio.

Who could fail to be inspired?

And then a flash of deep turquoise amidst the trees...

It feels such a blessing to catch sight of a kingfisher. A shame it was too far away for a little camera to do justice to but at least this gives a special glimpse into theis illusive jewel.

There it sat waiting; watching. What an honour!

Remember, Remember...

Greenheart Crafts - recycling and recreating for a very good cause.

Above: A Romany Rosa necklace made for the lovely Kate.

Using only reclaimed vintage charms, beads and cabochons - most dating from dating from 1950s Japan - these necklaces are made for a donation to an animal welfare charity. The items used were often unique as they were handpainted. They are made of lucite or glass, not the cheap resin reproductions you can buy today for a fraction of the price. Consequently there may also be a small donation towards the materials as they are increasingly expensive and hard to find. It depends on the necklace and your requirements - just ask!

Also remember the tattoo design for charity service - new design coming soon.

Remember the animals - this time we're focussing on those killed by (or on behalf of) the charming patrons of the World Wildlife Fund

Don't you love the irony?

Prince Philip was the first President of World Wildlife Fund - UK (WWF) from its formation in 1961 to 1982, and International President of WWF (later the World Wide Fund for Nature) from 1981 to 1996. He is now President Emeritus of WWF. Yet he is estimated to have shot at least 30,000 animals in his lifetime including an Indian tiger.

1961, Queen Elizabeth II standing between the Maharaja and Maharani of Jaipur, with Prince Philip

The Prince of Wales has become president of the UK arm of the WWF. Perhaps they misnamed it - shouldn't it be called WTF?

Along with his father he once shot an estimated 50 wild boar in a single day.

The Crown Estate's Knowledge Manager shows that 7,129 animals were killed on Crown land during 2013 alone. These include 28 hare, which are in decline, 56 roe deer, 772 jackdaws, 127 muntjack, nearly 4,00 pigeons and over 1,500 rabbits. Others include 191 crows, 159 foxes, 325 squirrels...

Basically anything that got in the way. Especially any creature that threatened the so called 'game' birds they rear to shoot.

Prince Philip frequently invites sporting friends to the Royal Family's 20,000-acre Norfolk estate at Sandringham. In 1993, out shooting for up to four days a week during his seven-week stay, he hit his target of 10,000 pheasant. His shooting parties are estimated to have killed about 150,000 pheasant over the last two decades (source: The Independent.)

Runs in the family so no doubt he'll be the next president...or even her

These people are just taking the piss pretending they care for wildlife and nature, surely?

Don't be conned, only support organisations and charities that actually work for our creature-kin and the land.

The information here came from the wonderful Animal Aid and the not so wonderful WWF.

And remember the people of occupied Palestine - the victims of a vicious apartheid that the world continually turns a blind eye to, even as it honours the memory of Mandela.

Why is that exactly?

Mandela said, in a memo to Thomas Friedman: Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children.


Be a Trailblazer - Shine a Light

Page of Wands from the Everyday Tarot - being brave, bright and bold

Standing up for what you know to be right, regardless of personal cost

Stop the Bombing of Iraq - Don't Attack Syria
Demonstrate Saturday 4 October: Assemble 1pm
Temple Place London WC2R 3BD

Parliament has voted for the third Iraq War. The last two have brought almost unimaginable suffering to the people of Iraq and have helped to create the current chaos, driving the country to the brink of break up.They claim this is a humanitarian operation to defeat Isis. In fact, Isis is backed by various middle east powers and a new aerial bombardment will not defeat it. It will however, kill innocents, further fragment the country and inflame violence.

The record of the west's wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya show that as well as creating misery and mayhem, western military interventions make the world a more volatile, dangerous place.Cameron's new war has built-in mission creep. Discussions are already underway for Britain to join the bombing of Syria, and there are growing calls for boots on the ground.

The Stop the War Coalition is asking every one of its supporters to attend the demonstration against the insanity of another war on Iraq.

Are We Being Fooled Again?

If you have been questioning the ISIS/ISIL narrative and looking into the apparently 'staged' beheadings (see the comments in August's News section, below) look at this clip, up until 1.28 Please don't worry, it is from a fictional TV drama and is NOT gorey.

So, why was the exact same scenario portrayed months ago on Turkish TV as entertainment?

Is this James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning...or is it a still from Valley of the Wolves TV show? Yes, its the latter.

This is not going to be discussed in the mainstream but deserves consideration none-the-less. Please look at the points discussed in last months update if you find this of interest or view the link below to see an article from the Telegraph newspaper that states Foley murder video 'may have been staged' . If that was the case then all the 'beheading' videos were staged as they are all the same format. Why would any of this happen? We must ask these questions, along with cui bono - who benefits?,d.ZWU.

This fantastic interview with Dr David Halpin is worthwhile in its entirety as it covers Gaza, Palestine and his selling his house to buy aid for the Gazan people (yes, he actually did that). But listen for a couple of minutes from 13.30 on the video and you will hear the respected Dr Halpin state that in his opinion as a surgeon the beheading videos aren't genuine. Please do listen, its very worthwhile.

It wouldn't be the first time we've been lead into a conflict on a 'false flag' incident (see weapons of mass destruction, babies apparently taken out of incubators in Iraq and the chemical weapons incident in Ghota that didn't quite convince people etc.) Any excuse for perpetual war. This is worthy of our attention because again countless innocents (of all species, not just human) will die as a result of a lie.

Whatever is appearing in the corporate-controlled mainstream media, don't be afraid. Just keep looking beyond the stories and asking those uncomfortable questions.

A thought from the marvellous Zen Gardner.

We don’t need to dwell on these ugly realities but to ignore them is tantamount to outright denial. It’s a difficult time and place to be in many ways, but we have chosen to be here and we should handle the challenge courageously. Personally, I wouldn’t have missed being here for these unfolding events for anything!The awakening has power they know not of and I can hardly wait to see how it manifests, in whatever form! We each just need to do our part, that’s the crux of the matter. Stay happy and and be well. All is within the Cosmic design. It’s ours to manifest the Divine intention and so bring real “order” out of their corrupt, engineered chaos. All of the wonderful, creative Universe is working with us! Just be prepared for anything, both spiritually and physically. Much love always, Zen

Remember who you really are - and who we all are - always. And remember - NO FEAR!

Have you heard about TTIP? If you haven't you may wonder why.

It's certainly the most important thing that's been hidden from you in quite a while!

Have a look at this infomative short video by the campaigning group 38 Degrees

Here's the basis of it:

1) TTIP is a threat to democracy, giving corporations the power to sue governments.

2) TTIP is a threat to public services, irrevesibly privatising everything

3) TTIP is a threat to food safety, EU food standards would be lowered to US levels

4) TTIP is an environmental threat, US regulations would apply to UK/EU (e.g. fracking)

5) TTIP is a threat to climate, fossil fuel linked corporations can sue governments

6) TTIP is a threat to workers rights, again UK/EU reduced to poor US standards

7) TTIP is a threat to privacy, reintroducing key aspects of the rejected ACTA agreement

8) TTIP is a threat to financial regulations, removing many post-2008 safeguards

9) TTIP is a threat to the rest of the world, they too will be forced down to low US standards

TTIP has been negotiated in secret. What's known is only from leaked documents. Even your MP may not know. So it's up to us to find out what we can and spread the word.

Get informed, even if it hurts us and is hard work. Harmful things happen while good people remain unaware so pass what you learn on in whatever way you can. It's not 'dwelling on the negative', it's being part of the solution. We are All-That-Is and WE ARE POSITIVE CHANGE!

Above: The go-getting Queen of Wands - never afraid to take the lead and speak out

Shine brightly and be yourself, even if it means standing out and being 'out of place'

Spotted on waste ground amongst the ubiquitous brambles and nettles was this beautiful bloom, radiant and absolutely sure of it's own right to be as it was - unashamedly different yet completely at ease with being a perfect singular expression of Oneness. Not better than the commonplace native hedgerow plants but not hiding its head and wilting either.

Bright brave Chrysanthemum, you are a shining example of how to be - thank you! Everywhere there are teachers, everywhere there's everyday magic.

The horned yellow poppy flowers into November in mild weather. It's so inspiring in its tenacity and admirable in the way it keeps shining when everything around it has given up! Just as the poppy offers us a wee glimpse of unseasonal sunshine so can we offer others encouragment and illumination, shining our light at the darkest time. Thanks to Becky Stevens for this uplifting image from her garden.

Other videos of interest - David Sheen speaks out on Israeli rascism

The latest episodes of Humanity versus Insanity and Fracking Nightmare with both with a man who is unafraid and standing up strongly, Ian R Crane

An update about the Internet of Things

(Please see other monthly updates for exactly what this)

Light-based wireless networking through rapidly flickering LED lights which act as receiver/transmitters in our homes or public spaces

Prof Haas said that the creation of a “world first” two-way LiFi network was an “absolute essential development in proving this technology can be part of the Internet of Things”. The Internet of Things is a catch-all term for a trend toward more everyday devices being connected, such as thermostats and home security systems. It is envisaged that eventually the internet will be used to monitor and control almost any domestic or industrial device. That would mean a major expansion in wireless networking capacity beyond what Wi-Fi can provide.

Prof Haas said: “Worldwide industry demand for this product shows that LiFi is viewed as a transformative technology that can change the way we use the mobile internet and be an enabler of the emerging Internet of Things.” PureLifi hopes that light-based wireless networking will become standard for 5G, the successor to the 4G networks currently being deployed by mobile operators, which is in the early stages of development. The technology is currently being tried out by major airlines, which want to use it to provide better in-flight connectivity, and intelligence agencies, which are interested in the potential of LiFi for secure wireless data transfers.

This may seem innocent/useful until we look into it more closely. Covenience isn't everything and the issue of privacy, as well as the health implications for all beings, should be researched before its endorsed. The long term effect of this ever-increasing technological radiation is unknown. The combination of Wi-fi, phone/radio signals (and now Li-fi) is an 'unseen cocktail' that has no safety guarentee. All life on Earth is engaged in a mass experiment and nobody knows what the result will be.

And never forgetting our creature-kin.

These images are shocking but we need to be shocked out of our collective complacency. This is happening on our watch. Our beloved kin are being tortured and just because they aren't human it doesn't mean its of less importance than what we are told is happening in Iraq or Syria. Look away now if you feel you must but how will you ever know what we - yes, our other selves - are capable of? And what we must STOP now. No excuses; no delays. Please support BUAV to find out how you can help and change your life to reflect your deepest convictions in the unity and partity of all beings.

Weep and feel the pain, confusion and helplessness.

Feel the shame, the rage, the utter frustration.

Be distressed and then be strong for them. They can't take action; we can.

The abhorrent behaviour of people inspires such disgust, fury and sorrow in us. Yet we must face that if we are one another then these acts are committed by our other selves, upon our other selves. It is Self harm. If only we remembered our true nature, and that of all others, then nothing like this could ever happen. Let's vow to be living expressions of our deep and heartfelt understanding that we are One.

Send them your love. Give them your attention. Work for their liberation.

Forgive the ignorance of those aspects of our Self that forget...and help them remember.

Above: The Queen of Cups, always prepared to reach out and feel deeply.

This card from The Everyday Tarot was based on Sharon Zak of Slippery Jacks - the embodiment of the Queen of Cups generous, compassionate spirit

And remember the abused, brutalised yet still resilient people of Palestine

Boycott Israel and those corporations and organisations that support Israeli apartheid. Join the PSC to find out what you can do.

At least Ban Ki-Moon got it right when he said Gaza is a source of shame to the International community - but where was he, and they, when they were needed? They barely said a word at the time, just a few feeble procrastinations. If these words meant anything then Netanyahu et al would be tried for war crimes and Israels's illegal occupation, blockade and settlements would be challenged, not overlooked. Not to mention their nuclear programme, covered by an 'ambiguity' that only applies to one country in the world...them.

If WE don't speak out and take action there will be another 'Operation Cast Lead/Protective Edge' - and more 'mowing the lawn' (an Israeli euphemism for this genocide) in Gaza. We must get on the right side of history but more importantly we must act with the compassion that is lacking amongst those who represent us. Our actions may seem paltry when so much is at stake but we should keep up the pressure steadily without attatchment to the outcome. Then we can go to bed each night knowing we've done all we can for our relations in that besieged land. For the sake of all beings in Palestine let's keep doing what we can. Don't give in because they never give in.

But never forget, amongst the man-made insanity there's such exquisite beauty

Such deep calm, so much to learn...

For unity, dignity and equality - for all our relations.


May this season of gentle mists, sweet golden light, jewel-bright berries and spice-shaded leaves bring you an abundaharvest for all your endeavors...may all your sighs be contended ones!

Above: The romantic Knight of Cups from the Everyday Tarot

It only takes two minutes to email your MP the standard letter that Stop the War have created. It even finds the MP for you. Please get ivolved.

Just a few thoughts...more soon.

And they have the temerity to criticise others.



The airstrikes continue; the media goes even quieter

An emergency protest has been called for this Saturday:
Saturday 23 August 12.30-3pm


360 factories destroyed or damaged. Thousands of acres of farmland and cattle also wiped out with damage estimated at three times that of 2008-9 conflict

Above left : Mohammed Al Tebani inside his factory in Gaza, which made ice cream among other sweets, and was destroyed by targeted shelling. Photograph: Sean Smith, the Guardian

469 Gaza children killed, over 370,000 need ‘psychosocial aid’ – UNICEF

Above: The mental and physical cost to countless civilians, the images that could be shown here and far, far worse...

Above: And the cost to untold innocent non-humans, seldom mentioned.

Trailer for film made about Gaza by Palestinians

Saturday 30 August: Mass demonstration. March through central Newport. Assembles 1pm at the Civic Centre Car Park and marches around the town centre ending at Westgate Square for a rally.

No hate, only empathy - hard as it may be...

This seems brutal, repugnant and psychopathic (yet it is probably a fake/staged video, which means the other videos that followed probably are too.)

James Foley and 'Jihad John', seen the world over

This is brutal, repugnant, psychopathic and utterly genuine. It's continual; no end in sight.

Anonymous cow, anonymous monkey - who cares? Who sees?

To clarify the point above about the probable staging of the James Foley 'beheading' video here's what The Telegraph said

The video of James Foley’s execution may have been staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, it has emerged.

Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.

The clip, which apparently depicts Mr Foley’s brutal beheading, has been widely seen as a propaganda coup for Islamic State miltant group.

But a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used.

A forensic analyst told The Times that no blood can be seen, even though the knife is drawn across the neck area at least six times.

“After enhancements, the knife can be seen to be drawn across the upper neck at least six times, with no blood evidence to the point the picture fades to black,” the analysis said.

Sounds allegedly made by Foley do not appear consistent with what may be expected.

He seems quite cheery here? Or at least relaxed. Not the way 99% of people would face their imminent beheading surely?

On 2nd Sept. The Daily Mail said Steven Sotloff’s murder almost identical to clip of James Foley's killing released exactly a fortnight ago and that killer then stands behind Mr Sotloff and appears to attack him with a knife.

These videos apparently fade out without showing a drop of blood being spilled then cut to a shot of a head on top of a body. Strange when Islamic State etc are very happy to post their other disgusting executions in full brutal detail on the Internet. They are usually not filmed in such a multi-camera, professional fashion as this either.

Is this story worth your further investigation? Yes. But then so are the stories of the animals tortured and killed every day. Challenge hypocrisy, question what you are being presented with and, most of all, grieve for ALL victims of ignorance and violence. We are all One.


Keeping Calm and Centred in the Midst of Chaos, Crisis and Conflict

Be that global, local or personal - how we are is how we wish the world to be. Let's be compassion, respect, generosity, patience...

Above: Temperance card from The Everyday Tarot representing moderation and mediation. It promotes health and vitality as well as balance, creating a synthesis of dualling opposites. We know we are One - and so one another - and act upon this deep knowing with grace, empathy and dignity. Temperance is what we all need now. Don't be swept along by prevailing fear!

National Demonstration for Gaza
London Saturday 9 August
Assemble 12 Noon BBC Portland Place
March to Hyde Park via US Embassy

Be there - be on the right side of history.

Below: The route map

A Statement of Compassion and Solidarity with the Palestinians

Thank you to all who showed their support on August 9th

But it should be MILLIONS, not just thousands

August 9, 2014 David Cameron’s failure to condemn Israel’s massacre in Gaza was attacked by MPs and other speakers today at a mass rally in London’s Hyde Park in support of the Palestinians. Speakers also called for sanctions and an arms embargo on Israel. More than 150,000 people marched from the BBC studios in Portland Place, past the US embassy in Grosvenor Square to Hyde Park, in a protest called by Palestine Solidairty Campaign and other organisations. It was the third mass march through London in support of Gaza in three weeks. It was also the biggest, and formed part of a global Day of Rage, with people marching in cities across the globe to show solidarity with Gaza under attack. Coaches carried protesters to London from as far afield as Scotland, while other towns and cities in the UK also held their own protests and vigils for the Palestinians.

Quotes from speakers in Hyde Park:

Sarah Colborne, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign: “We are here to send a message to our government that we are ashamed, we are sick and we are disgusted at the massacre in Gaza and the British government’s complicity. There are people from different political parties and every section of society, people of all faiths and people of none, who say ‘sanctions now, free Palestine’.”

Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow (Labour): “I have a message for Mr Cameron. He has failed to show courage, he has failed to show leadership, he is a disgrace to our country. He is a disgrace because he has failed to speak up against injustice, because he has failed to do anything about the sale of arms that can be used, and are being used, by Israel to kill and suppress. Britian deserves a Prime Minister who speaks the truth and challenges injustice, not just in Gaza, but in the West Bank. Let’s pledge today to keep up the pressure on this dreadful government to stop the violence.”

Tariq Ali, writer and journalist: “There is a basic point that has to be made to our politicians. They have to understand that there is no equivalence betweeen the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation. When a country is occupied, resistance emerges. If you want no rockets being fired, no tunnels being dug, get out of Gaza.”

Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington (Labour): “British people of all colours and all political parties stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza. This is the best demonstration yet in support of Gaza and David Cameron needs to know that we will keep up the pressure until he takes a stand that is morally defensible.”

Glyn Secker, Jews for Justice for Palestinians: “Today, an image remains in my mind. It is the image of a Palestinian father carrying the flesh of his son in a plastic bag. As a Jew, I will not ever be associated with these monstrosities. Never in my name, never in my life, never in my children’s life.”

Seamus Milne, Guardian columnist and associate editor: “Israel is in illegal occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel has no right to defend itself from territories it occupies. It only has an obligation to withdraw. The Palestinians are an occupied people. They have a right to defend themselves from the occupier.”

Owen Jones, writer and commentator: “Our governments fund, arm and support Israel. They are complicit in every single Israel attack, with every single maiming, with every single death. But, as apartheid fell, the occupation of Palestine will fall as well.” - See more at:

See the images and videos of the event at or

Contact the Egyptian embassy in your country and (politely) ask them to open the Rafa crossing into Gaza to allow humanitarian aid - supplies of food/water, fuel and medicine, plus professional assistance - in and people who need urgent treatment out. Keep doing this, or ring them, until they take notice. We need to keep the pressure on.

Boycott companies that support Israeli apartheid or are based on settlement land, always look for the country of origin on fruit and veg. Ask your local shop not to stock them.

Why march and boycott? Watch this short video if you have the integrity to look genocide square on and accept your responsibility for it as a being on this planet today.

We are all One and so the Palestinans pain and struggle is ours. We are also the Zionist Israelis who perpetrate oppression, creating a living nightmare for those who're kept vulnerable. Their ignorance and lack of empathy are ours. And we are also those brave Israeli (and other) Jews who speak out, refuse military service against the Palestinians and risk imprisonment. Their courage and conviction is ours. This is happening on our watch...IT IS HAPPENING TO US, PERPETRATED BY US. We're a connected body - a Oneness - no exceptions. Please do what you can, face up and make a stand for your Self.

This hurts - please open your heart and feel it, even if it's hard for you

Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of Nazi genocide unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

As Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide we unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine. We further condemn the United States for providing Israel with the funding to carry out the attack, and Western states more generally for using their diplomatic muscle to protect Israel from condemnation. Genocide begins with the silence of the world.

We are alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society, which has reached a fever-pitch. In Israel, politicians and pundits in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting Neo-Nazi insignia.

Furthermore, we are disgusted and outraged by Elie Wiesel’s abuse of our history in these pages to promote blatant falsehoods used to justify the unjustifiable: Israel’s wholesale effort to destroy Gaza and the murder of nearly 2,000 Palestinians, including many hundreds of children. Nothing can justify bombing UN shelters, homes, hospitals and universities. Nothing can justify depriving people of electricity and water.

We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. We call for an immediate end to the siege against and blockade of Gaza. We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. “Never again” must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!

Gaza: Whole Villages Have Been Wiped Off the Map


I’m writing now from my home, but I still feel dizzy from shock and nauseated by the sights and smells on my visit to Khan Younis and Khuza’a.Yesterday I decided to use the opportunity of the ceasefire to visit my family in Khan Younis. I especially wanted to see my sister who had open heart surgery before Israel’s assault. I hadn’t seen her for 36 days. I’m lucky that I have enough fuel in my car to drive 24 kilometers (15 miles) so I struck out towards the south.I drove down Salaheddin Road and passed rubble from mosques, houses, and factories. Some buildings were destroyed completely and some partially. Later on in my drive, I saw dozens of big trees uprooted and smashed, fruit trees destroyed and farms and gardens decimated and ruined. The Israeli bombs were aimed to destroy the infrastructure, to destroy Gaza’s economy. Even the main cookie factory was targeted and destroyed.I passed UN trucks distributing food to people in long lines. This siege and assault by the Israelis has made everyone in the Gaza Strip live as a refugee, missing basic needs and struggling to survive.When I drove up to my family’s place in Khan Younis, it was a very emotional moment. We’ve lost many family members and, excuse me, my friends, I’m not going to talk about this meeting because every family in Gaza is going through the same thing.My sister and relatives decided they wanted to go to see Khuza’a, a village located east of Khan Younis. At first I didn’t want to go to Khuza’a. I didn’t want to be reminded of the massacre, to witness more horrors. But I decided to go so I could give you, my friends from the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), and others living outside of Gaza my first-hand account. I know you are following the news closely but I also know the news might not tell you what has gone on and is going on in Gaza.As we set out to the east, my niece pointed out the devastation, “You can see where the Israeli tanks were—here and here.” When we came to the village Abbasan, there was an Israeli military vehicle destroyed. Palestinian flags were flying from it and Palestinian children were playing on it while their families stood watching them.We continued toward Khuza’a. It was a model Palestinian agricultural village with open fields and green everywhere. They had fruit trees and vegetable fields. But there was nothing left of the village I remembered.The smell and the sights we saw were shocking. The moment we parked and I got out, a very strange smell hit us—the smell of dead bodies. That smell will never leave me; it is still stuck in my nose. We saw totally flattened houses and other houses partially destroyed. It reminded me of pictures from war-torn areas where years of fighting erased a village. I could tell that something huge and terrible had happened here, the rubble and the destruction were extreme. Some villagers told us they had found two bodies in the rubble a couple of hours before we arrived. Still people were searching the ruins for their relative’s remains. Many times I had to stop myself from vomiting because the smell was so strong.This Israeli assault has hit the Palestinian people more deeply than the last two military attacks. This one is even more deadly and destructive. Whole neighborhoods and villages have been wiped off the map.I ask myself now how can we start again?

Dr. Mona El-Farra, Director of Gaza Projects, is a physician by training and a human rights and women’s rights activist by practice in the occupied Gaza Strip.

Max Igan's latest interview on the horrific situation - see the Crowhouse YouTube channel for regular postings and the Crowhouse website for headlines on the Gaza situation

Max Igan's European tour dates - see this compelling, compassionate man if you can

There are No Words Except Gaza - There is No Response but to Weep

The ethnic cleansing continues while the world looks on

UN representitive breaks down - the only human thing to do when faced with genocide

Press TV presenter breaks down when reporting - as should any empathic being

If you aren't crying too what has hardened your heart and anaethetised your soul?

What follows are images of distress, pain and devastation from the last couple of weeks alone. We must face this, it is our shame and disgrace too. We are all One and we must own and acknowledge the callous and vengeful part of our Self that Israel is acting out.

Moved to tears? Then please take action. Learn about this situation and speak out.

The injustice is incredible. Their pain is intolerable. It is ours to share.

Below: A Palestinian man carries an injured child following the Israeli military strike on a UN school in Rafah that killed ten, including children, and wounded more than 30

Jon Snow's Report - a compassionate voice seldom heard in the mainstream

Noor Harazeen reports from Gaza - here is just one of her pieces

This is what US Secretary of State John Kerry - a man sent to broker peace agreements - said about the results of Israel's Operation Protective Edge on the people of Gaza...

'...yes, there has been horrible collateral damage '.

And that was pretty much it. Except of course that Hamas are dreadful.

This is why Kerry's words were unspeakably callous and careless. He has a very special friendship with Israel. As do his compatriots in both the US and the UK.


To understand this bias towards Israel, and the situation in occupied Palestine, please go back over last month's Palestine/Gaza postings and the other Palestine related articles on this site. Here are two documentaries by the BBC (strangely enough for a biased organisation) which will also help you understand Israel's untouchable position although there is much more to know. Our eyes need to be opened as things are very far from how they seem in the mainstream media...if indeed Palestine is even covered there. These are not new documentaries, hopefully some more up to date ones will be available soon.

First is Israel's nuclear programme, Mordochai Venunu and 'nuclear ambiguity'.

Next the 'Friends of Israel' and their influence on the UK Governments

Fantastic documentary by jewish film maker on Zionism

And then recall the clip with Shulamit Aloni

To question Israel and Zionism is not anti-semitic. Firstly semitic refers to a language family which includes both Hebrew and Arabic and so refers to anyone that speaks a Semitic language as well as the Jewish people. It would therefore refer to the Palestinians as well. Secondly, it is not logical to suggest that by defending a vulnerable and oppressed group you are 'anti' the other. This is an attitude often used by those who oppose animal rights, saying those who defend and respect animals must hate people, or put animals above people. Justice, and equality/parity for all beings, means just that. ALL BEINGS. It is not partial or unkind. It may dislike the actions of another group but not that group as a whole. It sees each group being comprised of individuals who make unique choices, some of which are detrimental and need challenging. This certainly doesn't make the whole of their group 'bad', it just means that we all make poor choices and need to be reminded who we are...

We are One Self with many aspects and to harm one aspect harms us all. When we truly grasp this, and live by it wholeheartedly, we can't be 'anti' parts of ourself! We need to understand our many parts to heal the Whole.

When we remember who we are all else follows.

Meanwhile the forgetful madness of King Human goes on

A different kind of madness - sometimes insanity is the only sane response

Above: The Moon from the Everyday Tarot by Poppy, madness in a different form - the benign lunacy that can also be that of the visionary. And the insanity that shows we don't accept what is being presented to us as sanity. Slaughtering innocent people (nearly 2,000 in July) and creatures (unknown amount), maiming and hurting them (the number 10,00 injured is being used), bereaving them and making them homeless and bereft (a quarter of the poplulation of Gaza is dispalced now - that's 500,000 people...imagine it) is what we are shown as a sane response by Israel and its allies. So being insane in those circumstances is the only appropriate response. Be proud to be 'insane' if you don't agree with their 'sanity'!

About the Moon Card

Who am I? I’m not sure, but whoever I may be I’m influenced by the moon; a sad, certifiable luna-tic walking the margins.Or perhaps not. Because some say I’m a Seer, looking past the fripperies of modern existence to the shining verities of the Universe – the visionary on the road to enlightenment, rather than the road to nowhere. Whether I’m lost in mad reveries or a prophet thrice blessed depends on your perspective…I’ve lost mine so I’ll let you decide. I’m in two minds, my thoughts like twin glittering fish darting in opposite directions. I just wish they’d stop jeering at me, whoever I may be. I lose my clarity when I’m chased, chastised, challenged…where was I?

What do I represent? I symbolise what you dread most. I’m the bottom line: decrepit, demented, rejected, reviled, dirty, crazy, hungry, helpless, penniless – down and out. For me and my underdog there’s no safe home, no kind face, no loving embrace. I’m your dark night of the soul, cold and lonely, lit only by my old friend the stony-faced moon. Although she hangs so distant, and seemingly indifferent, she brings illumination of a special kind, her gleam highlighting the precious silver amongst the shadows. She cuts through rationality, revealing the mystery of being, enchanting us. Her cool appraising gaze sees deep within us, inspiring our soul-poetry and awakening our magic.

What do I mean to you? I’ve things in my bag that may interest you – discarded dreams, hidden fears, fleeting memories and broken belongings that meant something once but are now just cumbersome baggage. Are they yours? Let’s examine them now. Don’t be afraid for when things fall apart there are revelations and opportunities to look beyond appearances – a chance to let the wildly unusual into your everyday being. I don’t regret my marginal moon-bidden life because there’s poetry in my plight and in my Sight. And in yours. Remember this! Because I’ve already forgotten.

And yet there's hope...always

We will not go down in the night - Palestine WILL BE FREE

Above: The World Card from the Everyday Tarot - creating a better reality together, in unity and parity, with clarity and sanity. We are eachother; we are the World.


Don't forget the fracking nightmare...

And the animals...our beloved other selves.

July 2014


Please be there tomorrow in London.

(or see Stop the War or PSC websites for local protest events and vigils)



Raise your voice for the beautiful people of Gaza; for the terrified, traumatised, bereaved, homeless and injured - especially the children. We need the Israelis to cease firing their devastating weapons, desist implementing their genocidal agenda, stop their ethnic cleansing, stop all apartheid action against the Palestinans and to lift the Gaza blockade.

Since Operation Protective Edge was launched by Israel , there are over 800 dead so far, over 4,000 injured, homes destroyed, lives torn apart and all in a beseiged strip of land without adequate facilities in the most densely popluated area land on Earth where there's NO ESCAPE on land, air or by sea. Gazans are sitting targets. They have no army, airforce or navy to defend them. The Israeli blockade keeps them captive and vulnerable.

Just some of the Israeli war crimes during this Operation:

July 24th Gaza UN school shelter hit, killing 13 including children, injuring 200

July 17th - Four children from the same family are killed on the beach

12th July - Home for disabled bombed, two people killed

Come on you wonderful compassionate people - forget what divides us and let's say NO to division, pain and confusion and YES to unity, empathy, Oneness....and JUSTICE

This can't continue - not in our name, not on our watch!

Be a part of the solution - FREE FREE PALESTINE. Raise your voice, raise awareness, because you have that ability. Be on the protest, for the sake of your brothers and sisters - for all our relations. What can be more important tomorrow than this?

These are our children - we are one another and WE ARE ALL PALESTINIAN!


No More Apathy in the UK

Below: The Hanged Man from the Everyday Tarot by Poppy Palin

A fracking nightmare is coming to OUR Town if we don't act NOW

Here is the heartbreaking scene as the industry's convoy rolls in to frack at Crawberry Hill in East Yorkshire. And who was there to stop them except the wonderful Ian R Crane and a few valiant and equally wonderful stalwarts?

Poppy would usually suggest people watched the back episodes of Fracking Nightmare by Ian R Crane but due to Internet censorship by ATVOD they have been taken down (for now) The link below is the only remaining episode with an excellent interview with a water expert from Yorkshire...well worth a watch.

**********GAZA GENOCIDE*********

Not to strong a word, this is the systematic ethnic cleansing of a people from their lands


Get informed, spread the word, protest, campaign, boycott

Well over 600 dead, 400 thousand plus injured and the numbers going up everyday under Israel's 'Operation Protective Edge' - part of an ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine

The Gaza strip is basically the world's largest open air prison whose inhabitants have no means of escape.

It is, if you will, a patrolled and controlled concentration camp which in itself is a bitter irony when the controller is Israel. It is a tiny area of land under seige and occupation - a fact rarely, if ever, mentioned in the mainstream media when discussing the attacks. People here cannot run away. There is a wall on one side, blocked crossings at either end and the sea on the other where if they try and escape by boat they will be shot. The people of Gaza - ordinary people; beautiful people who simply want to live their lives in peace - are without an army/airforce/navy, without even consistent running water, fuel, medical facilities or electricity. They are being attacked by Israel again while the world stands back and says Israel has a right to defend itself. Israel is one of the best armed (nuclear) powers in the world, thanks to US and European funding. So why are they allowed to bombard an already beleaguered population when inadequate rockets pose no threat to Israel's Iron Dome defense shield?

The Israeli military is using flechette shells, which spray out thousands of tiny and potentially lethal metal darts, in its military operation.Why are they allowed to try out experimental weapons and these flechettes on a captive population of civilians?

B'Tselem, an Israeli human rights organisation, describes a flechette shell as "an anti-personnel weapon that is generally fired from a tank. The shell explodes in the air and releases thousands of metal darts 37.5mm in length, which disperse in a conical arch 300 metres long and about 90 metres wide". The munitions are not prohibited under international humanitarian law, but according to B'Tselem, "other rules of humanitarian law render their use in the Gaza Strip illegal. One of the most fundamental principles is the obligation to distinguish between those who are involved and those who are not involved in the fighting, and to avoid to the extent possible injury to those who are not involved. Deriving from this principle is the prohibition of the use of an imprecise weapon which is likely to result in civilian injuries."

To understand we need to grasp the situation fully. It isn't as we are being told. This short video will help but only serves as an introduction. Please see previous news updates on this site for more information.

Ilan Pappe again

Also look up Miko Peled and watch his presentations. Here's one to begin with and his latest comments...a much shorter interview you may find easier to absorb

And John Pilger's 'Palestine is Still the Issue'.

Events In UK


The previous peaceful March on 19th July had anything from ten thousand to a hundred thousand people - make this one bigger still

For more details on local events, the protest against BBC bias and this latest July 26th March see:

86 Durham Road

London N7 7DT UK 020 7561 4830

Skype: stopthewarcoalition

In our thousands, in our millions WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS

We are each other - we are one another - we are these people and the innocent creatures that die and are hurt along with them. Their suffering is ours.

Here is what a doctor has said

Don't believe the mainstream media bias on the current assault on Gaza under Israel's 'Operation Protective Edge'

Some Israelis sit on hillsides and enjoy the bombardment in Gaza - one says 'it's interesting'.

At least five people have been killed and 70 injured by an Israeli strike on a hospital in Gaza, Palestinians say (21st July). People killed in their beds. Since then mosques and sports centres have been destroyed. Yet they smile and drink beer.

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay says Israel may have committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip (may have?)

Israeli air strike destroys home for the disabled killing two women residents

Attack also leaves four others horrifically injured from shrapnel and burns

The residents at Mobarat Felestin Centre had just finished suhoor, the early morning meal before a long day of fasting during Ramadan, when the first missile hit the roof. It may have been the standard warning issued by the Israeli military that a major attack was coming.But the people inside did not know that. And, with all but one of them suffering from mental and physical disability, it is highly unlikely they would have been able to escape in any event. The ensuing air strike, five minutes later at around 4.30, demolished a large part of the structure, starting a fire, leaving two dead and four others horrifically injured from shrapnel and burns.As the victims were carried out of the ruined building at Beit Lahia district through the charred debris, twisted metal and shards of glass, the mood was one of despondency and anger. One of the bodies was that of 42 year old Soha Abu Sada, one of her legs amputated by the blast; she was wrapped in a red and brown blanket and carried out by young men chanting Allah Hu Akhbar. A woman in a black chador, Abu Rashida, a distant relation, cried: “This is the fate of our people, even those who are already suffering must suffer a terrible death”.

The centre for the disabled had been in Gaza for 24 years, and survived the many episodes of strife in those years between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But the organisation moved to the present location three years ago and one neighbour stated that a member of the Islamic Jihad group and his family had also once lived in the building, although he was not sure about their current whereabouts.This was firmly denied by those who ran Mobarat Felestin and, in the absence of an explanation from the Israelis, what has happened will raise fresh questions about the military operation by Benjamin Netanyahu's government coming in the wake of the extraordinarily high numbers of children among the casualties.

The number of casualties could have been more at Mobarat Felestin; twelve of the residents had gone home for the weekend, the five who stayed behind had no families to go to. The two dead were 30-year-old Ola Ushahi and Soha Abu Sada. The survivors, who all suffer from cerebral palsy, are seriously ill. Sally Saker, 18, has head and neck injuries and 18 per cent burns: Mai Hamada, 31, with a severe torso injury has 25 per cent burns and Ahmed Al-Awar, 26, with head and neck injuries, has 11 per cent burns.

Jamilla Alaiwa, a 59 year old social worker who had founded the home in 1990 was adamant that there were no paramilitary links: “We are not involved in politics and there is nothing there which justifies this action by the Israelis. We all know they don't need any reason to do things like this, they are a paranoid people.“The building was rented, and tomorrow I will start looking for another place so that those who were safe in their family homes when this happened will have somewhere to come to. We will also have to find a way to look after those who are in hospital and survive.”

Raid Nawas, a plastic surgeon who is part of the care team for the injured from the Centre at Shifa, said: “We will have to wait for the next 24 hours to see if they make progress. At the moment it is a matter of keeping them alive: things like grafting and flapping for the burns is in the future. I was here when these patients were brought in. It was a shock that the Israelis bombed a place for handicapped people. I don't know why they did that, it is just insane.” Dr Nawas, who had been on duty for 26 hours, was about to go home when a call came from his family. Their neighbourhood was getting heavily bombed and he was far safer staying in the hospital, they insisted. “Let's hope so”, shrugged the 27 year old medic, “who knows nowadays?”

The human toll from Operation Protective Edge now stands, according to Palestinian officials, at 120 dead and around 925 injured. Both sides have vowed to carry on the conflict and there was no let-up in the violence, with rockets being fired into Israel and air strikes continuing on Gaza. (This number has now risen to over 200 Palestinians dead, a great many children).

Among the targets hit by Israeli warplanes was the al-Farouq mosque which was left with just the minaret standing. Hamas threatened retribution and claimed the destruction of the holy place would galvanise support across the Muslim world.

Most of the images and article are from the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the Independent used with THANKS. But not this one...

Benjamin Netanyahu, representitive of an agenda without empathy. Thanks to David Icke for that one and for the other images stamped with his website address.

Not convinced there's bias from the US? Watch the incredible/credible evidence

One small but significant example of media bias

And an ex-minister of Israel says...

Research the number of Palestinian men and boys detained without charge in Israeli prisons - 450 more taken since this latest violence began.

Ponder why UK Prime Minister David Cameron publically offered his sympathy for the 3 Israeli teenagers murdered but not the Palestian boy taken in retribution, beaten and forced to drink petrol before being set alight. Or the three innocent Palestinian young men machine gunned down at a check point before the three Israeli boys were taken. Nobody gave them much of a mention, eh?

Research Paelstine and Gaza...and weep.

So, what can we do?

Visit Palestine Solidarity Campaign and find out about the latest actions, sign the letters etc. Raise awareness in any way you can - get people to see through the media bias

National Demo for Gaza – 26th July and 19th July

Date: Saturday 19th July Time: midday Location: Opposite 10 Downing Street, Whitehall To march to the Israeli embassy, High Street Kensington This demonstration has been called to protest against Israel’s recent onslaught on Gaza and its ongoing occupation and siege. More than 10,000 people demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy, London, on 11th July, as Israeli assaults on Gaza continued and the death toll mounted. Sarah Colborne, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: ‘London has already shown its outrage at Israel’s attacks on the mostly refugee population of Gaza, with people turning out in their thousands last week.‘Saturday’s national demonstration will give people from across the country the chance to say enough is enough, Israel’s siege of Gaza and its occupation of Palestinian land has to end now. People want justice and freedom for the Palestinians, and they will be voicing this in their thousands on Saturday.”The National Demonstration for Gaza has been called by the following organisations: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Muslim Association of Britain, Islamic Forum in Europe, Israeli Coalition against House Demolitions (UK). Latest NewsChomsky, Pilger and Loach call on BBC to reflect reality of Gaza's occupationSign our open letter to the BBCBriefing: current situationParliament update: 7-11 July 2014 - See more at:

In our thousands, in our millions - WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS

We are each other - we are one another - we are these people and the innocent creatures that die and are hurt along with them. Their suffering is ours.

Let's end it together - let's end our pain because we are all ONE.

What did Nelson Mandela say about Palestine?

Apartheid is a crime against humanity.

Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children.

If one has to refer to any of the parties as a terrorist state, one might refer to the Israeli government, because they are the people who are slaughtering defenseless and innocent Arabs in the occupied [Palestinian] territories, and we don’t regard that as acceptable.

'There is no conflict between Israel and Palestine.

There is no conflict between occupier and occupied..between coloniser and colonised....between expeller and explelled.

Conflict gives the impression of parity and equality...'

Ilan Pappe, Israeli historian, author and Professor at Exeter University


And Remember our Creature-Kin

Support the latest campaigns of Viva!

Please don't stay in denial of the suffering of others - step up, speak out, take action...change your life to change the world.

Let's do something small and significant today and stop turning away

Above: Two of Blades (Suit of Swords) from the Everyday Tarot

Let's lay the groundwork for an honourable life - piece by piece

Above: Ace of Stones (suit of Earth/pentacles) from the Everyday Tarot by Poppy Palin

May 2014

Love is in The Air

True Love That Knows No Bounds

The romance of existence is found when we see ourselves in all other beings - and fall in love with that self.

Above: The Lovers from the Everyday Tarot

The Oneness of All Beings

I’m someone that adores words but they can still fail me. The effortless lyricism of the lark or the legato rhythm of the running deer leave me yearning to express myself as gracefully and succinctly as my wild counterparts, those natural soul-poets. When considering the focus of my work – the Oneness of all beings – I stumble over words I consider inadequate and clunky such as spirituality, synchronicity and human-centricity.

To be human-centric, or anthropocentric, is self explanatory – we think everything revolves round our species. It means we’re stuck in a place of division and deep forgetting. We’ve buried our innate knowing of the essential unity and parity of all beings – yes, all of them – under received beliefs. Beneath our assumptions we know all Creation is a seamless inclusive whole – no exceptions – and all apparent differences between us are skin deep. Beyond skin we’re One Awareness – Infinite Consciousness – experiencing itself subjectively. We’re a perfect Oneness enjoying ‘joined-up being’ from many points of perspective.

It’s surprising then to find many contemporary spiritual teachings are human-centric. The Native American expression of interconnectedness ‘ for all my relations’ and the Buddhist acknowledgment ‘for the benefit of all sentient beings’ show a wholehearted embracing of the winged, finned, scaled and furred beings – our other fabulous, precious selves. But this sensibility is often absent from modern spirituality with our creature-kin rendered inferior or irrelevant…unless of course they offer meaning to people. Why this blind spot? Perhaps it’s the residue of monotheism which taught us man has dominion over the land and its denizens. Perhaps it’s a ‘scientific’ notion that people are the most evolved and so set apart/above. Or maybe it’s a primal aversion to creeping untamed creatures. Whatever the cause, unless we address this prejudice we can’t achieve the healing reunion, or complete re-membering, we seek. We’re excluding part of All-That-Is – our Greater Self – which expresses every aspect of being simultaneously, without distinction. We’re reinforcing ‘other-ness’, making ‘them’ less than ‘us’. This perpetuates suffering, unwittingly or no.

Like all great truths, our relationship to every being is simple: we are one another. Our eternal wild essence knows no limits or partiality and understands this truth as all creatures do. It’s only our temporary, temporal human aspect that disregards inherent awareness for expediency. Remembering our true nature – and so theirs – complicates life even as it enriches it. It keeps us awake to suffering when we’d rather switch off and ensures we make difficult choices in a society obsessed with convenience. Here’s the basis of how we can transform our human-centric, self-ish lives into Self-centred being.

a) Honourable Attitude. Without thought-policing ourselves what’s our current mind-set? Do we have lines drawn as to acceptability – an amusing penguin; a busy bee – and what we reject as useless, a pest or creepy? Do we think ‘it’s only a gnat’ as we swipe? Does the gnat consider its life less valuable or does it cling to it tenaciously? The gnat is part of our Self having a different experience to us. Relegating it because of size isn’t Self-respect.

b) Honourable Language. It’s not ‘political correctness gone mad’ to know words have the power to desensitise/disconnect. Everyday terms are denigrating – livestock, pet, roadkill. ‘Like an animal’ is used as an insult. ‘Treated like a guinea pig’ is common parlance although we’ve no conception of what experimentation entails. Routine use makes vivisection a fact of life rather than the abhorrence it is. Care-less talk can indeed cost lives as it inevitably leads to thoughtless deeds. Despite pressure to ‘text’ and ‘tweet’ let’s speak deliberately, with consideration.

c) Honourable Deeds. Be as vegan as possible and choose cruelty-free. It’s no longer valid to claim we need meat when there’re healthier alternatives available. Someone else heedlessly killing for us on an industrial scale in a fear-inducing fashion isn’t natural. A slaughterhouse has no place in the ‘food chain’. Drinking another mammal’s milk – one who’s kept continually pregnant while their babies are removed – isn’t kind. Ditto the wearing/sitting on the skin – yes, that means leather – of another creature. We’ve plenty of other options. We don’t need cosmetic treatments, household cleaners or drugs tested on animals. Aren’t natural versions without hazardous chemicals preferable? Shops thrive on products born of pain inflicted by Big Pharma/the beauty industry. Boycott them…for the good of the All.

What if this essential unity is wishful thinking? Living the Oneness of all beings – giving every one honour as a beloved part of our Self, whether we like them personally or not – expresses deep empathy. It’s loving soul-poetry in motion. And that’s enough.

To be spiritual is to be kind. And the root of the word kind? KIN.

©Poppy Palin

Above: A very relaxed heron by the Kennet and Avon canal

More Mad Masts -Affecting ALL Beings, Not Just Us

These show the 'pole' masts, located in close proximity to eachother

Double whammy - a pole and the more recognisable type

Apologies for poor photography, the images were taken from a moving car. It's important to show how many of these poles are appearing now. Is it preparation for 'smart' towns/cities and for the horribly invasive 'Internet of Things' ? (See last month's entry on this subject).

More Crazily Placed Masts

Above: This one's next to a hotel

Above: The buildings to the left of both images are residential

Please see the chem/contrail pages for latest skywatch updates

Above: The Wheel of Fortune from the Everyday Tarot

APRIL 2014

Staying Sane in an Insane Society

Do we simply accept what authority to presents us as safe?

Above: The Emperor from The Everyday Tarot - benign ruler or an iron fist in a velvet glove?

Sample card description for The Emperor

Who am I?

I’m The Emperor, fifth card in the Major Arcana. My sign is Aries, as you can see from my mug. That means I’m a born leader and get things done – both for others and myself. You find me in my role as charismatic manager and team leader but I’m also at ease helping run a household. My drive, commitment and vitality mean I’m always forging ahead at the cutting edge.

What do I represent?

I embody the qualities of a benign ruler – magnanimous yet rigorous; firm but fair. I offer stability and structure but insist on my own considered terms and conditions. Mine can be the iron fist in a velvet glove but no one respects a limp handshake. Yet I’m a man of honour who works hard and aims bring out the best in those I’m privileged to supervise - I see no harm in using a little judicious discipline if it enables others to shine. And as the photograph in my office shows I’m also a family man, a passionate lover, fierce protector and dutiful provider. I’m often known as the All Father as I’m proud to take care of my human tribe both at work and home.

What do I mean to you?

In a reading I may signify someone seen as a figure of authority – your employer, instructor or a member of your own family. Like me they may be charming, efficient and reliable or arrogant, domineering and inflexible. You need to decide if they are helping you or holding you back. Or perhaps my qualities are what you need now - that indominitable strength of will, relentless energy and boldness. My passion and motivation may enable you to plough through obstacles…or, if you are being too selfish you may just run into a brick wall. I may reveal the need for order in your own life – for you to establish rules or break them if they cause suffering.


Is the placement and prevalence of these masts safe or right?
How would we know? How does anybody know?

We are currently embroiled in a huge experiement to which nobody knows the outcome as nothing like this has ever been tried before. The culmulative effect of mobile, 'smart'and wi-fi radio frequency radiation is an absolute unknown.Yet we persist in thinking someone out there knows its safe...

Below: Above offices and a hotel in central Bristol

Below: Above an office near Birmingham

Below: On top of a residential block near Birmingham

Above: Behind a residential area in Frome, Somerset

Below: Above residential flats in a parade of shops near Bristol

Below: Next to residences and workplaces in the Midlands

Below: Next to a pub, and to the right, a school in Merseyside

Below: Next to a gym and workpplaces, Merseyside

Below: On top of a residential block, Merseyside

Below: Above a shopping centre in Bristol

Are they becoming so commonplace we no longer see them? We will look at this more in the coming months and consider the implications - we need to keep informed and not just accept the idea that the must be safe. Are there long term studies of people living/working under masts? How can we prove safety when we are all part of the ongoing trial?

For further information see the work of Barrie Trower - here's an introdution:

And a longer interview with Barrie

The excellent research and resources of John Jamieson

See also Resonance - Beings of Frequency and last month's news on Smart meters and the Internet of Things

Do you want to be irradiated by pulsed microwaves all day, every day - wherever you go?

Some masts are disguised or ambiguous so unless we look up - or more closely - we wouldn't distinguish them from a lamp post.

The examples shown below were in Bath, Bristol and Merseyside, sited close to houses, a garden centre, restaurants and a train station.

Here are some more examples of these pole or stick masts from across the UK - coming to a street near you soon?

And some more dubiously placed masts

We have no idea what the long term implications are - we're in unknown territory. Yes mobile and wi-fi are useful additions to our lives but for the sake all sentient beings we should think about this. Our convenience doesn't come above the long term well-being of others surely?

It's all about stopping to think, taking a look and asking questions.

Please visit the persistent contrails/chemtrails/geoengineering pages for the latest disturbing updates for this month - look up; speak out!

Please also visit the 'crafting for charity' pages

Necklace made for the wonderful Becky Stevens with love

Why Not Go Dairy Free This Month?

You've nothing to lose but some fat, the risk of disease...and a lot of grot!

Support Viva!

Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH, UK

March 2014

Justice - Not Just Us

Acting with Compassion and Gentleness - For All Our Relations

Above: Justice card from The Everyday Tarot - maintaining the balance, seeing both sides

Two Spring Animal Welfare Campaigns Worthy of Your Attention


Support Sanctuary - Not Cruelty


They need your support this Mother's Day - and every other day

On Mother's Day we show appreciation for all the hard work, love and care our mothers have shown us over the years. But there are millions of mothers who can never express their nurturing instinct becauise their babies are snatched away from them at birth. They need your help! 30th March is Mothers Day but its also the Viva! day of action for our hardest working mothers. For information and how to get involved go to

Above: The Emperor from the Everyday Tarot - the kindly authoritarian on his 'throne'.

It's time for us to question the benevolence of those 'in power' and


If there are only two issues we focus on as activists then let them be fracking

and electromagnetic energy pollution

...especially smart meters

These are areas of great concern that we have reliable/verifiable information on. We in the UK have the ability to stop these damaging things before they ruin lives and habitats as they have in the USA, Australia etc. We still have the chance but time is fast running out.

This update serves as a springbroard for further research and as an awareness raising tool.

Focussing here on smart meters - why should we stop them? Based on evidence seen in other countries and scientific evaluation/research (and plain common sense)

1. Smart meters emit continuous pulsed radio frequency waves. They are receiver transmitters in or just outside your home - it's effectively like having a mast in your living space

2. Their effect is multipled when they are next door or in a bank in a block of flats or appartment building. They also 'piggy back', network off each other and form a 'smart grid'

3. Every living organism that lives with or near these will be adversely affected whether they realise it immediately or not. Children (who absorb radiation at a faster rate) the elderly, those with a compromised immune system and animals will suffer the most quickly and profoundly. Some of the acute symptons include palpitations, insomnia, severe headache, tinnitus, fainiting, dizziness, mood change and depression, chest pain and inability to concentrate. Drastic unseen effects occur in the blood between 45 seconds and 2 minutes in 3 out of 3 test subjects exposed to the meter at the distance of a foot or approx 30cm.

Don't believe this? Watch

This clip is part of a new and award winning documentary


You can watch this for less than £2 online or buy it on DVD and show it locally

“The ‘Smart’ Meter is #1 in terms of devastation to our nervous system…  [the radiation] permanently destroys and alters the manufacture of brain proteins… meaning that it completely changes the human organism – permanently”

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

4. Smart meters will not only compromise your health but also your privacy. Because the device is a receiver transmiter, every movement within that home can be tracked via the electrical appliances used - in what room, how and when. When is the fridge opened, how long does it take you to turn off the TV and put the light on upstairs, where is a window open, how many people are resident in the house at that time and where are they...and what are they doing? Would you trust your energy company to access and store this information? And not to share it with (as they would put it) 'carefully selected third parties'. Including the government, of course. You can be tracked day and night - how many hours you sleep, if you got up in the night, if you leave the house on time...everything.

5. Smart meters make us more vulnerable to being switched off either individually or en masse. This can be done by the company or as a result of 'terrorist' cyber attack - something that can't happen in this way with the current analogue system. The system can be hacked. Not only this but access to energy could be controlled - or rationed - based on what it is deemed you need. And how would they know that? Because all you do will have been monitored by your smart meter and then what you get will be dependent on what you do and how you do it. Again are these the people you would trust to make those decisions for you? Do you want them to control the availabilty of power in your home on the 'indsiputable evidence' of your daily activities?

5. Smart meters use 'dirty electricity'

6. They do not bring your bills down

Energy bill-payers face hundreds of millions of pound charges for 'pointless' smart meter displays

Consumers face paying hundreds of millions of pounds in unnecessary energy bill levies to fund household “smart meter” displays that companies have warned could be largely redundant › Finance › News by Sector › Energy

7. Smart meters are not 'green' in any way - think of the cost of manufacturing and installing all these meters when the analogue ones are already in place. And honestly, do these companies have any sort of 'green agenda' beyond lip service? If it was truly the case why isn't real alternative free energy celebrated and utilised - in fact why is it repressed or shut down?

8. Smart meter fires have regularly occurred in the USA and have devastated homes

Here's a sample of what they have experienced

8. The SMART prefix alerts you to the fact they have two way capability - any smart device can 'watch you' (sometimes literally) as well as you watching something on it. They are monitoring gadgets and in respect of our health, privacy and overall safety entirely detrimental. It is one more step - and an essential one if it is to be put in place - towards the 'smart' Internet of Things

Above: Notice the word human under 'tracking' in the surviellance section and the automated car system?

Tomorrow's world: Shops replaced by posters, self-driving cars and clothes that detect illness could all soon become reality Read more: 

Recently, CIA Director David Petraeus made headlines with a speech given at the summit for In-Q-Tel,the CIA’s venture capital firm.In this talk, Petraeus discussed the emerging “internet of things” and the implications it will have for increased levels of surveillance. Petraeus explained that, because of the rise of gadgets which are connected and controlled by apps, intelligence agencies will no longer need to place spy devices inside your home– you will do it for them.In conjunction with a recent unveiling of a new low-powered computer chip by ARM, one of the world’s largest chip companies, the fact is virtually every piece of electronic equipment (including appliances) can be controlled via apps and Internet-based systems. It is for this reason that Petraeus stated that the CIA will be able to read these devices via the Internet and even radio waves outside of the home.

Read more:


Bearing in mind that in order to have it the level of elecromagnetic/wireless/microwave/pulsed energy/radiation will increase even more dramatically and be unavoidable. This is a huge experiment - who knows where it takes us in terms of health? And not just us - our bees have been the first victims - who and what next?

Watch RESONANCE- Beings of Frequency and then decide

If not then its the BEST reason to STOP SMART METERS!

Here's what we are up against...from Gov.UK

Supplier led roll-out

The Government is requiring energy companies to install smart meters for their customers, and is setting out rules to ensure that they do this in a way that is in the interests of consumers, including rules around:

Smart meters will be rolled out as standard across the country by 2020. But there will not be a legal obligation on individuals to have one.

Energy companies will be required to install smart meters and take all reasonable steps to reach everyone. However, we do not expect energy companies to take legal action to fit a smart meter if they cannot get the householder’s co-operation.

Hey, it's all good here...isn't it?

Some of the UK television propaganda

We have to wake up and take on board that those 'in power' do not have our best interests - or those of the planet - at heart. If there is any heart involved at all. It certainly isn't the deep green heart of an empathetic being - a being that realises that the only true interconnectedness is the because of our ONENESS.

Need reminding of that, or want something uplifting before we go on? Watch GROUNDED

Wonderful, isn't it? And look - people power...

We don't have to accept this!

Also don't forget to view the 'persistent contrails' pages (chemtrails if you prefer) for more aerosol spraying/geoengineering news - unfortunately there's a lot to report! We can observe this spraying ourselves even if we can't categorically say what it is about. We may not be able to stop this happening day after day but we can keep raising awareness and bearing witness.

Above: Some of the new information posted - we're having a bad spray day...again. 'Chembows', ripples/waves and silvery 'white out' skies - welcome to Britain in Spring 2014.

What's going on? Look up, speak out and do some research! Here are a few places to start:


Chemtrails UK

Above: The Magician from The Everyday Tarot - making everyday magic


Watch his latest presentation


Tony Benn 1925-2014

Tony Benn's legacy will be his undying commitment to the fight for justice and equality, and his opposition to the endless war and militarism that are such a blight on today's world.

Tony and Jeremy Corbyn pictured at the Hands off Syria rally last summer. It's clear how frail he was becoming...but still smiling. It was an honour to shake his hand and thank him like so many others have done over the years. What an inspiration!

Almost uniquely for someone in his position, he moved to the left as he got older. As an MP he campaigned over a range of issues, supported the miners during their year long strike in 1984-5, was committed to equality and women’s rights, was an internationalist who opposed empire and apartheid, and a socialist.

After the death of his remarkable wife Caroline he dedicated the rest of his life to campaigning and was absolutely tireless in doing so.

He travelled round the country speaking at meetings large and small, always to a delighted reception. He opposed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and was right there last year when we campaigned successfully against war on Syria. He fought the BBC when it refused to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Fund appeal for Gaza during the Cast Lead bombing by Israel in 2009.

Tony was also a patron of Animal Aid who raised awareness, got out there to demonstrate and acted as an advocate for the rights of all sentient beings.

For another take on the news:

February 2014

Finding our Strength

The Strength to Shake Off the Chains of Apathy and Delusion

Above: Strength card from The Everyday Tarot

Please follow the link to view the other cards created so far for this deck and book set

Let's Use Our Innate and Collective Strength to

Wake up from the Nuclear Nightmare

Here's a short video that shows the number of nuclear detonations between 1945 and 1998 and below a graph of the same

Surprised? Horrified? Better to be those things than indifferent or uninformed. Please come back soon to find out more. All knowledge is power. Knowing how we don't want to be, without dwelling on it, is positive.

Above: The Star card from THE EVERYDAY TAROT - be a guiding force, shine some light on the truth...for the good of the All


Here are Poppy's poems and artwork for a new book called The Sacred Hare from


You move between the lines,

Fleeting on margins, sleek shadow-seeker,

Always skirting, never waiting,

Sloping, loping, skittering

Thistledown silent, lean and light,

You leap to kiss the wind.


My feet shift stones and so you freeze

Twixt worlds you meet my gaze

Held for dancing eternity, you and I,

Heartbeat wild-drumming infinity

At the edgelands, beyond all reason,

Hung with twilight, wood-smoke and memory.


I yearn, a tear falls,

You slip away.



Pale traveller through the dazzling dark,

Your fleet-foot flight through unseen lands

Is swift and sure to the deep green heart

Of the sleeping seed within her hand


Worlds rise and fall - inhale, exhale -

The quiet wave of Mystery

You know the Whole in your untamed soul

And you are All-That-Is to me.



Swimming the surging tide of night,

Riding the ripples of dancing light,

Breaking on shores beyond our sight

In indigo pools deep glimmering.


Oh, whispering ghost of flickering white,

Pale hare rising, burning bright,

On waves of longing, lunar sprite

With a secret gold heart glittering.


Dark is the sea and the human plight,

Shadowed is the moon and our delight,

Silvered wing and a prayer take flight,

Last singing seed starts shimmering.

Also see Poppy's work in The Greening of Man, also by Slippery Jacks

Please don't forget to go to the persistent contrail/chemtrail/stratospheric geo-engineering pages for regular updates and new information links

Happy New Year 2014

Above: Dreaming the Wild Dance, acrylic on canvas

Wake Up Calls for 2014

Being informed isn't negative - it's the only way we can create an alternative to the divided - indeed fractured - consesus reality we are being included in. Knowledge is always power!



What is fracking?

The British Government has decided over 60% of the country will be fracked. Here is a map explaining what's proposed

Information from See local groups/events...or start one!

Watch 'The Truth about the Dash for Gas' a new UK documentary

And the 'Fracking Nightmare' weekly video update

by the fabulous Ian R Crane and see Ian's website:


Barton Moss is in North West UK below Manchester and next to Cheshire. In this clip Ian R Crane explains what it's all about. If you can support the protest/protectors then please do - whether it's being there at the camp or providing food/warm clothing/wood etc for the wonderful people who are out there in the wet and cold this winter. There is a facebook page for them with a wish list.

You can donate Ian Crane's awareness campaigns on his website. Ian is frequently at Barton Moss.

Show solidarity because they're doing it for all of us - for the Earth and all our relations.

From The Guardian, 3rd Feb 2014

A former oil executive criticised for his role in the BP refinery explosion, and whose last company was fined over 50 health and safety violations connected with fracking, has been appointed to lead the government's Major Projects Authority.

John Manzoni, who has worked in the oil industry for 30 years, will be responsible for overseeing big-budget projects including the HS2 high-speed rail line and the new nuclear programme.

His new role will come under the remit of the Cabinet Office, where his ex-boss Lord Browne, a former chief executive of BP, is the lead nonexecutive director. Browne wrote a report last year on government execution and control of major projects.

While at BP, Manzoni was second-in-command to Lord Browne at the time of the Texas City refinery accident, one of the worst industrial accidents in US history.

After the disaster, in which 15 people were killed and 170 injured, a confidential BP report found Manzoni had paid insufficient attention to safety and failed to spot clear warning signs. It accused him of failing to perform his duties in the run-up to the explosion and of engaging in a "simply not acceptable" standoff with a colleague. Regulators levied a then-record fine of $21m (£13m) on the company for breaching safety rules.

Manzoni said he would be stepping down from his role in charge of refining a month after the report was published, in 2007. He then took up a new role at Talisman Energy, a company heavily engaged in fracking in the US.

In July 2012 Talisman was fined more than $60,000 for alleged violations in reporting hazardous chemicals at 52 sites in Pennsylvania. Among these were natural gas wells and sites of hydraulic fracturing; the company neither confirmed nor denied the allegations in a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The company was also criticised in 2011 for producing a 24-page colouring book for children explaining the merits of natural gas extraction, featuring a dinosaur called "Talisman Terry, your friendly Fracosaurus".

Information about the USA and Australia...already fracked to pieces and the future for Britain if we don't get informed and say NO now

Please see GASLAND and

No Dash For Gas

This is what has happened to Australia and the USA. Can't we do better than this?
Yes we can! Research Tesla and Zero Point free are two starting points.


Chemical/stratospheric aerosol spraying, Wiltshire UK Dec 2013 to January 2014. No doubt there'll be much more as the months go on.

This is spray - laid down in lines, spreading out, being mistaken for clouds, filling the sky with a milky veil.

Kristen Meghan, whistleblower

Don't worry, it's only ice crystals...back to sleep with you all now


Sonia Poulton talks to Jane Colby and others about the neurological illness that Poppy has had since contracting glandular fever as a teacher over twenty years ago. Find out about real nature of the condition that so many suffer from

It's a short piece and very informative, helping to dispel the myth that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is a psychological, not a physical, condition

Sonia is no longer on The People's Voice Internet TV chamnnel but it's stil well worth tuning in to

Watch 'Voices from the Shadows' about M.E.


For Palestine, As Ever

Keep Empathic (Sane) in an Insane World

For the Earth and Every Being; for All our Other Selves


The Amazing Work of El-Branden Brazil

Out Now


This is a Poppy Palin collaboration with Green Magic


ISBN 978-0-9561886-7-0

To see all Poppy's illustrations for WILD SPIRITUALITY please go to illustrations

Below is an example.

All Poppy's profits from WILD SPIRITUALITY go to Animal Aid

Above: It is vital to fund Animal Aid's investigations to stop cruelty

To get a copy of this campaign postcard contact

Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, KENT, TN9 1AW, UK


Left: The Singing Seed and Right: Rushing By

Above: The Stones from the River series, made from recycled materials and buttons

Above: The Soverignty of the Land - A Prayer to Wild Wiltshire

Below: Midwinter Broken Heart and Last Wild Dance of Autumn




The book has been re-written and vastly improved from the original.

Above: The original book front and back

Below: The new, and much improved, re-written version

This new version of the Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot companion book entitled

STORIES OF THE WILD SPIRIT is available either:

a) On its own to accompany a deck you may have already bought.

b) As part of a limited edition book and deck set. There are only eighty decks and book sets to be had there will never be any more sets after these sell out. The books will be signed and numbered nd come with an exclusive greetings card specially designed by Poppy and ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THE SET.

To find out about the book or limited edition book and deck set please contact: or

Slippery Jacks is a green-spirited, and spiritual, company set up to support creative potential.  With printing, publishing and web services, our role is that of catalyst.  We offer our intention to work ethically, and honestly, for the benefit of our wonderful Earth.

Above: A selection of major arcana cards

Above: An introductory passage from the original book. Although this was a nice edition the second version is a much better read!

All Poppy's proceeds from this venture will go to animal charities/organisations, including

Dorset Wildlife Rescue, still going strong after the tragic loss of their co-founder Nick Ridge

Nick Ridge, beloved friend of all our creature-kin - gone from this realm but never forgotten

Remember Nick and donate to the wonderful cause

Above: One of 2011's rescued fox cubs at Dorset Wildlife Rescue


Created With Love - Given With Gratitude

Above: Detail from a heart-shaped bag, see Greenheart Crafts for more information

All items sold through Greenheart will go to animal welfare charities or organisations so please have a look from time to time to see if anything added there appeals to you! All items are made from reclaimed/recycled materials.

Below: Dartmoor ponies by Gary Howe. See more of Gary's work here To be updated soon.

**** A Gentle Reminder ****

Above: Ammonite and Adder, a design from Poppy's 'tattoo design for charity' service

Although she no longer tattoos Poppy will now design your tattoo for a charity donation.

Please see sacredtattooart.htm for more information/design ideas etc.

Donations to any of the following animal welfare charity/organisations would be welcome:

No separation, only deep appreciation of our apparent differences

WE ARE ONE ANOTHER - no excuses, no exceptions!


Above: Recycled button heart canvas

All We Need Is Love, Love, Love

Love for each other and for all our relations, human and non-human, seen and unseen

Show somebody you don't know, or a creature you can't relate to, that you care for them because they are a valued expression of All That Is. Send your heartfelt thoughts to those suffering that you will never meet 'in person' but you know yourself connected to. Remember those who have passed into spirit with thanks for their being. Stroke a plant that doesn't 'belong' to you. Give praise spontaneously. Say hello and smile at a supposed 'stranger'.

Don't wait, do it today. Without expectation, just to give. Because as The Beatles's easy!



Time to Say Farewell to Bad Habits

Goodbye to Suspicious Separation - Goodbye to Fear

Above: Judgment from The Everyday Tarot - moving towards a more meaningful, deeply connected way of being...not alone; all One.

Remembering Gaza

'In the midst of Egypt’s struggles, Gaza is again forgotten.The events in Egypt led first to speculation that the Rafah crossing might be closed, which became a certainty today. Ma’an News reports that the border (the only crossing not directly controlled by the Zionists, indirectly, yes) was closed due to "security unrest" in the Sinai peninsula. Press TV reports that "Some 800 Palestinian people normally leave for Egypt and beyond through the Rafah crossing, the only passageway leading to the rest of the world for most Gazans."'

Checkpoints like this are part of daily life for Palestinian people.

Do you find it acceptable?


A novel by Rowan Hagen

Published by Short Stop Press (A&A Book Publishing Pty Ltd)


‘Wouldn’t it be great to be a bird for a day? To be truly free as anything alive can be. Free, Jossie. Wouldn’t it be insane?’

  When Joss sets off down the south coast, she is fleeing both a miserable marriage and her lonely childhood. Fleeing from all her wasted years.

At the same time she is pursuing Karmi, a long-ago friend who once showed her another way to live. The magnetic, free-living Karmi embodies everything Joss wants to be, even after their shared adventures come to an end.

Now Joss is fleeing to rebuild her life. She still believes Karmi has the key, but finding her proves not so easy. The coastal region is facing changes, from forest logging to spreading urbanization. Events thrust Joss into town life in Mungabula, then a remote bush settlement, where she takes on Karmi’s example of courage to absolve her past. Not the least of her challenges is the laconic but disarming Fletch…

Rowan Hagen began her writing vocation with poetry, then moved onto prose. Her first novel Darlo, set in the notorious underbelly of Sydney, was published in 2008 by Short Stop Press. Her second novel, Fearless, takes readers to coastal communities in the idealistic seventies and the present. A past resident of the south coast, Rowan is currently based in the Blue Mountains.

Fearless is distributed by Dennis Jones and Associates Pty Ltd, and is available from all good bookstores and online at

Available in ebook format from at and



Acrylic on large canvas


More recycled and recreated necklaces from the

Romany Rosa Collection

Above: Midsummer and autumn, below different seasonal moods

See greenheart crafts for more information


The spraying in the south west of England has been horrendous in late June and into July.

All these images were taken in Somerset/Wiltshire/Dorset UK and are completely genuine.

This is how it starts...

Does that look like ordinary contrails to you?

Then we get this...

The sprayed ones running diagonally to the horizontal trails have begun to spread. A grid effect is created that then covers the sky in haze.

This is how they end up.

Think this is normal or acceptable at 10am in mid July? Do you honestly believe the land and all its inhabitants aren't being sprayed consistently?

Another blue sky going...


Gone. Say goodbye to a natural blue sky yet again...its literally been crossed out...

And say hello strange patches of rainbow or 'chembow'.

Below: Early evening in Wiltshire UK, first week in July.

These images are NOT lens flare or a trick of the camera/Photoshoppped.

Above: The sky at 10am in the second week of July when the sky was already heavily sprayed. A partial chembow/rainbow effect occurred.

Above: A heavily sprayed sky in Dorset and a chembow patch.

Please see chemtrails (or, if you prefer, persistent contrails) for more updates/details.

Above: sun and silvery/milky sprayed sky with chembow ring. Left is 1pm, Wiltshire UK, lateJune. Right is 10am mid July.

Below: What exactly causes this regular ripple effect in the spray?

This isn't a natural cloud, it's a trail that has spread out. Why would it behave like this?

There are HAARP facilities all over the world, including Wales, UK.

Look up OWNING THE WEATHER IN 2025 and watch

then ask yourself if this isn't already in place?

Here's another sequence on a different day

Images taken from morning until mid afternoon, Wiltshire UK, July 2013

The criss-cross grids turning into billows of spray. This milky/gauzy veil is spray, not clouds. Spraying results in the unnatural 'chembows' - rainbow rings around the obscurred sun - probably caused by the light refracting off the metallic particulates in the spray.

Chembows are not natural. They are only formed on heavy spraying days like this.


Above: To the far left of the sun, another bright patch of spectrum on a heavily sprayed day...

And, below, stranger still...the sun is underneath the inverted rainbow so this is not a ring around the sun but an independent curved patch of rainbow in heavy spray. It is hard to tell how milky the sky was in these two photos as the image contrast was adjusted to show the bow more clearly. There is no Photoshop trickery involved, just to show it more clearly.


You, all you love and Creation itself is under attack...these are silent weapons for a quiet war and we need to say NO!




SOS is now The cheques still to be made payable to Harborough Animal Concern, 7 Cedar Close, Kibworth, Leicestershire, LE8 0HY.

Serbia is a country that has gone through the turmoil of war and unrest and still has a very long way to go. What suffers most in a country like this is the animal population, and in Serbia they are suffering terribly for the sins of men. Dogs were abandoned during the time of conflict and they survived as best they could and continued to breed in their thousands.

Now they are considered a pest by the Serbian authorities and are hunted, poisoned and stabbed to death. There is hysteria about the threat of rabies, even though many animals have been vaccinated. There is much hate and fear of dogs. Just ordinary loving dogs who would make excellent family pets are rounded up by the shinters - dog catchers employed by the government to catch and eventually kill dogs by inhumane means.
In the midst of all this horror are a few people who are trying to make a difference and working to change the cruelty in their country. One of these people is Jelena Kostic with whom HARBOROUGH ANIMAL CONCERN is working. Jelena has a sanctuary for dogs and cats rescued from the dog catchers, and those that are dumped at her gates.


I believe that we in our comfortable society have a duty to help countries like Serbia to get a proper, humane system of animal care off the ground. Since we and other like minded organisations have been helping Jelena we have noticed that more local people are becoming involved with looking after the animals and more local people are making donations. It is very hard because lots of people in Serbia are very poor, BUT WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

We have a programme of neutering, building shelters, kennels and sending money for food and veterinary care .

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Out Now


All Poppy's profits from WILD SPIRITUALITY go to Animal Aid

Above: It is vital to fund Animal Aid's investigations to stop cruelty

To get a copy of this campaign postcard contact

Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, KENT, TN9 1AW, UK

This is a Poppy Palin collaboration with Green Magic


ISBN 978-0-9561886-7-0

To see all Poppy's illustrations for WILD SPIRITUALITY please go to illustrations

Below is an example.

And if you do one thing for the animals (and your own soul) today please visit

And watch the film...perhaps even arrange a showing of it locally.

Because we need to look at the harm to our creature-kin even if it hurts



Above: The Sun from The Everyday Tarot

Below: Work in Progress...large canvas

The Romany Rosa Collection

Above: Some pieces on display at the Wiltshire Museum. The price covers the cost of materials only, the rest goes to the Museum which isn't Council funded and relies on donations.

The Romany Rosa Collection of one-off original pieces is inspired by the wild beauty of English hedgerows and lovingly created in rural England. Each necklace is fashioned entirely from genuine reclaimed vintage materials, supporting a green ethos. All the floral charms and beads used date from the 1950s and are lucite (a hard plastic) or glass. Many are hand painted which makes them as quirky and unique as the flowers themselves.

See greeheartcrafts.htm for more details

Below left: Knitted (second hand yarn and beads) flower brooch for a little girl and right, a 'flower faery' (discarded broken Barbie) left anonymously in a tree for a child to find. In her hand was a pouch containing three wishes. Love recycling and passing the love on!

To be updated


Sometimes it's Black or White...

Right and wrong, madness and sanity...

Or, more appropriately forgetting and remembering

Bill Hicks and George Carlin both remembered, so did Martin Luther Kind Jnr.

As Bill Hicks said, 'it's just a choice, right here, right now, between fear and love.' Everything else is illusion!

Empathy - actively expressing our understanding of the Oneness of ALL beings (human and non-human; seen and unseen) - is truly all we need. It's so easy yet has eluded us for so long!

With must embrace ourselves gently but firmly in all others because we need all hues and shades to create the bigger picture...the Oneness we are.

So, will we take the easy route, the greedy, disconnected, self-ish way so readily open to us?

Or will we stand with honour as unique representitives of the Greater Self and be totally Self-centred?

Live wilder, be freer. Be whatever you are, wherever you may be, in beauty. Be it bravely; be it kindly.

Expressing our special essence is our real magic - spontaneous and sweetly untamed.

We are a vital individual aspect of All-That-Is, no better than any other but precious in our uniqueness. Being that particular aspect to the fullest - and with full respect of all other aspects - is all we need to do. So simple and so effective!

From Black and White...To Technicolour

Coming next month...

It is currently not known what causes PSSD (post SSRI sexual dysfunction disorder). Fluoxetine (Prozac), the prototypical SSRI, is classified as a reproductive toxin...

The dangers of SSRI drugs

And an apparent agenda unfolding

And more on despicable dairy...

APRIL 2013

From the dark days of a long winter...

To the promise of brighter days to come

What is your dream for the year ahead? What is our collective dream?

Can't we do better than this?

This man is smiling through the fog of his own forgetting, for how else could he have overlooked the fact that he has just killed or maimed himself? When we remember we know that we are One and so all war is suicide. When the fog of our collective forgetting clears, and we remember our connection to all other beings, such acts of destruction and cruelty will be abhorrent and unthinkable. We'll put our endless resourcefulness to much better use and have no need to defend our petty principles or attack other aspects of our One Self.

Above: A NATO airstrike on February in Afghanistan 'mistakenly' kills more women and children. We hear about the deaths - possibly - but not the lives of those maimed, traumatised, left homeless etc. The aftermath of devastation remains hidden.

The real heroes in our society are the compassionate people who work in our care homes on minimum wages, not those who make a career that means they may be required to commit murder. When we place the most honour on the carers, and the budget for looking after the most vulnerable far outweighs any outmoded need for 'Defence', we'll be expressing our highest good, not our fearful confusion. The Military is the ultimate symbol of our separation from our Oneness and reveals our pitiful weakness, not our true strength as interconnected aspects of Infinite Consciousness.

And can't we do better than this?

It was announced on Feburary 15th that 'researchers' have proved chimpanzees can be 'cured of low mood' with anti-depressants. This rat is being hassled into a depressed state by a robot mouse. So it can be treated with chemicals as part of a study presumably. Amazing what pitiful schemes humanity will apply it's inate creativity to. Instead of revealing the 'intelligence' of scientists it shows their disconnection; their human-centric forgetfulness. They shouldn't be those we aspire to being - respected and eminent; the ones children go to University to become - but the ones we need to pity and help.

Or this?

Have you been into your local Boots the chemist lately? How many of the hair products, skin care and cosmetics on sale there are not animal tested or contain animal tested ingredients? At last count I found two brands in the larger shops: Barry M make-up and Paul Mitchell haircare. Paul Mitchell were recently awarded the leaping bunny symbol by BUAV, as were Ecover. So, that's two compassionate companies, out of how many? And of the tow I mention are largely chemical cocktails so although commpassionate for creatures they're poison for us and the earth. Does anybody know the cumulative/combined effect of multiple chemical products on us and, by direct reflection, the land?

This is 2013, yet there was more activism and interest in the cause of vivsection in 1875 when the national anti-vivisection society NAVS was formed by Frances Power Cobbe. Cobbe was a humanitarian who published many leaflets and articles opposing animal experiments, and gathered the support of many notable people and the social reformers of the day, also working for children's rights and women's rights.

Try Lush haircare and cosmetics because they are aiming higher, in awareness of our interconnectedness and with love.

Lush were overjoyed to celebrate the final stage of the Cosmetics Directive finally coming into force on 11th March 2013. 

The Cosmetics Directive makes Europe the first zone in the world where animal testing of cosmetics is banned.

But the Cosmetics Directive only covers tests that are conducted specifically for cosmetics purposes.Cosmetics ingredients are also subject to testing under the new REACH chemical legislation – and animals are going to be used in huge numbers to conduct this safety testing. So animals are still at risk and still need our help.

The REACH legislation was written in 2007 and tells a company exactly which tests they need to do for each ingredient – it lists the non-animal alternatives that must be used and then the animal tests that must be used if there is no alternative. Companies must follow these guidelines.

But REACH has not been updated since it was written in 2007.  Since then many non-animal alternatives have been developed and also some animal test refinements (these are improved protocols which mean that for each test less animals need to be used and killed). By not adding these to the REACH testing guidelines, REACH are breaking their own stated rules – and many animals (perhaps even millions) are dying in tests because companies cannot use the non-animal alternatives until the legislation lists them as suitable for use.

So LUSH is giving its support to Humane Society International's petition, so that the public have a chance to tell the REACH administration that this is not good enough and we are all watching and waiting for them to update the animal testing protocols to include the last few years of advances. They need to know that the public still feel strongly about animals dying in tests that they do not need to be used for! Sign the petition here:

Or this - the chemical warfare nobody calls a 'crime against humanity'

Left: 'Fandango' by Bayer who brought you Chlorine Gas and Zyklon B . Right: 'Gala', by Dow, makers of Agent Orange.

On April 29, 2013, the European Union passed a two-year ban on neonicotinoid insecticides, which are suspected to be the primary cause of bee colony collapse disorder. Neonicotinoids are a class of pesticide which act as an insect nerve agent. They are mostly used as a seed treatment – meaning the chemical pervades the plant, including the nectar and pollen on which bees feed.

A sprayer, the likes of which is seen out in Wiltshire UK now....and if it's not safe to breathe how is it safe to eat?

Clearly this (temporary) banning was an appropriate action as these poisons - manufactured by criminals such as Bayer - are a disgrace. They bring shame on us all for a flagrant disregard of the interconnectedness of all life.

Chemical drums left leaking in the Wiltshire fields after their deadly mixture was discharged over the land and its inhabitants

Yet the 'elephant in the living room' for bee colony collapse may be also be caused by something closer to home - something so convenient that none of us want to look at it. To do so would mean the loss of the very technologies we hold as 'essential' today.

The fact is that we are living in an unseen 'soup of signals'. All life is being affected by invisible 'electromagnetic pollution' - none more so than the bees.

To learn more about the uncontrolled experiment we currently find ourselves in watch


Let's stop buying into, or passively condoning, the Madness of King Human

If we don't specify what we want we'll be sold the old dream - the disconnected nightmare of manifest mainstream existence - as our normality. If we're waking up and remembering our unified Creator Self we must reject the paradigm of collective amnesia - sometimes wilful, sometimes involuntary and habitual - and take responsibility for ourselves as the magical creators-of-worlds that we truly are.

We are the Creator, every day, in a myriad of amazing ways

So, do you want to create something beautiful instead?

To dance a wilder dream, centre on kindness, embrace all and give freely

Begin it now! Please support

Totnes Wild Bird and Hedgehog Rehabilitation

Or be inspired by their great work to do something equally compassionate and altruistic.

Please email:


So, let's focus on what's wholesome, eternal, and soul-sustaining. Let's be inspired and informed but not disheartened; exercising our own creator-nature wisely and well...for the good of the All. Because everything is energy and our energies are everything!

Everything we do can be imbued with wild enchantment. Knitting is trance-like, providing the perfect opportunity for creative visualisation or will-and-wishing. It's magic in the midst of life - immediate and rewarding


Please support the JUSTICE FOR WILLIE campaign

Set Willie free!

APRIL 5th 2013


The world has lost the most beautiful, vital, compassionate man.

Sandi has lost a wonderful husband and our creature-kin have lost a tireless benefactor and protector.

Nick was a guiding light - a shining star in the midst of human ignorance and cruelty - and we will all be the less for his passing. May his journey onward be made with the unseen beings that love him and the spirits of all the dear creatures he worked with during his full and generous life.

Remembering Nick Ridge

Above and below: Nick working for Dorset Wildlife Rescue and with his wife Sandi

Above: Nick and Sandi with another season's cubs which were released back into the wild

Thank you to those of you who sent Nick love and strength during his horrible illness. Please send him love as he moves away from this realm and remember Sandi who has to deal with such a profound grief at losing her soul-love, best friend and life-partner.

We we're so blessed to have him with us, even for the short time he was given.

And PLEASE continue to support Dorset Wildlife Rescue, now run by other volunteers

Phone Chris - 07502 299362 or email

See the Dorset Wildlife Rescue YouTube channel

Interested in a real cure for cancer that we're never offered, perhaps not even aware of? Watch...and wonder why.


Above: the Tower card from Poppy's new proposal, THE EVERYDAY TAROT

'I see this deck as being like a bridge between the mundane and the magical; reminding us that we don't have to wear long flowing gowns and sit looking longingly into a medieval fountain to be able to accept or bring magic into our lives.'

Rebecca Stevens

In the tarot, The Tower card represents a personal cataclysm, or a dynamic event that acts as a catalyst for a dramatic shift in perception. It teaches us to adapt and respond from the conscious heart instead of reacting from the base gut, bringing an opportunity for change and growth. We can collapse in self pity, lash out in rage or mindlessly revolt when the cataclysm comes or we can feel its pain, experiencing and expressing the grief of any deep loss, and then gain insight and strength from it. Life is full of such dramatic changes and upheavals and as ever there's a personal choice between fear and love - pure unconditional acceptance - to be made. We can disconnect, forget who we truly are and flail about, lost in the drama of our 'life-story', or we can stay connected and be the change we wish to see in the world. We can be Infinite Consciousness - All That Is, the Greater Self - having an experience from a point of perception, moment by moment, or we can revert to powerless 'little me' wrapped up in itself and what it needs.

Here is an example of a forgotten cataclysm that will not be so easy to recover from, either individually or collectively, as it is one in a continuous line of attacks, humiliations, deprivations and disruptions...the aftermath of the Israeli air offensive - known as Operation Pillar of Cloud or Pillar of Defence - in Gaza, November 2012

Who mentions the people, and the other beings who share one of the most crowded areas of land on Earth, - the open air prison John Pilger refers to - after these attacks are no longer headline news?

Israel has already violated the ceasefire – at any time the missiles and rockets could start raining down once more. Year round, that is what it means to live in Gaza.

And yet the people of Gaza have learned from their continual Tower moment...

“Any war is inhuman, irreligious, and immoral,” says Dr. T. a medical doctor and a Palestinian living in Gaza City. Dr. T. is afraid that Israel is preparing a worse war, one with ground troops deployed, for after its upcoming election.  “We are hopeful to live in peace.  We don’t want to make victims. We love Israelis as we love any human being.”

For more information on this and many other issues please visit or

Above: A checkpoint at Beyt Jala, Palestine, part of daily life for a beleaguered people. Photo by Ronelle Jonat

Below: Hope Flowers school in Beyt Jala, Palestine, where the Israeli controlled water only comes on a few times a week (see the storage tanks on the roof on the right hand of the photo) and also note the Israeli settelers up on the hill who have running where wherenevr they need it and a lush green place to live.

Below: Water map. He who controls water, controls life.

Above: On the bus in occupied Palestine with an Israeli soldier by Ronelle Jonat

Below: The loathesome apartheid wall snakes through the territories and divides people from land



And will there be a collective 'Tower moment' - a global cataclysm - when the Mayan calendar ends on December 21st 2012?

Do we give any credence to the inherent wisdom of a people who practiced sacrifice? Surely a truly conscious being knows the utter pointlessness of murdering another aspect of our Self for any reason. All sacrifice is suicide!

As for the 'good' or 'enlightened' people being saved or taken up and the 'bad' or 'unenlightened' ones being left behind or exterminated, who is the great cosmic judge that can deem one being wholly worthy and another redundant or evil?

To me, sending a cow to an abbatoir is a supreme act of cruelty just as it would be to send an innocent human to execution. But to you it may be acceptable and not comparable to an act of violence on a human. You are unfailingly kind to other people but have a blind spot when it comes to your creature-kin, having not yet experienced that which will unlock your deeper understanding and compassion. This is a part of your learning, as it is part of mine to love humanity more. How then is it possible to draw clear lines on what consititutes a bad individual?

There is no external adjudicator 'out there' to make such judgements - there's no authority but our Greater Unified Self! We each hold the myriad aspects of All-That-Is within us, it's only how we express them - and to what degree - that differs. We all have the potential to create beauty or wreak havoc in large or small ways, moment by moment. Its always just a choice between fear and love.

And if the end really is nigh? Well, we're all Infinite Consciounessness having an experience from a particular point of perspective. Soon we'll all be Infinite Consciousness with a collective point of perspective again. We'll meet again other side of the illusion we currently know as reality.Whatever happens, all is well.

***Happy Midwinter!***


They - we - said 'it must never happen again' and yet it has and it is...

Palestine is Still the Issue

'We should be disgusted. That is a normal, human response, to this. And the second is that we ought not to be surprised, but we should understand this has nothing to do with Hamas, or rockets. It is an ongoing assault on the Palestinian people. And especially the people of Gaza, which began a very long time ago and the plan is to effectively get rid of them as an entity.  And I'm not exaggerating...The sum of it is that we see a form of genocide underway in Palestine. And this is the later stage.'

John Pilger


'The United Nations special reporter, Richard Falk, has likened their situation to the Warsaw Ghetto. When in Warsaw and Poland the Jewish Ghetto there rose up against the Nazis, who were crushed. These days fascism is not a word easily used, nor should it be. But we have as close to a fascist state in Israel, and those historic parallels that Falk draws, actually to be correct. So we're seeing an historical process at work here, and it is up to the rest of the world to recognize that, and do something about it.'

'These kind of aggressive wars, going right back, have always been laboratories. The infamous example is Vietnam, or even before that Korea when napalm was tested. And phosphorous bombs were tested later on. And now we have these high-tech weapons exemplified by the drones. What better to test them on a people you wish to extinguish? It is as much experimental as anything else. It certainly has no, absolutely nothing to do with a few tin pop rockets fired out of the prison, the open air prison, into Israel.

So, yes, it is an experiment, but it is an American experiment. It is an American/Israeli experiment. And those who voted in President Obama, recently, might reflect on that. No president has been more enthusiastic in his support for this project than Obama. From the time after he was voted in, in 2008, before he was inaugurated, when he gave his approval for what was known as Operation Cast Lead, which killed 1,400 people in Gaza, to the present day.'

'Having been in Gaza I can assure you that it is a very small place, it's a long sliver of land, it's so congested, so densely populated, that there is nowhere to go. There is the sea, but you're not allowed to go beyond a certain limit. The Israelis will attack you if you do that. The other way, you can't go the other way. You can't go and join your compatriots in the rest of Palestine, that's not allowed.

I'm astonished that Palestinians have retained their humanity, in the way they have. They're...I won't say resilience because I don't know how you can keep on being resilient, frankly. But they certainly...they care for each other. And their anger is what is being done to the children.'

'We have the absurd situation of an invasion or a war approaching against Iran over nuclear weapons it does not possess. Which the combined agencies of, intelligence agencies of the United States, confirm it does not possess. And yet the one nuclear power in the middle east which has something like 500 thermo nuclear warheads, which is Israel, is simply off the agenda. Are we in a sort of intellectual and moral madhouse? It would appear so.'

'Recognizing the sources of propaganda is the first thing. I think large numbers of people in western countries recognize that the so-called mainstream media is a source of, is the sort of ventriloquist of power. A power that is causing great grief in the world.Sometimes that's difficult because television is still a very powerful medium... the sheer bias of television in the United States means that not even the names of people, of whole families annihilated or most of the families annihilated can be mentioned. You know, what is being stolen here is not just simply Palestine, yet again, but our own consciousness. If we allow this, then there is something of us that goes. That's really at stake here.'

John Pilger is a London based Australian journalist, is a widely respected, Emmy award winning documentarian. His articles regularly appear world-wide in newspapers such as the Guardian of London, the Independent, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times.


Here are the names of all those who were killed in the 8 days of Operation Pillar of Cloud. Please take a few minutes of your time to read through the list and say a prayer for them, and their friends and family. There are many hundreds more still in hospital recovering from serious injuries and fighting for their lives, pray that they make a full recovery so that this list of names does not grow.

Rinan Arafat, 7 years old.

Omar Al-Mashharawi, 11 months old.

Walid Al-Abalda, 2 years old.

Hanin Tafesh, 10 months old.

Oday Jammal Nasser, 16 years old.

Fares Al-Basyouni, 11 years old.

Mohammed Sa’d Allah, 4 years old.

Gumana Salamah Abu Sufyan, 1 year old.

Tamer Salamah  Abu Sufyan, 3 years old.

Eyad Abu Khusa, 18 months old.

Tasneem Zuheir Al-Nahhal, 13 years old.

Ranin Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 5 years old.

Jamal Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 7 year old.

Yousef Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 10 years old.

Ibrahim Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 1 year old.

Mo’men Suheil Hamada, 13 years old.

Hussein Jalal Nasser, 8 years old.

Mohammed Iyad Abu Zour, 4 years old.

Rama Al-Shandi, 1 year old.

Omar Mahmoud Mohammed al-Astal, 14 years old.

Yahya Mohammed Awad, 15 years old.

Suhaib Fo’ad Hjazi, 2 years old.

Mohammed Fo’ad Hjazi, 3 years old.

Mahmoud Abu Khusa, a child.

Nader Yousef Abu Mghaseeb, 14 years old.

Ayman Talal Al-Assaly, 17 years old.

Abderrahman Na’eem, 6 years old.

Riham Al-Nabaheen, 4 years old.

Mirah Scharf, seven months pregnant, 25 years old.

Heba Al-Mashharawi, six months pregnant, 19 years old.

Boris Yarmulnik, 28 years old.

Ahron Smadga.

Yitzchak Amselam, 22 years old.

Ahmad Al-Ja’bary, 52 years old.

Mohammed Al-hams, 28 years old.

Essam Abu-Alma’za, 20 years old.

Yosef Partok, 18 years old.

Mohammed Al-qaseer, 20 years old.

Mahmoud Abu Sawawin, 65 years old.

Habis Hassan Mismih, 29 years old.

Wael Haidar Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.

Hehsam Mohammed Al-Ghalban, 31 years old.

Rani Hammad, 29 years old.

Khaled Abi Nasser, 27 year old.

Marwan Abu Al-Qumsan, 52 years old.

Ayman Abu Warda, 22 years old.

Tahrir Suliman, 20 years old.

Ismael Qandil, 24 years old.

Younis Kamal Tafesh, 55 years old.

Mohammed Talal Suliman, 28 years old.

Amjad Mohammed Abu-Jalal, 32 years old.

Ziyad Farhan Abu-Jalal, 23 years old.

Ayman Mohammed Abu Jalal, 44 years old.

Hassan Salem Al-Heemla’, 27 years old.

Khaled Khalil Al-Shaer, 24 years old.

Ayman Rafeeq sleem, 26 years old.

Ahmad Abu Musamih, 32 years old.

Osama Musa Abdeljawad, 27 years old.

Ashraf Hassan Darwish, 22 years old.

Ali  Abdul HakimAl-Mana’ma, 20 years old

Mukhlis Edwan, 30 years old.

Mohammed Al-Loulhy, 24 years old.

Ahmad Al-Atrush, 22 years old.

Abderrahman Al-Masri, 31 years old.

Awad  Hamdi Al-Nahhal, 23 years old.

Ali Hassan Iseed, 25 years old.

Mohammed Sabry Al’weedat, 25 years old.

Osama Yousif Al-Qadi, 26 years old.

Ahmad Ben Saeed, 42 years old.

Hani Bre’m, 31 years old.

Samaher Qdeih, 28 years old.

Tamer Al-Hamry,  26 years old

Muhamed Abu Nuqira.

Aleyan Alnabari.

Ahmad Essam Al-Nahhal, 25 years old.

Nawal Abdelaal, 52 years old.

Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, the father.

Jamal Al-Dalou, the grandfather.

Sulafa Al Dalou, 46 years old.

Samah Al-Dalou, 25 years old.

Tahani Al-Dalou, 50 years old.

Abdallah Mohammed Al-Mzanner, 23 years old.

Suheil Hamada, 53 years old.

Atiyya Mubarak, 55 years old.

Hussam Abu Shaweish, 35 years old.

Samy Al-Ghfeir, 22 years old.

Ahmad Abu Amra, 42 years old.

Nabil Ahmad Abu Amra, 20 years old.

Jalal Nasser, 35 years old.

Sabha Al-Hashash, 60 years old.

Saif Al-Deen Sadeq.

Hussam Al-Zeiny.

Emad Abu Hamda, 30 years old.

Mohammed Jindiyya.

Nisma Abu Zour, 19 years old.

Sahar Abu Zour.

Ahed Al-Qattaty, 38 years old.

Al-Abd Mohammed Al-Attar,

Ibrahim Suleiman al-Astal, 46 years old.

Abdullah Harb Abu Khater, 21 years old.

Mahmoud  Saeed Abu Khater, 34 years old.

Rashid Alyan Abu Amra, 45 years old.

Amin Zuhdi Bashir, 40 years old.

Tamer Rushdi Bashir, 30 years old.

Hussam Abdeljawad.

Ramadan Ahmad Mahmoud, 20 years old.

Mohammed Riyad Shamallakh, 23 years old.

A’ed Radi.

Ameer Al-Malahi.

Ramez Harb.

Salem Sweilem.

Muhammed Ziyad Tbeil, 25 years old.

Arkan Harbi Abu Kmeil.

Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Hawajri.

Khalil Shhada.

Osama Shhada.

Fo’ad  khalil Hjazi.

Mohammed Tawfeeq Al-Nassasra, 20 years old.

Ahmad Tawfeeq Al-Nassasra, 18 years old.

Yahya Akram Ma’roof, 38 years old.

Bilal  Jihad Al-Barawi, 20 years old.

Mahmoud Rezq Salman Al-Zahhar.

Abderrahman Hamad Abu Hamza, 22 years old.

Mohammed Abed-Rabbo Yousef Bader.

Ahmad Khaled Doghmosh.

Ahmad Jameel Hamdan Doghmosh.

Sobhi Nemer Mohammed Doghmosh.

Salah Nemer Mohammed Doghmosh.

Musab Mahmoud Rushdi Doghmosh.

Ameen Mahmoud Asad Al-Dadda, 22 years old.

Mohamoud Rezeq Ashoor.

Saqer Yousef Bulbul.

Ameina Matar Al-Mzanner, 83 years old.

Ayman Rafiq Abu Rashid, 50 years old.

Yosra Basil Murtada Al-Shawwa.

Mahmoud  Ali Ahmad Al-Koomi.

Hussam Mohammed Abderrahman Salama.

Mahmoud Mohammed Hussein Al-Zahry.

Tareq Azmy Mustafa Hjeila.

Mohammed Musa Abu Eisha.

Hassan Yousef Al-Ostaz, 22 years old.

Ahmad Abed Abu Moor, 24 years old.

Khaled Abed Abu Moor, 19 years old.

Mohammed  Ahmad Abu Sitta.

Salem ‘Ayish Abu Sitta.

Shawqi Abu Sneima.

Ibrahim Ahmad Mahmoud Hamad.

Mahmoud Kahlil Al-Arja.

Abdallah Asseela.

Mustafa Awad Abu Hamidan.

Ahmad Abu’liyyan.

Fares Sbeita, 23 years old.

Ameera Abu Nasser, 21 years old.

Ibrahim Abu Nasser, 70 years old.

Mohammed Adnan Al-Ashqar, 22 years old.

Talal Al-Assaly, 47 years old.

Hadil Talal Al-Assaly.

Mubarak Ibrahim Abu Houly.

Mohammed Mohammed Baker, 27 years old.

Ibrahim Mheisin.

Ramy Abeid.

Mohammed Salama Abu Eteiwy.

Nidal Hassan Abu Riyad.

Sa’dy Abu Kmeil.

Ahmad Abu Kmeil.

Musab Ayish.



Are you ready yet?



These images were taken in September in Devon and Somerset UK

Above: This image sums up where we're heading - a surviellance camera, a heavily 'chemtrailed' (or contrailled if you prefer) sky and a demand for couldn't make it up.

This sky isn't naturally overcast but unnaturally obliterated by spreading lines of emission/spray, systematically layered throughout the day.

Below: The sky is milky with persistent spraying that has been overlayed since the morning when the day began clear blue.

Below: Within the hour the blue is completely obliterated and the sky is strangely pearlescent. Some planes keep on spraying and one cuts through the fug, leaving a darker line. A 'chembow' rainbow effect now becomes visible in a ring around the sun. This isn't a flare in the camera lens or a fault but an actual phenomena that was clearly discernible in the sky on the day...

Below: Here's that image enhanced to show the chembow

Above: A small patch of rainbow or a spectrum appeared to the left of the sun and the larger rainbow ring. In this photo the colours aren't clear but a brighter patch can be observed where it was. Below are images of it enahnced to show the colours

Poppy has seem this 'patch of rainbow' effect many times when the sky has been very heavily adulterated with whatever it is that has been sprayed. She has never observed it on any other occaision. Here's one from several years ago, photographed in Dorset, UK.

Although it is possible that such 'spectrum patches' occur with other weather conditions, the connection to chemical spraying has been revealed to her again and again over the last few years.

This site will document as many as possible from now on.

This clip shows what these chembow patches actually look like.

And another

And (below) here's what the chembow looks like when filmed by somebody in the USA. Note the comments under this YouTube video that explain it way as 'petroleum product' in the sky. Even if this is the cause - chemtrails being a huge quanity of 'ordinary' contrails spreading out - then isn't that bad enough?

Here's what other people have observed about these 'chembows' and what may cause them

Chemicals including barium salts, polymers and aluminum oxide are dispersed via aircraft in chemtrails, providing water droplet nucleation sites and increasing high altitude ice crystal formation, often resulting in stunning rainbows (chembows and sun dogs), and pink and green dichroism due to diffraction and refraction of light

If you’ve been paying attention to chemtrails, you may have observed rainbow smearing (diffraction) of light reflected off them.  Dark sunglasses can bring the subtle rainbows into the dynamic range of the human eye.  Chembows are often visible when the sunlight reflects at approximately 45• angle to the chemtrail.

Diffraction is a quantum interaction between photons of light and edges of atoms.  When metallic surfaces have features smaller than a wavelength of visible light (nanometer scale),  different wavelengths will be reflected at different angles.  When features are ordered in a linear pattern (such as on a DVD optical disc), a rainbow will appear.

In the rain, or other atmospheric conditions where water droplets are large enough, rainbows appear due to refraction.  Atmospheric refraction (such as from a rainbow in a rainstorm) is a similar phenomenon to chemtrail diffraction.  Its important to note, however, that rainbows can be seen in light reflected off chemtrails, not only refracted from behind, which may occur under other atmospheric conditions, such as the presence of large ice crystals or droplets.

For more information please see

ABOVE: THIS IS NOT A REGULAR RAINBOW -- the key difference is that it is reflected, not refracted. A normal rainbow is seen regardless of clouds, but usually after rain when there are droplets of moisture in the sky; however a chembow is seen superimposed on a cloud (containing metallic aerosols), even when it hasn't rained.

In the clip below a Swedish MP for the Green Party speaks out about the fact that chemtrails are real



'Remember Us' is a 50-min documentary revealing untold stories of refugees from Gaza. By spreading the word you'll help the world remember them.

'Over the past few weeks, British diplomats have stated that they are doing all they can to discourage Palestine’s bid for “observer state” status in the UN General Assembly. If this is an official British position, then it is reprehensible, yet not all that surprising.

Ninety-five years ago tomorrow, on November 2, 1917, British imperialism in Palestine began when Lord Balfour, the then British foreign secretary and former prime minister, sent a letter to Baron Rothschild, one of the leaders of the Zionist movement. This letter became known as the “Balfour Declaration”.

In that letter, Balfour promised British support for the Zionist programme of establishing a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. This pledge of support was made without consulting the indigenous Christian and Muslim inhabitants of Palestine, the Palestinian people. And it was made before British troops had even conquered the land.'

Above: Time for school in Gaza.

We can't imagine a fraction of the horror, depravation and indignity these children go through every day

because the media refuses to inform us.

It's for us to find out why this is and become as informed as we can by independent means.





Celebrating the Extraordinary in Ordinary Life

Because there's magic in the mundane

Above: Preview of the first image from the new Poppy Palin deck.


This deck and book set will be an inspirational guide to finding the magic in the mundane.

Each card will reveal an ordinary person expressing their extraordinary qualities in recognisable, yet exceptional, settings. From a man on a building site to a boy on a skateboard the cards allow us to gain insights and encouragement from someone just like us…that is, an amazing, but commonplace, individual living in an amazing world.

The cards will express the enchanting nature of everyday people and situations, allowing us to appreciate their unique charm and wisdom. Beauty will be celebrated in all its forms, be that orthodox or entirely unorthodox and unexpected. The cards encompass people of all ages, sizes, colours and physical abilities. They will also embrace the other beings – both seen and unseen - that share our everyday reality with us. These are the faeries and our creature-kin; the fabulous yet familiar mammals, birds and insects that share our journey. As such The Everyday Tarot will be warmly inclusive, welcoming us into a more unified vision of world.

This deck will encourage us to appreciate life anew and engage with each other as the as the infinitely wise, and endlessly creative, beings we truly are. In this The Everyday Tarot will expand our capacity for empathy and gratitude, promoting deep connection in our hectic, and often alienated, world.

Copyright Poppy Palin 2012



BBC Bias Continues

BBC coverage cast doubt on the motives of activists protecting Palestinian homes from Israeli-operated bulldozers.

Tuesday 28 August was an extraordinary day for the BBC, even by its own low standards of reporting on Palestine.

This was the day an Israeli court absolved the State of Israel of any responsibility for the death of Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old American activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli armored bulldozer in Gaza in 2003.BBC Radio 4’s World at One program ran a seven-minute segment on the court’s decision, including an interview with Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev.Partway through this interview, the BBC presenter, Martha Kearney, made this astonishing claim: "Clearly Rachel Corrie was one of the casualties of what happened that day, and I know Israeli soldiers died too."In fact, Israeli human rights group B’Tselem lists no Israeli soldiers as being killed on 16 March 2003 ("Israeli security force personnel killed by Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, 29.9.2000 - 26.12.2008," B’Tselem).Despite this, a BBC presenter decided to introduce the deaths of Israeli soldiers into the narrative of the day Corrie was killed, a completely false claim which altered the actual reality and set a framework for BBC audiences in which several Israeli soldiers and one activist had died.

Suddenly, Corrie was not the only victim. Kearney’s sleight of hand had effectively created a war zone with uncounted numbers of Israeli soldiers being killed on the same day, presumably by the side that Corrie was supporting.

For the full report see

In late August to late September the BBC World Service reported ONLY on the following:

HAMAS in Palestine are banning pornographic webistes from September (thus communicating to the world that they are censorious and controlling - anti-liberty)

Israel are forcing closure on the illegal Migram settlement east of the West Bank city of Ramallah (thus showing that Israel really is against these illegal settlers, even though the rest of the settlements are left undisturbed and Israelis are even given incentives to settle )

A man in Gaza self-immolated as a protest against poor living conditions (perhaps revealing that the Palestinan people are unhinged or else deeply ungrateful )

Here's how the BBC News website reported that story:

A man has died in Gaza after setting himself alight in apparent protest against his family's living conditions, Palestinian officials say.

Ehab Abu Nada, 21, had poured petrol over himself after walking into the morgue at Shifa hospital in Gaza City last Thursday, doctors said.

His father said he had sent his son out to look for work because the family was struggling to make ends meet.

Unemployment in Gaza is around 30%, according to the United Nations.

Some 80% of families in the Palestinian territory are said to receive some sort of food aid from UN agencies and other international organisations.

The majority of families in Gaza receive some form of international food aid

The caption and image they put with the article said it all. Instead of using the opportunity to point out the indignities and depravations the people of Gaza experience every day - and showing images of the conditions they live in - the BBC were making the point that


Meanwhile Press TV reported

Israeli airstrikes pound Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza

The attacks, which occurred late on Sunday, targeted Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza. Nuseirat is home to more than 66,000 Palestinian refugees, AFP reported.

There have been no reports of causalities yet.

The Israeli military frequently bombs the Gaza Strip, saying the actions are for defensive purposes. However, disproportionate force is always used, in violation of international law, and civilians are often killed or injured in the raids.

On Friday, Israeli F-16 warplanes launched airstrikes on northern Gaza and injured two Palestinians, local medical sources said.

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says Israel launched over 58 air and ground assaults on the Gaza Strip in June, which killed over a dozen Palestinians and injured many others.

Gaza has been blockaded since 2007, which is a situation that has caused a decline in the standard of living, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty.
Israel has been launching regular airstrikes on the Gaza Strip since the end of its December 2008-January 2009 war on the Palestinian territory.

The 22-day war left over 1,400 Palestinians dead and injured thousands more.

The three weeks of unrelenting aerial, land, and sea strikes also destroyed thousands of civilian and government buildings and devastated much of Gaza's infrastructure

An Israeli plane in horrfying action yet again

American writer Steve Lendman, a host on the Progressive News Network, had it right when he described what life is like for Palestinians under Israeli (Rothschild Zionist) occupation.

Imagine, he wrote, facing these conditions every day:

•    Living in limbo under a foreign occupier. Having no self-determination, no right of return, and no power over your daily life. Being in constant fear, economically strangled, and collectively punished.

•    Having your free movement denied by enclosed population centres, closed borders, regular curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, electric fences, and separation walls. Having your homes regularly demolished and land systematically stolen to build settlements for encroachers in violation of international law prohibiting an occupier from settling its population on conquered land.

•    Having your right to essential services denied - to emergency health care, education, employment, and enough food and clean water. Being forced into extreme poverty, having your crops destroyed, and being victimised by punitive taxes. Having no right for redress in the occupier's courts under laws only protecting the occupier.

•    Being regularly targeted by incursions and attacks on the ground and from the air. Being wilfully harassed, ethnically cleansed, arrested, incarcerated, tortured, and slaughtered on any pretext, including for your right of self-defence.

•    Having no rights on your own land in your own country for over six decades and counting. Vilified for being Muslims and called terrorists, Jihadists, crazed Arabs, and fundamentalist extremists. Victimised by a slow-motion genocide to destroy you.



Above: A swallow and housemartins at Totnes Wild Bird Rehabilitation

It's been another busy year, if you can help with a small donation contact:

Below: The healthy swallow released in September before its long journey south


August is a Wicked Month

And not neccesarily in a good way

Urge Cardiff to stop experiments blinding animals

Experiments at Cardiff University have been revealed in which kittens were raised in darkness or had their eyelids sewn shut, and were then subjected to brain experiments and killed. 31 kittens (and their mothers in some cases) were used in the research which took place in 2010 but has only recently come to light. It is very possible that Cardiff is continuing to conduct animal research of this kind. Please contact them to demand that they stop these tests. 

Kittens were raised in total darkness for up to three months in the experiment, while others had one eyelid sewn shut after a month of life. Others were reared in the laboratory in "normal" conditions for up to a year but all the cats and kittens were subjected to brain surgery and killed at the end of the experiment. The experiments, published in the European Journal of Neuroscience in 2012, were at least partially paid for by the taxpayer as they were supported by a Medical Research Council grant but the paper makes no reference to the treatment of human conditions and has no direct application to the study of human eye diseases.

About 150 cats were used in research in the UK in 2011 (the last year for which we have figures) but the number of experiments they were subjected to shows that many were used in more than one test. Official figures for 2011 show that over 25,000 tests on animals involved "interference with the special senses" and over 20,000 involved "interference with the brain". The majority of animals were rats and mice although monkeys, ferrets and others were used. Neither the research paper published by Cardiff or official figures can possibly convey the confusion, fear and suffering of animals deprived of their normal vision.

Cardiff University carried out over 50,000 experiments on animals in 2011. Please contact the university's vice-chancellor to demand that they commit immediately to conduct no experiments on cats or which involve blinding animals or interfering with animals' brains, and that they utilise humane methods to replace all animal experiments.

Sign the petition today though PETA:

Or through:



A Bad Day for Humanity - A Bad Day for the State of Israel


An Israeli court on Tuesday rejected all claims of negligence in a civil lawsuit brought by the family

of US activist Rachel Corrie, who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer during a protest in 2003.

Above: Rachel stands in front of a demoltition bulldozer in Rafa, Gaza Strip, 2003

And below, moments before she died

Gaza will be 'UNLIVABLE' by 2020 SAY UN

Oh, you mean its habitable now?

'Gaza will no longer be “livable” by 2020 unless urgent measures are taken to improve the area’s water supply, power, health and schooling, according to a UN report.

“Action needs to be taken right now on fundamental aspects of life: water sanitation, electricity, education, health and other aspects,” UN humanitarian coordinator Maxwell Gaylard told journalists. Those services are "not keeping pace with the needs of the growing population," the report states.'

For the full report see: Russia Today 28th August alongside other reports like:




A former Israeli Solider reveals abuse of Palestinian children in this video:

Also this short film:

Israeli Lies Unchecked

I was prompted to post this after listening with incredulity to the programme HARDTALK on the BBC World Service. They often have Israeli ministers on as guests and these ministers are allowed to avoid difficult questions. HARDTALK is meant to be as the title suggests: a challenge to the participant. With Israel it becomes SOFTTALK and an opportunity for Israel to say its piece in whichever way it wishes.

Palestinian perspectives censored on BBC

Above: Another humiliating checkpoint

One of the most obvious examples of bias by the BBC is the taxpayer-funded broadcaster’s habit of inviting Israeli politicians or the Israeli government spokesperson, Mark Regev, onto its programs to speak without challenge. Meanwhile, Palestinians and those who would convey a Palestinian perspective are not given the same opportunity.

Film director Ken Loach recently learned that for the BBC, Palestine remains a taboo.

On 23 July, Loach was at the Royal Albert Hall in London to listen to a performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, performed by the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. The orchestra consists of Israeli, Palestinian and other Arab musicians, and is conducted by Daniel Barenboim, who formed the orchestra in 1999 with the late Palestinian academic and activist Edward Said.So when Loach was asked during the intermission for an interview by BBC Proms, which was recording the concert for later broadcast, he considered it reasonable to air his thoughts on the nature of the orchestra as well as the music.

Loach said that he spoke to the BBC journalist for five minutes, during which time he said: “Seeing Israelis and Arabs, including Palestinians, sitting side by side on the stage makes us confront the issue of the continuing oppression of the Palestinian people, and I shall be thinking of them when I hear the music tonight.”

However, for the BBC, which in the last six months has alternately denied the existence of Palestine and Israel's occupation, the mere mention of the fact of the Palestinian people’s oppression was too controversial to broadcast. Loach received a phone call from the program producers informing him that his interview would be cut “due to the music over-running.” He sent an email to the BBC, which has been seen by this writer, stating:

Thank you for letting me know about the broadcast and the need to shorten the interview. Of course I understand about length. But I would ask you to include my brief remarks about the orchestra and the Palestinians. As an opponent of oppression and tyranny I think Ludwig [van Beethoven] would have approved. It was one of the reasons I agreed to take part. I’m happy if you need to reduce my thoughts on the music itself.”

His email was ignored and the interview was broadcast three days later on BBC Proms with his observation about the oppression of the Palestinian people removed. The rest of the interview remained intact.

Loach said: “I called the producer, Oliver MacFarlane, who admitted they had deliberately cut the line about Palestine. He said if they’d included it they would have had to have a balancing interview. I wasn’t pleased and I responded robustly.

When asked to respond to this, a BBC spokesperson stated: “As part of the BBC’s comprehensive music television coverage of The Proms, esteemed filmmaker Ken Loach was invited to comment on his personal passion for Beethoven, given the time slot available and the fact that this was a music television programme, the most editorially relevant sections of Mr. Loach’s interview were used in the final edit.”

But if it was the case that the BBC did feel the need to “balance” Loach’s simple words about the ongoing oppression of the Palestinians, it has absolutely no qualms about airing, totally unopposed, the wild, often lurid, mostly fact-free statements made by Israeli ministers and spokespeople.

Take, for example, James Naughtie’s interview with Danny Ayalon on Radio 4’s Today program on 16 January 2012. The interview was conducted the day after the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, called on Israel to end its occupation of Arab and Palestinian territories and to end its violence against civilians. This strong UN criticism of Israel was completely ignored by Naughtie, who focused on Iran with the unquestioned premise of the interview being that Iran is, without a doubt, developing nuclear weapons and consequently poses a grave threat to Israel.

Ayalon had been on air for less than a second when he said: “What we see here is a drive, a relentless push by Iran to illegally acquire and develop nuclear weapons and for them it’s not just a means, it’s a way to reach hegemony to continue with their very dangerous and radical approach.” He went on to say: “Today Iran is the international hub of terror in the world.”

Is this really journalism? Those who pay their licence fee so that the BBC can broadcast all across the world —at the beginning of “Operation Defensive Shield,” Israel’s massive re-invasion of the West Bank during the second intifada, the Israeli government threatened to close down the BBC’s offices in West Jerusalem if it did not pull its correspondent Barbara Plett out of the West Bank. The next day she was withdrawn.

These sorts of things happen every day,” Nelson said, “and some news editors will stand up for core journalistic values. But in general, Palestinian calls of complaints about news bulletins tended to be laughed off. I remember one acting editor on a BBC Radio 5 live bulletin slamming down the phone on a Palestinian caller and saying ‘If I get one more call from a moaning Arab…’”

He added: “If the Israeli embassy phones in, there’s a vast disparity of power [compared] to if a Palestinian activist calls in. They take Israeli calls very seriously, and critical stories about Israel get shot down through official pressure and the fear of official pressure. These are very powerful lobbyists — people know their careers can be broken.”

To read the full piece go to


Above: Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

Then being deliberately dropped off outside an Israeli settlement.

An Israeli bus driver refused to take Palestinian passengers on board, was ordered to do so by police, and took his revenge by forcing them off the bus at the entrance to a settlement. The bus company: "The driver acted exactly as expected of him."

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, Thursday, two weeks ago: a bus driver on the 286 line that goes to the settlement of Ariel refused to allow a group of Palestinian workers on board who wanted to get back home to the West Bank. After a short argument the driver called the police, asking for the Palestinians to be escorted away from the door of the bus. A policewoman who arrived shortly after talked to the would-be passengers, and then told the driver the Palestinians all had valid permits to be in Israel, all went through security checks at the entrance to the station, and that he therefore must allow them on the bus.

"The driver told her she was wrong and took her name and badge number so that all guilt would be on her head, and also said that he would drop them off half way, but the policewoman insisted," says Neria Mark, a passenger who witnessed the scene. "Eventually he let them on, and even took some more Palestinian passengers outside the station so the bus became quite packed. The great heat and the Ramadan fast made many of them fall asleep, and so we drove on."

However, when the bus reached the industrial zone outside the settlement of Barkan the driver called the guard at the gate, and had him order all the Palestinians to get off the bus. Two people who were accidently missed were ordered off by another guard at a later point along the route. "They all went down without a fight, some protesting verbally against the treatment and reminding both the driver and the guard that they’re fasting. All this time one of the passengers was encouraging the driver to do this 'cleansing’, and once the deed was done the driver told him: 'That’s the only way they’re going to learn. Anyone who boarded the bus today won’t dare to do it again.’"

From that point on the driver didn’t make the stops where Palestinians were waiting along the road. "The driver’s behavior was racist and in violation of the policewoman’s orders. He humiliated people just in order to teach them a lesson," said Neria Mark.

For more on this story and many others see


Alizon Device, an 11-year-old girl, from Pendle, Lancashire, was hanged, along with nine others, after admitting she was a witch who often met the devil in the company of her 80-year-old grandmother. Her grandmother was also hanged.

Mercy Gigire was 25 years old, and nine months pregnant with her first child, when she was chased out of her village in northern Ghana for being a witch. Days earlier, she had bought four corn cakes from a woman at her door, who then became sick. It was assumed Ms Gigire had bewitched her.

The first accusation occurred 400 years ago almost to the day, and became one of the most notorious witch trials in English history. The second happened two years ago, and Mercy is just one of hundreds of women in Ghana forced to flee their homes or face execution at the hands of their neighbours.

Threatened with death, Mercy fled to one of the last remaining "witch camps" in the world. It was here she gave birth to her son, miles from her husband and her home.

Around 700 women and 800 children live in Gambaga camp, and in five other witch camps across northern Ghana, where they are virtually cut off from the outside world. Housed in flimsy mud huts, without enough food, they have few basic health or education facilities. Their children and, often, grandchildren grow up inside the camps' boundaries.

For more on this see the article by Sarah Morrison on 26th August 2012 in the Independent:

Or see this Guardian piece on YouTube:


And just in case you thought it was all pain and struggle this month, here are two reminders of what it's really all about. They're also an introduction to Alan Watts if you haven't already met him. Enjoy!

Alan Watts, I'm so glad that we're one another. Thank you for being. And thank all other beings for NOT being us so we can experience the amazing, intriguing difference!

And while we're celebrating our other selves, meet two more marvellous examples. Here's Infitinte Consciousness expressing Itself from individual perspectives called Bill Hicks and George Carlin...

I hope you'll investigate these two wonderful beings, both have sadly now left this apparent physical realm and gone back to the Oneness they knew they were all along...

See you later, other selves!

JULY 2012

Let's Welcome Our Self

Because We're Every Other Being.

The only difference between us is our perceived individual experience; that is, the character we play in this life-drama. Beyond this apparent reality we're all Infinite Consciousness. We're All Possibility having a singular experience. When we meet each other as true own Infinite Self we're acknowledging the veracity of this, not just supporting the illusion of division we've been sold as normality - or 'ordinary reality' - all our lives.

We are eachother. We are everything. We are Infinite and unfolding.


A Reminder of the Beauty and Compassion in Our World...and in Us.

Please support Totnes Wild Bird Rehabilitation

Totnes Wild Bird Rehabilitation is a small rescue centre in South Devon, UK, that depends entirely on donations to keep running. The many wild birds helped so far this year include the ones pictured above. These are a gull with a knife blade stuck in him, a dunnock nestling, a chaffinch fledgling, a swallow with a broken wing, a concussed mistle thrush and two blackbirds. Below are a woodpigeon and collared doves fledgeling who became friends.

To contact this wonderful rehabilitation centre please email:

You can donate direct through their PayPal account at:

Above: goldfinch fledgling and magpie


Some Updates from Palestine

Above: The body of six-year-old Palestinian, Ali al-Shwaf is seen at the Nasser hospital morgue in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip on June 23, 2012 after he was killed during Israeli air strikes in Gaza. Two others were wounded in the shelling, but the Israeli military denied it was responsible.

On Tuesday, 19 June 2012, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) used excessive lethal force to kill 2 Palestinians in Deir al-Balah. According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at dawn on Tuesday,the IOF positioned at the border east of al-Msadar village in the east of Deir al-Balah, which is in the middle of Gaza, fired 3 artillery shells at 3 Palestinians that had tried to gain access to Israel to look for work. This resulted in the death of 2 Palestinians, whose bodies were deformed, and a third Palestinian, who was wounded.

On Wednesday afternoon, 20 June 2012, the IOF killed a 13-year-old Palestinian boy, and wounded his elderly father, who is blind, and another 3 children, including a child who sustained serious injuries, when the IOF bombed a farm in the south of Gaza City where the children were playing. Since last Monday, the IOF have killed 8 Palestinians, including 3 civilians, and wounded 14 Palestinians, including civilians, mostly children.

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), at approximately 15:00 on Wednesday, 20 June 2012, an Israeli warplane fired a missile at a farm located behind the college in Tel al-Hawa in the south of Gaza City. A number of the owner’s family wason a picnic on the farm atthe time. The bombing resulted in the death of Mamoun Mohammed Zuhdi al-Dam (13) from al-Shaaf neighborhood.Mamoun was playing football on the farm.

MEANWHILE...Israel vows more force against Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows escalation of Israel’s acts of aggression against the Gaza Strip at -- what he calls -- Tel Aviv’s discretion.Netanyahu made the remarks during a weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem (al-Quds) on Sunday evening after the regime’s military killed over a dozen people in the coastal strip over the past week, AFP reported. He said that “if necessary, it (the military) will act with even more force.”

Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 16 Palestinian since Monday. Dozens of Palestinians have also been injured in the assaults.

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has threatened to end an Egypt-brokered truce with Tel Aviv if the Israeli aggression against the besieged enclave continues.

The Tel Aviv regime has been recurrently bombarding Gaza ever since its 22-day war on the impoverished territory in December 2008 and January 2009, which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and inflicted a damage of USD 1.6 billion on the region's already-stagnant economy. The offensives are often launched under the usual pretext of responding to the purported firing of rockets from the direction of Gaza. This is while the home-made projectiles seldom leave any casualties or considerable damage to property.

The Israeli hostility rages on, while Tel Aviv refuses to lift an all-out blockade it imposed on Gaza in mid-June 2007.


The Foreign Office revealed last night that it would be challenging the Israelis over their treatment of Palestinian children after a report by a delegation of senior British lawyers revealed unconscionable practices, such as hooding and the use of leg irons.

In the first investigation of its kind, a team of nine senior legal figures examined how Palestinians as young as 12 were treated when arrested. Their shocking report Children in Military Custody details claims that youngsters are dragged from their beds in the middle of the night, have their wrists bound behind their backs, and are blindfolded and made to kneel or lie face down in military vehicles.

Children from the West Bank are held in conditions that could amount to torture, such as solitary confinement, with little or no access to their parents. They can be forced to stay awake before being verbally as well as physically abused and coerced into signing confessions they cannot read.

The team – led by Sir Stephen Sedley, a former Court of Appeal judge – heard that "every Palestinian child is treated like a potential terrorist". In a damning conclusion, the report points out repeated breaches of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibits cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

"We were sitting in court and saw a section of a preliminary hearing when a very young looking child, a boy, was brought in wearing a brown uniform with leg irons on. We were shocked by that. This was a situation where we had been invited into the military courts for briefings from senior judges," explained one of the report's authors, human rights barrister Greg Davies. "To hold children routinely and for substantial periods in solitary confinement would, if it occurred, be capable of amounting to torture," the report said. Last night the Foreign Office, which backed the report, said it would be taking up the claims with the Israeli authorities:

"The UK government has had long-standing concerns about the treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli detention, and as a result decided to fund this independent report. While recognising that some positive recent steps have been made by the Israeli authorities, we share many of the report's concerns, and will continue to lobby for further improvements."

While the legal team said it was in no position to prove the truth of the claims of cruelty made repeatedly by Palestinian children, but denied by the Israeli authorities – which offered unprecedented access to the delegation – it pointed to the disparity in the law.

Israeli children must have access to a lawyer within 48 hours and cannot be imprisoned under the age of 14. But Palestinian children as young as 12 are jailed and can be kept for three months without legal representation. Between 500 and 700 are jailed each year.

"The other shocking thing is they are incarcerated in breach of many conventions. The practical effect is parents can't get there because they can't get permits," said Marianna Hildyard QC.

While the investigating team welcomed improvements introduced by the Israeli authorities, both Palestinian and Israeli lawyers on the ground insisted much of it was "rhetoric rather than real change".

Last night, Israeli Embassy spokesperson Amir Ofek said the country appreciated the efforts of the delegation but blamed Palestinians who "glorify terrorism". He said: "As a result [children] are frequently involved in lethal acts. With the Palestinian Authority unable or unwilling to meet its obligation to investigate and prosecute these offences, Israel has no choice but to do so itself.

"Israel notes the detailed recommendations in the report and will study them closely as part of its ongoing efforts to find the most appropriate balance between preventing violence and treating perpetrators with humanity."

The report details claims children are dragged from their beds, bound and blindfolded


JUNE 2012

Not everything in the garden is as it seems...


Obsolete and offensive or still a guiding principle?

Just because there isn't a discernible Eugenics programme or institute doesn't mean it isn't in operation covertly...

Are psychotropic drugs being used for 'social engineering'? That is, to control the population, starting with 'socially inadequate' or 'economically unviable' people - the 'undesirable' sensitives - who are superfluous to requirements?

Among many other long lasting health problems such as obseity, diabetes, cardio-vascular problems (which can then be treated by yet more medication) all the main anti-depressant drugs can cause sexual dysfunction

There is now a condition that's often irreversible and it's created by the use - even the short term use - of anti-depressants. This condition is called POST SSRI-SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION which this brave man described in this video

It is also caused by commonly prescribed anti-psychotic dugs such as Risperidone/Risperdal (anti-psychotics are now regularly prescibed for relatively minor mental health conditions that are NOT pychosis) There is another clip here that reveals what can happen, this time to a woman

Before prescribing do doctors say ''you need to make an informed choice about this medication as it may make your mood better but can make you permanently impotent or sexually unresponsive''? No, they don't. This is criminal negligence.

If these SSRI and anti-psychotic medications are widely and almost indescriminately prescibed (which the video link below reveals they are) then the population is being controlled, starting with those who are struggling in mainstream society: the nervous, shy, anxious sensitive people who are a drain on a country's economy by being 'unproductive'. They aren't the strong, resilient workers that a society needs. But what sort of society is that? One that values the survival of the fittest above individuality, and finds it strength through suppression, not cooperation. One that has a ready and compliant workforce, not a diverse populace. By reducing or eliminating the desire to have sex, and so reproduce, the principle of eugenics - ensuring only the 'best stock' survive, supposedly for the good of all society - is in covert action. It's no longer the crude but upfront approach of the early twentieth century but a systematic undercover operation that masquerades under the 'reassuring' umbrella of science/medicine. If we consider any mental or emotional difficulty as a genetic weakness, rather than a sensible repsonse to an insane society, then it would make sense to a eugenicist to eliminate this trait. And to ensure that those who are struggling or who reside at the bottom of their social heap are quietly eradicated.

If we think this is an alarmist exaggertation watch this shocking documentary for the extent of the problem...

Although this documentary concentrates on the USA its probable that we all know somebody that's been prescribed anti-depressants or diagnosed with a mental disorder that needs long-term chemical treatment.

As most of thse drugs are relatively new the long lasting effects are not known. People taking them today are the trial. However, they are already linked to other irreversible problems such as tardive dyskinesia, a serious movement disorder about which mental health charity MIND says TD is characterised by repetitive involuntary purposeless muscle contractions that force parts of the body into abnormal, and sometimes painful, movements or postures. These movements and positions (called dystonias) can affect any part of the body, including the limbs, trunk, neck, eyelids, facial muscles and vocal cords. These movements are involuntary (they just happen) and are difficult or impossible to control. Also there are links to Parkinsons conditions.

The widespread use of Statins is also an issue.

A Daily Mail online report headline on 18th May 2012 reads:

Why EVERYONE over 50 needs to be taking statins: Cholesterol-busting pills cut risk of heart attack or stroke

Yet on 30th March 2010 they were reporting:

The other side of statins: They've saved countless lives - but now doctors fear for some, the side effects could be devastating

Statins are known to cause sexual dysfunction, which again may remain after the drug is discontinued. Plus liver problems, kidney failure, memory loss, muscle weakness, nerve damage, loss of sensation in hands and feet, and an increased risk of diabetes...all conditions that require further medicating by the industry. And yet researchers at Oxford University say that they should be routinely prescribed as a preventitive.

"Giving statins to everyone over the age of 50 would probably save the NHS money in the long run” says Prof Shah Ebrahim London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

So, will this medication of the masses be compulsory? And who really benefits?

It is a crime to medicate away our feelings, individuality and vivacity. Its an offense to eradicate any chance for soul-learning through adversity, or to seek to stop us overcoming problems by inventive or natural means. It's outrageous imposition on free will to want to create a bland, docile and dependent populace...

Isn't it time we stopped considering adverse effects 'side effects' when they are as prevelant as the supposed benefits of these drugs?

And don't we need to think what's really going on here and stop being so trusting? If we aren't careful then history has a nasty habit of repeating itself, especially if a scapegoat is needed for a country's ills...

The truth is usually much simpler than the lie

We are One and we're here to learn by our apparent differences, not eliminate them


Fluoride is added to water -both bottled and tap - and to toothpaste. But is it really good for your teeth?

Bear with this video beyond the people being interviewed as it has information you may not have encountered before.

Not only are most toothpastes made by Big Pharma animal testing companies, they also contain poison

Time to switch to cruelty-free, poison-free variations like the fluoride-free variations made by


and Tom's of Maine...



Did you now that FLUORIDE is one of the principle ingredients in both PROZAC (fluoxetine) Saran Nerve Gas and poison intended for rodents?

Fluoride, fluoxetine: Prozac 'found in drinking water'
Source: BBC News

Many people choose Prozac over other antidepressants. Traces of the antidepressant Prozac can be found in the nation's drinking water, it has been revealed. An Environment Agency report suggests so many people are taking the drug nowadays it is building up in rivers and groundwater.

A report in Sunday's Observer says the government's environment watchdog has discussed the impact for human health. A spokesman for the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) said the Prozac found was most likely highly diluted.

The newspaper says environmentalists are calling for an urgent investigation into the evidence.
It quotes the Liberal Democrats' environment spokesman, Norman Baker MP, as saying the picture emerging looked like "a case of hidden mass medication upon the unsuspecting public".

He says: "It is alarming that there is no monitoring of levels of Prozac and other pharmacy residues in our drinking water." Experts say the anti-depression drug gets into the rivers and water system via treated sewage water.

The DWI said the Prozac (known technically as fluoxetine) was unlikely to pose a health risk as it was so "watered down". The Observer says the revelations raise new fears over how many prescriptions for the drug are given out by doctors. In the decade leading up to 2001, the number of prescriptions for antidepressants went up from nine million per year to 24 million per year, says the paper.

The Environment Agency report concluded that the Prozac in the water table could be potentially toxic and said the drug was a "potential concern". The exact amount of Prozac in the nation's drinking water is not known.

Why are the populace being poisoned from infancy by:

Why are the incidences of autism syndromes like Asperger's and 'ADHD' increasing so that we all know young people affected whereas in previous generations such things were rare, even unheard of?

Don't be told that these questions lead us into 'lunatic fringe' or 'conspiracy' territory. Instead they lead us out of the fantasy of security and state protection we've been sold and into real empowerment. The facts are available in plain sight if we look for ourselves and don't take on trust.

We need to do the research, join the dots, spread the word and stop tolerating the intolerable as our normality.

"It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Jidda Krishnamurti

Above: J. Krishnamurti, always a source of sanity in an insane world.

The link below has lots of intersting points you may like to research...if you can get past the nauseating introduction! Not everything in the man's politics can be agreed with but the areas he touches on are what matters.


Striving to Survive, or even Thrive, Causing the Least Suffering Possible?

A member of the Gamble family (of the loathsome Proctor and Gamble, see Action for May, Boycott P and G ) has created an interesting, inspiring documentary called


It's worthwhile but if they could just begin to include ALL beings in this 'thrive movement' we may be getting somewhere...

To conclude, let's focus on some of the beauty and compassion in the world



MAY 2012

May this Season of the Greening Be Beautiful

May we all know a greening of the spirit,

A healing of our individual self and so of the collective body,

A renewal of the wild land and a resurgence of its non-human inhabitants.

May we remember our Oneness and thrive together,

Aware, awake and restrored to our true nature.


Action for May

Boycott Proctor and Gamble

The 2012 Olympics is sponsored by this behemoth company

That don't stand for health and equanimity but for cruelty and eco-unfriendliness


Why Boycott P&G?

Procter & Gamble (P&G) are the world’s largest consumer products company, with an annual turnover of over $68 billion. Their international headquarters is in the US city of Cincinnati.

Traditionally known for their soaps and detergents, P&G now produce a massive range of products in hair care, cosmetics, perfumes, personal hygiene, laundry care, snack food, paper and feminine hygiene, and even pet food. P&G’s brands include Ariel, Daz, Fairy, Max Factor, Olay, Pantene Pro-V, Herbal Essences, and Head and Shoulders.

P&G admit that guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, rats and mice are among the animals used in their ‘product safety research’, as well as cats and dogs in pet food experiments. Uncaged’s investigations continue to reveal disturbing examples of P&G’s ongoing involvement in painful and lethal animal tests.

Procter & Gamble exist for one reason, and one reason only - to make as much money as possible. P&G test on animals because of their desire to get new chemical ingredients on to the market.This allows them to claim that their new hair dye, skin cream or washing powder etc. is ‘new, improved’, in the hope of increasing sales. But with many companies producing similar consumer products without carrying out animal tests, it shows that P&G’s cruelty is motivated by greed.

Money is the only language P&G understand. Ultimately, by boycotting P&G, you hold the key to saving the many thousands of animals who suffer and die every year in cruel and unnecessary tests conducted by this company.

You may be surprised to see what they make.

For a full list of their products see

'The passion to breathe new life into that which has been callously rendered lifeless raises the spirit (in us) from a largely dormant state to a vibrantly active state. The word 'activist' expresses this condition.

The sense of rightful indignation that burns in us when we are witness to, or the object of, a blatant act of cruelty, deceit or callous indifference, is the spirit rising up (in us) in spontaneous defence of that which is wronged or humiliated. Rightful indignation is a powerful tool in activism. The will to 'right a wrong' is one of the main catalysts to taking action, and it is, I would argue, the natural response for sentient humans. I am not describing the 'vengeance' sought in the case of “an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth” but the burning pain one feels out of empathy and compassion for a sentient life force which is being subjected to unreasonable exploitation.

It's more than time for everyone to become an activist.'

Quote by Julian Rose. Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist

It is often said that we should only give our attention to that which we want, focussing on being the change we want to see. To do this we have to be aware of our options and make informed choices.

Above: This guide is available from Animal Aid

To co-create a compassionate world we need to actively support cruelty-free alternatives.

With love.



Tuesday 15th May, is the 64th anniversary of the Nakba.

Nakba means "Catastrophe" in Arabic. It refers to the destruction of Palestinian society in 1948 when more than 700,000 Palestinians fled or were forced into exile by Israeli troops. Because the Palestinians were not Jewish, their presence and predominant ownership of the land were obstacles to the creation of a Jewish state.

The day will be commemorated in Palestine, by the Palestinian Diaspora and by solidarity activists all over the world tomorrow.

In Bethlehem there will be a demonstration at 11am in Manger Square. In Ramallah, there will be a demonstration at 11am in the city centre and at 1pm there will be one also for the hunger strikers, meeting in Ramallah city centre and walking to Ofer prison.'

Israel's Occupation of Palestine


How can a people who have experienced everything from extreme prejudice to mass extermination, refer to the Palestinian people (represented by the Israeli activists in this clip) as 'the toilet in the golden palace'? And say that the displaced, disenfranchised Palestinian people should go and 'f**k themselves in the arse'? Or that the activists commemorating the Nakba (destruction of Palestinian villages) should be shot one by one? Surely if your people have been dehumanised and systematically abused your empathy should be enhanced, not your hateful desire to inflict the same on another...


Above: One of the family of Ahmed Saadat on her knees, harvesting wheat by hand. Ahmed and his family have to pull it up by the roots and tie it into sheaves to be taken to a threshing machine.  The land is quite large, in the past perhaps they would have hired a combine to harvest the wheat so that they would not have to do it by hand, but now it is dangerous to bring equipment near the buffer zone. 


Not only does the Co-Op have the BUAV leaping bunny logo

on all of its own brand toiletries and household products, meaning that both the end item and the ingredients are not tested on animals, now they have done the right thing for Palestine

The supermarket chain has taken the lead among European supermarkets to end trade with companies that purchase produce made in illegal Israeli settlements.

"Following an audit of the Group's supply chain, it will no longer do business with four companies, accounting for £350,000 worth of sales, as there is evidence that they source from the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian occupied territories," the statement said.

"The Group will also continue to actively work to increase trade links with Palestinian businesses in the occupied territories.”


Britain is seeking to implement a plan to drop the Palestinian right of return as British officials are pushing for a so-called ‘two-state solution’.

A Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, has revealed that British officials’ recent visits to Lebanon is aimed at depriving Palestinians of their right to return to their own country while seeking to establish Lebanon as an ‘alternative homeland’ for the Palestinians.

During his latest visit to Lebanon, British Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt raised the issue of Palestinian refugees in order to pave the way for the implementation of the Israeli regime’s ‘alternative homeland’ plot.

“Our discussions will also touch on the Middle East Peace Process and the urgent need for progress towards a two-state solution, as well as the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon,” said Burt on his arrival in Lebanon on 20 April.

Palestinian Hunger Strike Continues

Above:Palestinian demonstrators in the occupied West Bank, who took to the streets to express solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails. Witnesses say they were attacked by Israeli forces using tear gas and stun grenades.

'Over two thousand Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention centers began their third week of hunger strike on Tuesday, along with seven men and one woman who have been on hunger strike for over thirty days. Two of the hunger strikers, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, marked their 63rd day on hunger strike on Tuesday, and both are near death according to human rights groups.

The hunger strikers are demanding an end to the Israeli practice of 'administrative detention', in which Palestinians are held without charges for months and years at a time. They are also calling on Israel to end the use of 'enhanced interrogation' techniques, to stop using solitary confinement as a form of punishment, and to provide proper medical treatment for prisoners.

Above: Israeli police confronted protestors outside of prisons in both the West Bank and Israel with rubber bullets, tear gas and electric shock, arresting 15. Protesters gathered in support of approximately 2,500 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike since April 2012.

There are over 6,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prison camps, many of whom are in 'administrative detention' and have never been charged with a crime.'

APRIL 2012

Action for April

Find the death penalty abhorrent? Contact


Lifelines is an organisation that supports and befriends prisoners on Death Row in the US through letter writing. It is not a religious, political or campaigning organisation, though respectful of the varied individual beliefs and values of its members. It is not associated with any other groups who find penfriends for people on Death Row.

For membership enquiries contact: Nicola Glasse, 22 The Knoll, Framlington, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 9DH, UK

A man on the Row writes:

'Lifelines is really wonderful for us. Some of the men in here have just given up on life, but for those of us who cherish it, and will continue to do so 'til God takes us home, an organisation such as Lifelines really is a lifeline for us. The kindness of strangers is a light in the darkness.'

Let's give some love away today

We are none of us strangers beyond the illusion of individuality and the disguises we wear to play the game of life.

Let's begin by acting as if we remember who we truly are; not just knowing it interlectually but expressing it by our very being.



These first two short films are from Israel to Iran...

Although they are beautiful, commendable and show us all the way forward there seems not to have been an Israel to Palestine version made. Yet.

True love can't be contained by any condition, by any ideology, nation, belief or ruling. Please let us rise above all apparent differences, knowing them to be transient and illusiory, and go to the heart of things where we are One.

Yes its simplistic but truth is very simple.

We are Infinite Consciousness; we are One.

All of us, all beings; human and non-human, seen and unseen. Let's rememeber that and behave accordingly.

Not next week, or when its convenient. Today. Here in this eternal shared Now we're experiencing together.

Hello to you that is also me! Hello to the us that's also them!


All else follows


MARCH 2012

Above: Illustration from Wild Spirituality and The Greening of Man

Remember What in the World are They Spraying? Well, here's an alert about it's partner documentary, coming up this autumn

Why in the World are They Spraying?

Because the problem hasn't gone away

Updates from Palestine

Outrageous crimes against humanity that aren't mentioned on mainstream media...

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip injure 35 more

Tel Aviv has escalated its attacks on the besieged Palestinian territory in recent days. Eighteen Palestinians, including a 12-year-old child, have been killed in Israeli airstrikes on the coastal sliver since Friday 9th March 2012.

Israeli warplanes and ground forces have been frequently attacking Gaza since the end of Tel Aviv’s December 2008-January 2009 war on the enclave, which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians.

Gaza has been blockaded since 2007, causing a decline in the standard of living, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty.The full-scale land, aerial, and naval siege has turned the enclave into the world's
largest open-air prison.

As regards this latest wave of murderous criminality Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said "We will act as long as necessary.”

And the deliberate flooding of Gaza with raw sewage


It isn't the first time..

And an acute fuel shortage is putting hospital patients at risk and increasing hardship among Gaza Strip residents

Above and below: Palestinians queue to fill canisters with fuel at petrol stations in Gaza City. March 2012

Gaza is in the midst of an acute power crisis, with blackouts lasting up to 12 hours and a shortage of generator fuel putting at risk the lives of cardiac and dialysis patients and babies in incubators, as well as increasing daily hardship among the general population.The sole, privately owned, power station in the Palestinian enclave shut down on Tuesday for the second time in two weeks as a result of the fuel shortage, worsening already limited electricity supplies.Thirteen public hospitals are running generators on emergency fuel supplied by the Red Cross more than a week ago. However, the 150,000 litres of diesel are expected to be exhausted within the next few days. Hospitals are relying on generators for up to 18 hours a day, according to the Red Cross, which says it cannot guarantee further supplies."There is only enough electricity to meet 30% of our needs," said Ahmed Amarain, of the Gaza energy authority. "The interruption of electricity supply is badly affecting all sectors – health, industry, education, infrastructure. Water cannot reach people's houses because there is no electricity to operate pumps. Sewage cannot be treated. All of life is affected by this crisis.

"Oxfam warned more than two weeks ago that Gaza was "inching towards a collapse of essential services" as a result of the fuel shortages, quoting the ministry of health as reporting that hospitals were running out of emergency supplies and that the health crisis was reaching "catastrophic proportions". More than 400 kidney dialysis patients were said to be at risk.

Catherine Essoyan, of Oxfam, said only the lifting of the blockade would solve the crisis over the long term. "The present crisis underscores that the tunnels cannot provide a sustainable solution to the blockade," she said. "The government of Israel's near ban on import of fuel for public sale has worsened the situation for the people of Gaza. To solve the electricity crisis we need a full and consistent opening of all of Gaza's crossings in accordance with international law."


Funeral procession sprayed with 'skunk' liquid in Hebron:

Please show you care by joining the PSC , boycotting Israeli goods and by telling as many people as you can about the dreadful situation. Any other ideas on peaceful and effective action against the illegal occupation would be gratefully received. Email

Have a listen to this Billy Bragg song, a tribute to someone who DID SOMETHING

Thank you Rachel Corrie


Above: Illustration from Wild Spirituality and The Greening of Man

Feeling Cold?

It's Time to Get Active!

The Palestinian People - and Creatures - Need Your Awareness, Your Understanding and Your Help

Chances are that if you are reading this page you already understand that the mainstream media is not going to give you an unbiased view of world events. You will probably be an aware and compassionate person who makes it their business to find truth beyond what is offered through the usual sources. Still, you may not have come across the on justice and horror of the Palestianian sitiation. Please don't switch off, read on...

Illustration by the wonderful David Dees

About Palestine

Above: Map showing the appropriation of Palestinian territory 1914-2006

Historic Palestine is located in the Middle East, in a region bordering Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. Part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire until 1918, it was then occupied by Britain until 1948. The Palestinians refused the UN plan to partition their homeland into a Jewish and a Palestinian state, but in 1948 the establishment of the state of Israel was unilaterally declared. By 1949, the Nakba (“catastrophe”) had resulted in the ethnic cleansing of two thirds of the Palestinian population and the Israeli occupation of 78 per cent of the land.

The West Bank and Gaza Strip have been under an illegal Israeli military rule since they were occupied in the 1967 war, and today are referred to as the “Palestinian Occupied Territories”. East Jerusalem was also annexed illegally by Israel in 1967. For 60 years the Palestinians have been denied the right to self-determination and statehood.

About 800,000 Palestinians were forced into exile in 1948-9 and during the June 1967 war a further 325,000 Palestinians became refugees. Under UN Resolution 194, the Palestinians have the right to return to their homes, but Israel has always refused to implement the Resolution. Today over 6 million Palestinians live as refugees, hundreds of thousands of whom still live in overcrowded refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza, and in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

The past 40 years have seen the establishment of over 200 illegal Israeli settlements, housing nearly 500,000 settlers, within the Occupied Territories. The ‘separation barrier’ in the West Bank, construction of which was started in 2002, cuts deep into Palestinian land and, along with the “settler only” roads, cuts off many communities from water supplies, hospitals and their agricultural land. The residents face severe travel restrictions and for many it is impossible to enter Jerusalem or to travel abroad. This treatment of the Palestinians, both within Israel and in the Occupied Territories, is widely recognised as a system akin to the Apartheid regime of South Africa.

Palestinians are continually under attack from the Israeli occupying forces and are increasingly harassed by settlers, who attack farmers and steal their land. Collective punishments, such as prolonged curfews and house demolitons are frequently imposed.

The Palestinians who remained in what is today the state of Israel, as non-Jewish members of a Jewish country, also face discrimation in all areas of Palestine and are considered to be second class citizens.

Want to know more?


The Iron Wall documentary follows the timeline, size, population of the settlements, and its impact on the peace process. This film also touches on the latest project to make the settlements a permanent fact on the ground -- the wall that Israel is building in the West Bank and its impact on the Palestinian's peoples.

Don't believe that your media wouldn't tell you...or could be so biased?

What can I do?


And May Your Own Bare Branches
Become Green Again


Another good illustration of why vegetarian is the only way to go...

Above: Piglets in Wiltshire, March 2012. Intelligent, inquisitive and beautiful creatures that have a right to a long life, not a sordid, terrifying death for a stranger's plate. Would we kill them ourselves?

And why vegan is the natural conclusion of a conscious and compassionate person


Thy Garland Green

Above: This image is exclusive to the limited edition Wild Spirit Tarot deck and book set

Available from

This image gives a taste of the style of Poppy's next Tarot, called 'The Everyday Tarot'.

It was inspired, if inspired is the correct word, by the terrible devastation wreaked on the English hedgerows every autumn and winter by brutal cuttting machines. These machines slash and hack at the bushes, leaving only broken brittle branches behind, branches that are then far more susceptible to disease.

Above: And this is one of the less brutalised hedges, often used as a repository for litter by passers by. When so little respect is blatantly shown to a living creation then the precedent of abuse is more readily established.

These denuded bitter boughs have no fruits and seeds to see the wild birds though the cold months. Nor do they provide adequate cover for them to take shelter in. 'Thy Garland Green' borrows a phrase from an Emily Bronte poem and suggests that we feed the birds and other wild creatures. It is not only the birds that suffer, such brutality affects many other species who, in their own ways, have dependecy on the hedgerows for shelter and sustenance. And the earth, denied the seeds for renewal and husks and leaves for compost.

We live in a world where those who have the privilege of being the custodians of the land seem the least caring. But we can, at least, keep our own garland green.


Stop the War Coalition

Sat 28 January 2pm-4pm Picket at US Embassy: No western intervention in Iran or Syria

Where: US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London W1, UK

Why: The growing threats against Iran in recent weeks have been backed up with increased sanctions. As we know from Iraq, these are a prelude to war, not an alternative to it. There are signs of covert intervention already in Iran, as there are in Syria. Stop the War opposes all military intervention from the west in the region, for which there is absolutely no justification.

When: we will be gathering outside the US embassy, Grosvenor Square, London W1 on Saturday 28 January from 2-4pm. Please support it if you can.

When we hurt another we hurt ourselves. All outward acts of aggression are self-harm.

All war is murder. All murder is suicide.





Because we're all animals. Because we are one another.

IARD 13 activists performed an action on the Madrid metro.
IARD 12 included protest action at the Brandenburger Tor in the centre of Berlin.
IARD 11 in Enfield attracted media attention with a stunning vigil.
IARD 10 in Madrid. Meanwhile, in London, over 400 people attended a dignified candlelit procession.
IARD 9 saw more than 100 events around the world, with 50 in the UK alone.
IARD 8 in Bromley, Kent. Many of the vigiles were reported in the local media.
IARD 7 in Uncaged's home town of Sheffield.
IARD 6 with a live exports vigil on the Wirral.
IARD 5 in Washington DC, USA.

International Animal Rights Day

The annual International Animal Rights Day (IARD) - 10th December - aims to remember the animal victims of human tyranny and call for the recognition of our Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (UDAR).


"Inasmuch as there is ample evidence that many animal species are capable of feeling, we condemn totally the infliction of suffering upon our fellow creatures and the curtailment of their behavioural and other needs save where this is necessary for their own individual benefit.

"We do not accept that a difference in species alone (any more than a difference in race) can justify wanton exploitation or oppression in the name of science or sport, or for use as food, for commercial profit or for other human gain.

"We believe in the evolutionary and moral kinship of all animals and declare our belief that all sentient creatures have rights to life, liberty and natural enjoyment.

"We therefore call for the protection of these rights."

The goal of this historic campaign is to build on the recognition of human rights, and persuade humanity that kindness and respect is due to all sentient creatures. Go to the UNCAGED website to find out how what you can do to support International Animal Rights Day.

Thousands of animal rights supporters across the world hold candlelit vigils and other inspiring events to mark the 13th annual IARD. Ethical pioneers united to remember the billions of animals subjected to deliberate cruelty and killing across the world every year. This coordinated global day of action has intensified calls for the recognition of the rights of all sentient beings to life, liberty and natural enjoyment.

Please get out there and show you care. Hold a candlelit vigil at your local town centre, research facility

or factory farm.

And please, if you really can't take part then donate to Uncaged and sign the International Declaration.


Because we're worth it.


Above: Deer in Wiltshire, UK, Autumn 2011. Image courtesy of David Yeshe Green


Above: The re-written and much improved accompanying book for the Wild SpiritTarot deck.

For details contact:


All Poppy's profits from this book will go to


And other animal rights charities and organisations

Thanks for your support


Avaaz is a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere. They are a vital source of information for anyone concerned about our human kin.

Here is just one Avaaz campaign you may want to support:

Days ago, Palden Choetso walked out of her nunnery, covered herself in petrol and set herself on fire while pleading for a 'free Tibet'. Minutes later she died. In the past month, nine monks and nuns have self-immolated to protest a growing Chinese crackdown on the peaceful Tibetan people.

These tragic acts are a desperate cry for help. Machine gun-toting Chinese security forces are beating and disappearing monks, laying siege to monasteries, and even killing elderly people defending them -- all in an effort to suppress Tibetan rights. China severely restricts access to the region. But if we can get key governments to send diplomats in and expose this growing brutality, we could save lives.

We have to act fast -- this horrific situation is spiraling out of control behind a censorship curtain. Over and over we have seen that when diplomats themselves bear witness to atrocities, they are motivated to act, and increase political pressure. Let’s answer Palden's tragic cry and build a massive petition to the six world leaders with the most influence in Beijing to send a mission to Tibet and speak out against the repression. Sign the urgent petition:


It's Purple Poppy Time

The little flower that shows we acknowledge the animal casualties of human conflicts

And honour their memory

Above: Many veterans feel their animal companions deserve recognition

Animal Aid launched its Purple Poppy appeal in 2006 to commemorate the millions of animals who have lost their lives in human wars. Animals are rarely mentioned in rememberance ceremonies and only then the ones who 'served'. Those who were incidentally blown up, gassed, shot, poisoned, evaporated or otherwise murdered/maimed by human stupidity are not counted.

Weapons tests, suich as those carried out in the loathesome Porton Down military facility in Wiltshire, UK, kill many thousands of our innocent creature-kin annually. Biological and chemical weapons, abominations in themselves, are tested on monkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, mice, rats and guinea pigs by 'our' military in experiments. And they have the nerve to think themselves better than the Nazis and more civilised than supposedly 'despotic' regimes around the world. Such hypocricy is staggering. Such cruelty is monstrous.

Wearing a purple poppy says that we remember such atrocities and that we care, deeply. And that we will never become part of a war - any war - that destroys lives of every species.

Conflict, both inner and outer, must end with us.

Apathy is a curable disease

Above: A worthwhile cause to stand behind if you live in the UK, or, indeed, anywhere on this small blue-green planet. The human-centric angle is unfortunate but it seems to be the one that organsiations fall back on to attract our concern, even when this matter involves all our relations. However, it is still worthy of our attention, whatever the angle used. If the proposed legsitaltion is allowed to slip through then many other abuses of the land and its inhabitants will surely follow.


Another Celebration of the Season

Using only reclaimed beads and vintage charms in rich autumnal shades

Above: There are so many beautiful reasons to recycle and recreate. Here are just two.

Below: Autumnal necklaces displayed

Everything in the following pictures has had previous owners

Below: Creatively displaying 'pre-loved' items; living well with reclaimed finds

Above: A row of second hand shoes sitting pretty under a revamped old cupboard

Below: Vintage and 'upcycled' items create a beautiful, inspiring corner

Above: Pre-owned florals make a gorgeous, yet practical, display

Below: Old knitting needles in a repainted enamel jug

Above: Boring grubby old cupboards and tiles get a new lease of life to compliment Cornishware collected at car boot sales. Cheap, cheerful and care-full!

Below: Vintage meets handmade with painted reclaimed wood

Above: Charity shop china given a new home

There's already


for us all to use

So let's enjoy, and embellish, what already exists


Above: Well known, and well loved, animal rights activist Joan Court walks her talk.

Let's all think before we donate to a charity that is sustaining suffering.



Above: A necklace made entirely of vintage/recycled findings, beads and charms. This was made for Poppy's dear friend, the artist, performer and writer Jill Smith. See Jill's work here

Sadly not all things are so benign or beautiful...

The scandal of poisoning the land: what 'custodians of the countryside' are really up to in England today

The sad remnants of a poisoning spree: agri-chemicals carelessly dumped

Revealing a complete disregard for the land

Here is the label for 'FANDANGO' front and back in close up so you can read it

Above: They call their poison 'Fandango' in a blatant show of disrepsect: to them its all a game. Unless they genuinely do think this is a 'joyful product'. Which in itself must be insanity...


Then left in the field, discarded in anything but a 'safe way'. But how on earth could you discard this safely? And why worry about that when you've already sprayed it over the barley, corn and rape...and all the creatures and the soil...

Above: This poison was cheekily called GALA. How charming.

So, who are the manufacturers of this poison?

Bayer AG
A Corporate Profile

By Corporate Watch UK
Completed March 2002


Bayer AG is a massive German based chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturer. It has operations in most countries worldwide and had global sales for 2000 of nearly $30 billion. Its operations are divided into four sectors: Health, Agriculture, Polymers (plastics, synthetic rubber) and Chemicals. It has recently acquired Aventis' controversial cropscience business, making it a key player in the development, commercialisation and sale of GM crops. As a major player in 4 controversial sectors for over 125 years Bayer has a distinguished history of corporate crimes ranging from the manufacture and sale of controversial drugs (Heroin, Ciproxin and Baycol), the development of chemical warfare agents and poisons (Chlorine Gas, Zyklon B and VX), the use of forced labour during WW2, and numerous cases of poisoning, side-effects and environmental pollution connected to its chemical and pharmaceutical products. In December 2001, Multinational Monitor rated Bayer AG as one of their Top Ten Worst Companies of the year.


The first incarnation of what is currently Bayer AG was born out of the rush by European industrialists to develop and manufacture synthetic dyes in the second half of the 19th century. Friedrich Bayer and Johann Friedrich Weskott opened a dye factory in 1863 in Wuppertal, Germany. The company Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co. was launched in 1883. Bayer quickly diversified their activities into other areas of chemical manufacture, including photography and pharmaceuticals. Bayer also established operations throughout Europe and the US. Early Bayer discoveries included Antinonin (synthetic pesticide, 1892), Aspirin (1897), Heroin (1898) and Buna (synthetic rubber 1915). During WWI Bayer, along with other chemical manufacturers (both Allied and German), turned their attention to the manufacture of chemical weapons including chlorine gas used to horrendous effect in the trenches. During WWI Bayer had formed a close association with other German chemical companies including BASF and Hoechst. This relationship was formalised in 1925 with merger of these companies as well as AGFA, and others, to form the IG Farben Trust.
IG Farben continued to grow during the inter-war period as one of the most powerful chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Products included polyurethanes and the first 'sulpha' drugs.
It is during Nazi-era Germany and WW2 that IG Farben (Bayer) entered its most sinister phase. IG Farben as the leading chemical company in Nazi Germany took over chemical plants across Nazi occupied Europe, used slave-labour in their factories (including operating their own concentration camp), conducted medical experiments on those held in the concentration camps and manufactured the poison gas used to kill thousands. At the end of the war the 1945 Potsdam Agreement called for the break up of IG Farben into its constituent companies. Twelve IG Farben employees and directors were jailed for war crimes at the Nuremburg Trials.
Bayer was re-established as Farbenfabriken Bayer AG in 1951, changing its name to the current Bayer AG in 1972. Although the post-WW2 Bayer is a different legal entity to the Bayer that pre-existed IG Farben, and that which formed part of IG Farben, a direct line of continuity can be traced between the personnel, infrastructure and technology of these 3 incarnations. Bayer has a very murky past that should be remembered.

Above: Some of Bayer's proud achievements thus far

German Bayer company named in Nazi lawsuit

A survivor of the Nazi concentration camps of the Second World War has accused the German pharmaceutical conglomorate, Bayer AG of conspiring with the Nazis to conduct human medical experiments for profit.

The survivor, Eva Mozes Kor, is seeking damages for alleged experiments done on sets of twins supervised by Joseph Mengele at the prison camp at Auschwitz.

She alleged that the experiments were overseen by Mengele and a representative of the Bayer company.

Asked about the charges, the company said it was very surprised.

Bayer is among twelve German corporations which agreed this week to set up a fund to compensate Nazi prison camp victims.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

Best-selling BAYER products you may care to boycott:

Hypertension treatment
Flea control product for dogs and cats
Pain reliever based on acetylsalicylic acid
Avalox™ /Avelox™
Drug to treat respiratory infections
Betaferon™ /Betaseron™
Specialty drug to treat multiple sclerosis
Ciprobay™ /Cipro™
Medicine to treat infectious diseases
Haemophilia treatment
Erectile dysfunction treatment
Hormonal contraceptive
Medicine to treat kidney and liver cancer
Yasmin™ /YAZ™ /Yasminelle™
Hormonal contraceptive

Now meet DOW Pharmecuticals and Agro-chemicals.

Here are a few choice snippets...please research the sordid facts for yourselves.

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSEDOW) is a multinational corporation headquartered in Midland, Michigan, United States. As of 2007, it is the second largest chemical manufacturer in the world by revenue (after BASF) and as of February 2009, the third-largest chemical company in the world by market capitalization (after BASF and DuPont).

From 1951 to 1975, Dow managed the Rocky Flats Plant. Rocky Flats was a nuclear weapons production facility that produced plutonium triggers for hydrogen bombs Contamination from fires and radioactive waste leakage plagued the facility under Dow's management. In 1957 and 1969, fires burned plutonium dust in the facility and sent radioactive particles into the atmosphere. The fire in 1969 was the costliest industrial accident to ever occur in the United States up to that time. 3,500 barrels of lubricants and solvents, laden with plutonium leaked into the ground in 1967. Management of the facility was handed over to Rockwell International in 1975. A class action lawsuit was filed against Dow and Rockwell in 1990. In 2008 a federal judge ordered Dow and Rockwell to pay a combined $925 million in damages to citizens.

The United States military used napalm in their efforts during the Vietnam War. Dow was one of several manufacturers who began producing the compound under government contract in 1965. After experiencing protests and negative publicity, the other suppliers decided to discontinue the product, leaving Dow as the sole provider. The company carefully considered their position, and decided that this was a matter of principle, and "its first obligation was the government". Despite a boycott of all its products by anti-war groups and harassment of recruiters on some college campuses, Dow continued to manufacture Napalm B until 1969.

Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant containing dioxin, was also manufactured by Dow in New Plymouth, New Zealand and in America for use by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. In 2005, a lawsuit was filed by Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange against Dow and Monsanto Company, which also supplied Agent Orange to the military. The lawsuit was dismissed.

A major manufacturer of silicone breast implants, Dow Corning (Dow Chemical's Joint Venture with Corning Inc.) was sued for personal damages caused by ruptured implants. Per the 2005 10-K for The Dow Chemical Company filing, "On October 6, 2005, all such cases then pending in the District Court against the Company were dismissed. Should cases involving Dow Corning's breast implant and other silicone medical products be filed against the Company in the future, they will be accorded similar treatment." The Dow Chemical Company - 10-K Filing - 2005

The Bhopal disaster is world's worst industrial catastrophe due to a leak of methyl isocyanate on December 3, 1984 at a pesticide plant owned by Union Carbide India Limited, a subsidiary of UCC. Government agencies confirmed 3,787 deaths. Others estimate 3,000 people died within the first weeks and another 8,000 have since died from gas-related diseases.

Until the late 1970s, Dow produced DBCP (1,2-dibromo-3-chloropropane), a soil fumigant, and nematicide, sold under the names the Nemagon and Fumazone. Workers at Dow's DBCP production were made sterile by exposure to the compound. These male reproductive effects were consistent with animal experiments showing that DBCP sterilized rabbits. The workers successfully sued the company, and most domestic uses of DBCP were banned in 1977. Amid growing concerns over the chemical's effects on male workers, Dow ceased production and reclaimed DBCP that had been shipped to its users. Despite warning from the company about its health effects, Dole Food Company, who was using the chemical on its banana plantations in Latin America, threatened to sue Dow if it stopped DBCP shipments, so Dow shipped half a million gallons of DBCP to Dole, much it reclaimed from other users. Plantation workers who became sterile or were stricken with other maladies subsequently sued both Dow and Dole in Latin American courts, alleging that their ailments were caused by DBCP exposure. While the courts agreed with the workers and awarded them over $600 million in damages, they have been unable to collect payments from the companies. A group of workers then sued in the United States, and, on November 5, 2007, a Los Angeles jury awarded them $3.2 million. Dole and Dow vowed to appeal the decision. On April 23, 2009 a Los Angeles judge threw out two cases against Dole and Dow due to fraud and extortion by lawyers in Nicaragua recruiting fraudulent plaintiffs to make claims against the company. The ruling casts doubt on $2 billion in judgments in similar lawsuits.

Wikipedia, the internet informational encyclopedia provider, recently discovered that Dow edited information in the encyclopedia that was seen as negative towards Dow. The information Dow edited was about the Bhopal Plant catastrophe and about birth defects caused by dioxin in Agent Orange, a herbicide used in Vietnam and produced by Dow. This is some of the same dioxin now polluting Dow's "backyard" in Michigan. The level of manipulation Dow uses to shape information makes the information not just biased but complete propaganda. And the Dow employees creating it aren't prosecuted by regulatory agencies when it is discovered. They are allowed to be promoted by Dow to new positions to continue their work. Dow's information can not be relied upon for any level of decision making.

A common pesticide re-approved by the EPA in 2001 sickens farm workers, say unions and activists who will file a lawsuit against the agency today, reports the Associated Press.The pesticide is chlorpyrifos, a potent neurotoxin used in chemical bombs during World War II. It's now sold by Dow AgroSciences under the commercial name Lorsban. No longer approved for residential use, chlorpyrifos is still used in agriculture, and the lawsuit alleges that 28 farm workers in California's Tulare County were sickened last month when a spray drifted into their vineyard from a nearby orchard.

Dow says the lawsuit is "without merit."

Dow has recently registered Profume* (Sulfuryl fluoride) for use in fumigating food commodities. There is not a pesticide used today that directly impacts our food supply in the entire world more than a fumigant. Now Profume will be used to fumigate our food supply.  Do you feel confident that this new Dow product has fully been investigated and has properly passed all the toxicology testing after understanding the dishonesty at Dow? Entire shiploads of food products will be fumigated with Profume. Most of the foods that are fumigated are ready for your table without further processing. The registration of Profume also has incredible similarities to Dow's move in having chlorpyrifos replace chlordane in the structural pest control market back in 1989.  Now Dow's Profume product is replacing methyl bromide which is considered an ozone depleter and methyl bromide is being phased out of most fumigant uses. Dow at one time also produced methyl bromide but got out of direct sales when competition got too fierce. They have been positioning their Profume product to replace methyl bromide for over fifteen years. At least one state which certainly realizes what its dealing with at Dow has so far not registered Profume.

Above: Dow, Terneuzen

Dow is the world's largest producer of plastics, including polystyrene, polyurethanes, polyethylene, polypropylene, and synthetic rubbers. It is also a major producer of the chemicals ethylene oxide, and various acrylates, surfactants, and cellulose resins. It produces many agricultural chemicals, perhaps being most famous for its pesticide Lorsban.Well-known consumer products include Styrofoam brand insulation. Former Dow product lines, Saran wrap, Ziploc bags and Scrubbing Bubbles were sold to S. C. Johnson & Son in 1997.

In 2008, Dow was reported as being the major supplier of pesticides based on aminopyralid which had contaminated manure and caused widespread loss of vegetable crops in allotments and gardens across the UK.

Above: Welcome to Dow country

Below are some of the legitimate residents of the land whose well-being - and continued right to exist as a species - is being destroyed by humanity. These photographs were taken in and around the Dow and Bayer poisoned fields of Wiltshire.

Above: A beautiful hare caught unawares
Below: A tortoiseshell butterfly suns itself

Above: Busy bee and clover

Above: Poppies in the sprayed fields of oil seed rape

All these photos are taken by Gary Howe

See more of Gary's photos here


To be updated very soon

Above: A shy young deer peeks out from behind the posioned crop


Let's make August our most compassionate month ever!

Spread the word and live with honour

Above: After being vegetarian since 1981 and being 'as vegan as possible' for the last ten years Poppy is going to do her best to take that extra step permanently for the animals. It would be wonderful if others could join her and do the same now.

To know that we are part of a collective movement - in this case towards living with full empathy - can make all the difference to our success. So let's go vegan together!

Above: Not every cause is 'for the good of the all' so please don't be tempted to fund abuse for the sake of a cure. When one suffers all suffer and there can be no true well-being.

Below: A mouse in cancer research (left) and a mouse in Alzheimer's reasearch (right). No creature should be 'used' like this for the sake of another. Two wrongs can never make a right...can they?

We all know in our hearts that the only way to a lasting health and wholeness is through compassionate means and a shared understanding that we are one another. So let's live that truth together now. With mutual support it's easy.

Above and below: Postcards available from Animal Aid


Above: Image courtesy of David Icke's site. Even though Poppy doesn't agree with a lot of what David has to say she acknowledges that he is doing excellent work in empowering people and revealing their true interconnectedness beyond any man-made ideas or structures. please see his forums and a new area of his website that aims to link people in every night for the sake of directing positive healing energy at those area and eoples who need it most.

Go to and visit his forums as certain strands relate to the meeting of people at 'sacred sites' across the world for the sake of strengthening our sense of unity and creating a collective, as well as an individual, empowerment. This is a strictly PEACEFUL endeavor! Also visit the Awakening the World – Every Heart Makes A Difference area of his incredibly diverse and busy site...its easy to avoid the more 'contentious bits' of his work and get straight to the heart of the matter.

As with most speakers and writers in this field, David has yet to publically make the vital link with all other created beings. He, as we, need to make the move away from the human-centric attitude/stance that limits us all. Poppy's next book WILD SPIRITUALITY addresses this in full as it is a pressing issue and vital for us to grasp at this time.




The first days of August are known traditionally as Lammas or Lughnassadh. This is the time of 'first fruits' as this is when the literal - as well as symbolic - signs of the harvest of the year become apparent; the full havest being September 21st or Autumn Equinox. Yet below is evidence of the first fruits appearing ripe and ready in the hedgerows on June 21st this year...

Above: Ripe dark red hawthorn berries, or haws, seen in many different hedgerows in Wiltshire UK on the summer Solstice. Strange days indeed...


It's that wild time again...

Inspired by Untamed Nature

Recycled Wild Flower Necklaces and Earrings for Summer Solstice 2011

One Off Designs to Celebrate the Untamed in Our Fields and Hedgerows

Made only with vintage, second-hand materials

As unique as the perfect blooms that inspired their creation

Enjoy the wild spirit of summer!

JUNE 2011

Advance Notice:

Some of Poppy's original artwork will be auctioned at the

Wessex Gathering

this month to raise money for

Dorset Wildlife Rescue

This includes: The full sets (not just the examples shown here) of original illustrations for Rae Beth's second two Hedge Witch Books

'Lord of the Wild -Stong Spirit' 'Two of Water - Dream' and 'Wisewoman - Dreamweaver' origial art from the Waking the Wild Spirit' Tarot

Plus a signed tarot (out of print, rare, collectable.)

Two signed books

Two handmade bags

If you're interested in bidding on any of these items then please contact Nick or Sandy at Dorset Wildlife rescue. Thank you

Above: 'The Healer - Wise Counsellor' original artwork from the Wild Spirit Tarot has already been sold in aid of Dorset Wildlife Rescue.

Thanks to Daniella Coates for buying!

Above and below: Textured squares created by knitting with recycled and manmade yarns, often up to six strands twisted together to make a new skein. This creates a bumpy natural effect remincicent of pebbles or moss. These squares can then be mixed and matched, joined together to make a throw or cushion.

MAY 2011

***Wildlife Rescue***

The independent rescue centres are at their busiest at this time of year and they all rely on donations

The above photos in this May update are taken from the following three organisations:





Another suggestion for your support is :

WILTSHIRE Wild Things Res-Q

If you can't donate directly to any of these worthy organisations then why not fundraise or volunteer your time to a centre near you?

If you are selling on eBay you can tithe a percentage, or even the whole selling price, to a wildlife cause of your choice

Please see appeals page for ongoing/updated information about these very important causes. THANK YOU.

Animal Aid's Latest Campaign

To do your bit don't donate, buy or give aid to charity shops that represent the above named organisations because there is a better way than the one they use...

If we continue to support the old and cruel methods this is what we are condoning...


Good news for those of us in the UK. Sainsbury's own brands have joined M and S, Superdrug and Argos as a high street shop that can proudly wear the leaping rabbit logo that shows that their products and ingredients are not tested on animals.

They may not be free of chemicals or organic but its a start...


This was been brought to Poppy's attention via an email which she felt prompted to respond to. Here's what the email said:

Richard C. Cook – April 20, 2011

Jesus Christ and the 2012 Prophecies

The book is short—about 16,000 words. But those who acquire it will likely read it over and over again.

Prophecies of a major dimensional shift in connection with 2012 may be found everywhere, but not always with recognizable authority or adequate explanation. But now this may have changed.

From the heart of Europe – Hungary – comes a comprehensive and detailed message said to be channeled from Jesus Christ. First transcribed in 2009 in Hungarian, and in circulation there in the region of the Carpathian Mountains, it is now available in an English translation for the first time.

The title is: Dimensional Shift: The Guidance of Jesus Christ on the Threshold of Global Transformation. This document is now being released into the public domain in English translation exclusively through the website as a free PDF download.

The import of the book is crystal clear: this troubled Earth will soon be tranformed. In its pages Jesus assures us that in His mercy God has determined that a New Earth has been prepared and will soon arise. It is up to each of us to decide now where we want to be when the shift takes place. And it may take place very, very soon. Helping us will be hosts of angels already in position in Earth’s vicinity.

POPPY's initial response to this email ...


Am sure this particular Jesus may have some generous, stimulating (and undoubtedly deeply comforting/reassuring) things to say but perhaps we need to ask why we need a non-existent (i.e. false, man-made) being to tell us what's what? And go from there...

This isn't personal to me, its universal. We all truly need to wake up to our true nature and stop giving or power away and treating all other living beings as separate to us. It is not 'the environment' (i.e. our backdrop to our lives) it is the land of which we are a part, not apart from! And the is no 'other' here, be that a bee, a fox, a screaming child in the supermarket or someone praying to Allah in Iran. Its just us wearing another disguise. Poor, wonderful, confused - but astonishingly powerful and magically creative - us!
We are all the Great Dreamer, creator of all possibility, having a dream of ourselves as separate individuals. When we live lucidly we can feel, accept and know bone-deep and soul-wide that we are this Creator/Dreamer - the One Source - as well as being in the mad dream we find ourselves sharing today....

Living in balance with this knowledge is the tricksy bit. But fun too. thoughts on the contents of the 'Jesus prophesies'email.

Hi lovely people.
RE: Channeling Jesus.
I think it may be really hard to channel a being who didn't exist in the first place...

Although I spent the first twenty five years of my life believing fervently in the mythical Jesus (who I then didn't think was at all mythical, obviously) I understand how easy it is to take his existence as concrete fact. He was a lovely teddy bear to have for a while but when you realise that all mystery traditions share the same male solar figure things become much clearer. Dionysus, Osiris, Tammuz, Attis, Adonis (known by his manner of death as 'he on the tree') and Mithras are a some of these symbolic beings who all have the same characteristics...

Below: So who's this?

Above:The passion of the pagan godman Osiris-Dionysus on the cross from a third century seal now conveniently lost

Mithras was close to JC in terms of such small matters of his birthday (Winter solstice-tide, Dec 25th) and the lovely sun halo he habitually wore. Mithras was the symbolic solar god-man that Constantine's Rome favoured (especially the military) before Constantine decided to pull control and go for a monotheistic social order, amalgamating the new and pesky Christian mystery tradition and Mithraism to form a concrete state religion. By this he did something new and terrible, taking what was always understood to be the symbology of 'the dying and resurrecting sun god-man' into literal unassailable fact: myth becoming history). There is much on how the female side of the sacred - previoulsy held as equal - also became squashed and vilified at this point but more on that another time.

These symbolic sun god-men were NEVER  MEANT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY as they did not live and they did not die but were representatives of a mystery principle that expressed life's continuum and empowered those who understood it as such. This solidifying of mystery into history was just another misuse of power by the state when before in people related to many pagan deities which, for the most part, they understood to be symbolic, not actual. It was just a way of anthropomorphizing spiritual truths so that the masses could understand them. Relating to a person or god-man was far easier than relating to a concept!

If you are still doubting the veracity of this and hanging on to your previous convictions then challenge yourself with this: if all the previous solar man-god beings had the same basic story as Jesus's story (son/sun of god, virgin birth at winter solstice time, followed by miracles/healing, sacrifice and ressurection) yet were known to be human-created symbolic figures only, then why should Jesus be any different and the only one who actually physcially existed? He wasn't different; his too was just an eloquent way of understanding the mysteries. Nothing more, nothing less.

Once you realise this you can never go back to your JC teddy bear...sad as he is pretty cuddly, nice and reassuring...
But surely at this stage in the game we don't need to continue to give away our power like this!
We are Infinite Consciousness having a singular human experience and as such are All (One) and one simultaneously. We just need to re-member ourselves, and our connection to all creation...and fast! Why channel anyone when you already know everything and have just forgotten? Lets channel ourselves, we may as well! ;-)
Happy to talk to anyone about this subject if they are interested, its a real interest of mine. Its challenging but absolutely VITAL for us to understand through both head and heart if we are to move on and do what we need to do in this 'interesting' time.
With infinite love to all

Then part two when Poppy was asked more and suspected of supporting 'satanic agendas'...

Hi again,

A cursory examination of the new testament available to us today reveals a mish mash of confused reports with no fixed chronology (the four books can't even remotely agree on when or where something may have happened!) and the only clear worthwhile message coming out being the ones attributed to the 'solar man' himself...i.e. there is only the message, no actual man! There are no facts and no historical, verifiable timeline because he wasn't there. He was a beautiful but purely symbolic way of understanding life/death, love and the nature of existence and the mysteries of spirit, and that is all....and its enough! The mystery traditions of the time knew this and must have been devastated with gung-ho Emperor Constantine took their flowing, meaningful soul-poetry and turned it into a block of immovable 'truth' so-called and from that block made a mallet to subdue.
Mainstream biblical chronology is contradictory in the extreme and offers no clear evidence of any sort that there was ever such a holy man on earth at that time. In fact the Gospels or Matt, Mark etc. make even real hard-core believers doubt what went on back in Galilee (I was part of the church long enough to hear the debates and confusions) .Yet the Gnostic gospels, based on the documents found in Nag Hammadi (and little known  even today) have a clearer insight in to the heart of this particular mystery tradition before it became a solid chunk of literalism used to control. That is where you will find the beautiful lines about lifting a stone and finding god there. That's because in the deep mystery traditions they knew god was imminent in all things and beings and not separate. They just taught their truths in symbol and story. They knew none of it was 'real'.
And I have not got any of this information soley from the film 'Zeitgeist' (fine as it is) or even the Internet which I'm not able to access much anyway. I got it from lectures, meeting the thinkers and historians involved, from documentaries, and books...lots of books.  It comes from years of study with people who understand the mystery schools and how they worked...up until the destruction of this empowering tradition by the state in Rome. Bang, that's that road shut to the people then. Now you have to access it through us...and we are still supposed to.
Are my words part of some sort of anti-Christian conspiracy as regards the proposed one world religion of the N.W.O? This is but a diversion. It is hard to be anti-Christain when tyou have no belief in Christ beyond his useful symbology. Christianity needs to go because all divisive religions need to go. As I am sure you know, religion comes from the Latin for 'to tie' (the world ligotage, the art of tying used in bondage, also stems form this root). Religion is a tie or bond made of fear, nothing more.

The stupid Illuminati make use of emasculated and perverted Catholic/Christian doctrine as a way of expressing their nefarious needs. When you truly take on board that there isn't, nor has ever been, a Satan except as means of population mind-control (they took the Greek God Pan as a proto-type and turned him into 'the chap downstairs who'll get you for all eternity if you don't obey') then that frees you up HUGELY! These are human constructs only and therefore NOT SCARY!

Satan's only an antiquated bogey man, powered by residual fear, lurking in the still traumatized and medievalised mind of the masses. Think how modern 'bogey men' are 'bigged up' and then witness how the concept of the non-existent (but disturbing) Satan was 'bigged up' throughout the dark to middle ages and onwards...We never saw him (a bit like Osama) but hey, HE WAS THERE. An omnipresent threat. Let's live in total submission and go around cowering, just in case! How did we know he was lurking? Well the church told us so. A bit like the CNN or FOX NEWS of the day...

It may be worth making this leap of consciousness, and taking in the overwhelming evidence to support this truth, ASAP, as then you can move on a level and get a clearer overview of the situation as it unfolds without the fetters of your conditioning holding you down. You have done this in so many other areas I am certain that this one, tough as it is to let go of, can only help you if you manage to override it.

Don't be afraid! There is no hell or damnation for free-thinking. There never was.

What we need now, soon, is no religion and for us all to wake up to the power inherent in our own being. We are all the creator! We are all infinite consciousness! There is nothing but strength and joy in that...nowt to do with the sodding illuminati and nowt to do with fear. We are connected in love, truth and FREEDOM at Source. If we can throw of these useless shackles of belief attached to us at primary school (perhaps even at our mother's knee or worse,in the womb) then we have a chance of liberating ourselves from the most insidious tyranny...the tyranny of belief which is the most divisive one of all.

And this applies to all religions needing to go. I am against all divisive, disempowering beliefs.

All I am saying is without the cosmic teddy bears and the fear and the bondage we can be unified in the absolute miracle of our own empowered, creative, true natures. That's worth everything, I think.There's no agenda, I'm not trying to get you to join anything...I just a need for us all to re-connect fully and live well, with respect for all other beings. In infinite love and possibility. Its the only chance we, and all other created beings, have got, really. So I am passionate but have no cause for you to join.

I just want you to be free.

Have a ponder when you can, all love X


MARCH 2011


Not OUR sky but the sky we share with all created beings.

The sky that humanity alone is messing up.

Call this problem what you will...Chem or Con Trails...but it's time to stop bickering and to start agreeing that WHATEVER IT IS, THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

Above: Of course both cirrus clouds and contrails exist but that doesn't account for this...oh that it were that simple and 'harmless'. The image on the right is a view from above, in space. Doesn't it make you feel proud of what a species can achieve?

It's surely time that it was common knowledge that there are rarely clear blue skies over England and Scotland anymore, let alone over the US and vast swathes of Europe?

The spraying (or, if you will, overlaying of endless 'vapour trails') is already heavily in evidence now the days are longer (and supposedly brighter) in the South West of the UK...and its only just turned spring

Still think the whole idea of chemtrails is scaremongering nonsense from ill-informed, badly eductated people with nothing better to do than stare at the sky?



AND LISTEN TO THE 'GEO-ENGINEERS', the SCIENTISTS and RESEARCHERS. Hear it from their own lips. Learn about geoengineering and weather modification among other supposedly 'benign manipulations'. Witness the ignorance of the long term effects of what these 'intelligent professionals' are involved in...and also their (apparent) lack of care. Research it for yourself afterwards.

You can watch the full film on YouTube. Simply type the following into your browser:

What in the world are they spraying. Full video.

Or better still if you are able to buy the DVD.

Please take the time to watch, then think again.

Think about aluminium. Think about barium and strontium.

Think about Agent Orange and ask yourself if those we give the power to 'aren't capable'.


And then, if you can take any more, take the time to learn about


High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

Above: HAARP. Another triumph of human 'cleverness'.

The ionosphere and the stratosphere are being superheated, distorted and manipulated for nefarious means (masquesrading as 'for the common good') based on Nickolai Tesla's original technological discoveries. Tesla's visionary insights could be used for free energy for all yet instead they have been perverted to create another monster: a geo-physical weapon. Where next, Columbus? How about


Above: Remembering the breathtaking beauty of the 2010 midwinter snow






Celebrating Human Creativity

Crop Circles are Made by People

Why make myths when truth is beautiful?

A brief article will follow shortly!


Meanwhile please see:

Which has some interesting things beyond the usual received information

Which is showcasing actual circlemakers discussing their crop art

and subscribe to

Matthew Williams's YouTube Channel


Matthew is the only man to be prosecuted for making circles and is open about the truth behind the making of crop circle art. His YouTube channel is full of excellent documentaries and an absolute wealth of information but is not for the easily offended so please do be warned!

Above: A fantastic example of the 'art of the human circlemakers' 2010


JULY 2010

Inspired by the season's local wild flowers

Above: Poppy's handmade jewellery using only recycled or vintage findings and embellishments shown here next to local wildflowers

There are necklaces, earrings and bracelets in this green-spirited range

If you are interested please contact Poppy and see

greenheart crafts

on this site for more creativity-for-charity


Below: Excuse the poor scan but here is one message from

that has to be shared...

Please support BUAV in any way you can

JUNE 2010

*** May this summer solstice see both your creativity and compassion in full bloom ***

Wishing you a truly inspired midsummer!

Here are some of Poppy's house plaque/sign designs

Above: Enamel Paint on a wooden plaque

Above: Acrylic and enamel on a stone

Do just ask if you are interested in any of Poppy's imagery, paintings etc.

But be prepared for a slight wait as she is not always able to use the PC

Thank you


DON'T storm in and ransack your neighbour's party (tempting as it may be to see them wearing their 'hamburger' as a hat) JUST JOIN THE CLUB and peacefully support a cruelty-free world.

Get empowered, do the right thing


MAY 2010


A Vegetarian Family's World Tour

Recipes, Folktales and Fun With Food

By Germaine Knight


Vegetarian food is fun! Whether a veggie dish is your main course, an accompaniment to meat or a tasty dessert, fun can be found in the flavours, colours and origins of the food, in unusual facts and by learning what other families around the world tuck into. Grab some family members, a copy of this book and some enthusiasm to explore your own taste buds as well as the fun to be had around food. You may find the whole process, from preparation to eating, more enjoyable than you imagined!


A Vegetarian Family’s World Tour contains:

• Over 125 delicious global recipes, tasty enough for veggies and meat eaters – from soups, salads & starters to main courses & desserts

• Adaptable recipes that are often suitable for vegans or those with food intolerances

• Folktales from around the world

• Activities and suggestions for family food-fun

• Food rhymes

• Cultural and culinary information

• Kitchen tips for easier, more successful cooking

• A calendar of festivities from around the world

Did you know..? Fact boxes accompanying most recipes

• Full colour flags of all the countries visited

• A world map, helping you to imagine your way around the globe

• Over 160 spiral bound, glossy pages for ease of use in the kitchen

• Imperial as well as metric measurements throughout

Below: Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt and friends

PLEASE support Dr. Jackie-Hunt-Jones's work as she is opening a sanctuary for dogs in France as well as doing other sterling work for abandoned, maltreated dogs at home and abroad. Thank you Jackie, your determination and empathy-in-action are deeply inspiring.

Amongst many other excellent causes Jackie actively supports

an animal sanctuary in Azambuja, Portugal.

The lady runs it on a type of farm and they have been awarded 2nd best in Europe re: their pens. However, it is a peasant lady who does the work for the lady owner and she does not have an endless supply of her own money for food and medical treatment.

Although Poppy was concerned about doing this she has used the above photo of Dr. Hunt-Jones to illustrate that we can't be 'perfect' and even though Jackie is a truly shining example of human compassion she is still sitting on an armchair presumably made of a cow...or several. Is Jackie even aware of the implications of sitting on what may be a favourite old chair that has been with her so long she has ceased to see it for what it is? We all have our 'blind spots', or have had, and each have our own personal Achilles heel. This could be non-fair trade milk chocolate, medication from a vivisecting pharmaceutical company , wine that has had crushed bones used in its production process, a particular shade of make-up only available from a non-ethical company...etc. The inconvenience - and discomfort - of giving these items up for good can seem overwhelming and the old Alcoholics Anonymous adage of 'one day at a time' is certainly relevant here. Or, as Rev. Sydney Smith put it, 'take short views of human life, no further than dinner or tea'.

Above: Not so pretty now

Take it in stages: just strive to survive to cause the least suffering possible. Move towards it. Poppy seeks to do this every day, with varying degrees of success, and will never give up trying to LIVE WELL, for the good of the ALL. She would welcome fellow travellers on road to cruelty-free living to share their personal struggles, and victories, here.

Above: Image from Animal Aid Slaughterhouse Investigation

Perhaps if our weaknesses are gently highlighted, with love, then we can begin to find other foibles we have covered up more deeply within ourselves; justifying them over our lifetimes until they seem permissible. We are here to remind, and strongly support, eachother in this process of true enlightenment.


Hold fast to the fact that we are retuning to what we were intended to be at ourselves and our true nature...and not moving towards an unattainable way of being. Therefore we can do this! And we each know what needs to be done, inherently.

Above: Image from Animal Aid Slaughterhouse Investigation

It really is so easy to overlook leather as being a horrible part of the very 'industry' we despise and its often the last thing to go when we become vegetarian and conscious of animals as our en-spirited, and very equal, relations. The question remains: do we discard our old leather items, give them away, sell them in aid of a charity, bury them with honour or some other alternative? Should Jackie continue to sit on her 'skin chair' if it is old and a family heirloom or should she ditch it in disgust? Is 'second hand skin' bought used any less distressing or undesirable than that which was brought directly to support the 'meat industry'? These are questions Poppy considers every day and encourages others to do the same. Thoughts or comments on these sensitive issues are always welcome here.

Above: Image from Animal Aid Slaughterhouse Investigation

Only we can answer these points for ourselves as there is no authority but ourselves. We are ininite Conciousness and all there is so how can there be judge and jury outside of our own being? But we can offer information and make ideas available to others to help them in their choices.

The issue is, as always one of awareness informed by deep soul empathy.

We acn only do what is right for us within the framework of harming none by our actions.

for if we harm one we harm ourselves. We know this!

Did you realise that the word VEGAN is used because it is literally the beginning and end of VEGETARIAN? To become a vegan is surely the only conclusion when awakening to the incredible brutality and barbarism of slaughtering then USING animals in the way this society does. Although it may seem difficult it is the best way of BEING THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD as regards to our creature-kin. It is putting aside our own inconvenience in favour of standing for beauty, freedom, honour and true equality.

Above: Image from Animal Aid Cruelty Free Range


No excuses, only empathy.


APRIL 2010

The return of the blue skies due to Icelandic Volcano dust grounding planes in the UK

Above: The first truly (and consistently) clear skies seen in Somerset, UK for a long, long time...

Below: Little fluffy clouds...remember them? Here's what the sky looks like when the clouds are natural plane-free phenomena

Below: The next day the planes were back. This says it all

And below is the degeneration in the sky the following morning...

Chemtrails, contrails...does the exact term matter? THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

The solution? Well, it seems fairly obvious! But are you personally ready to make that commitment and (some may say) personal sacrifice for the sake of the All?

Or is this what you will tolerate

Or this?

Because of apathy, disconnection or disempowerment?

Above: What to look out for...fat trails which spread and then eventually seem as if they are just naturally occuring clouds.


This problem seems to be global but Poppy is only able to record her findings in south west England (see the Glastonbury, Somerset pictures below) If you have any jpeg images of the 'phenomena' where you live then do send them to Poppy for inclusion on her con/chemtrails page as a resource for others who are, as yet, still unconvinced by this huge problem. Please send to:

It may take a while for Poppy to process them but she will hopefully include them on this site ASAP


Above: A typical 'dropping bobble' type trail across the sky above Glastonbury Tor...

And below: How this trail spreads so that you would think it was a cloud if you hadn't seen it leave a plane

Below: Close ups of two different 'bobble' trails before they begin to drop their 'bobbles'...



Coming soon: A CD version of Poppy's songs so far and PERMACULTURE PAINTINGS

MARCH 2010

Here at last is another recording from Poppy's archive of material recorded with Gary Howe

This song is builds up as it goes along and was recorded to be played through headphones. It can be played through your media player if downloaded. Hopefully an MP3 version can be created soon. Click on the link below to hear


Below are the lyrics

Lost in Loss


Shadow of a cloud passing over a hill,

Memory of a dream that can move you still,

Notion of a life in the lines of a hand,

Nothing but shadow where I used to stand.


Scent of warm rain falling over parched land,

Footprints of a gull haunt the empty strand,

Motion of a shark sliding under dark sea,

Nothing but loss at the heart of me...lost part of me.


Cross my heart...score out my eyes,

There's nothing left...but I can't die,

My time is past...but still I pass


Ripples of a curse that was never lifted,

Arcane patterns where the sand has shifted,

Sense of a song that will never be written,

Nothing but loss where the frost has bitten

Crossing over me, crossing over me, crossing over me...crossing me out



Whisper of a lie behind an old curtain,

Rumour of a story that was never certain,

Snap of the bracken on the blackened ground,

Movement of a hand where the last man drowned.


Sigh of a ghost in a shuttered room,

Creak of the wood of a broken loom,

Dust of a moth behind an old curtain,

Rumour of my life that was never certain


Movement of a hand where the last man drowned...was never found

Crossing over me, crossing over me, crossing over me...crossing me out


I'm lost in loss, I'm lost in loss



Just over a mile from Poppy's home



DEEP WINTER BROKEN HEART was inspired by personal pain and loss, especally for the land which is being destroyed daily. In the time it took to create this image the quirky heart-shaped crack-willow - a tree which thrives on the wet Somerset levels and which appears on the right hand lower edge of this painting - was destroyed, as was the willow that inspired the tree in the background...

To resist meaningful change is futile yet to witness destruction for 'change's sake' is heartbreaking.

The land is becoming as homogenised as we are...a brutal reflection of a soulless existence, regimented and controlled to within an inch of its life.

To all our detriments.

In memory of the two bold individual trees and to all who dwelled within and around them.

Above: The Somerset Levels, January sunset

Below: The Rev. Sydney Smith

An unassuming looking gentlemen with a spirited and quiet wisdom

Five favourite Sidney Smith Quotes:

Do not try to push your way through to the front ranks of your profession; do not run after distinctions and rewards; but do your utmost to find an entry into the world of beauty.

Heaven never helps the men who will not act

The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities

Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for, and you will succeed

And the most pertinent of all is

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can

So, when faced with the below images what do we do?

Above: Images from an undercover investigation undertaken by an unsung hero, the beautiful and outstandingly compassionate Kate Fowler at Animal Aid.

We can't all be Kate but as Sidney Smith suggested can't we all do SOMETHING?

With Love


Please go and watch the film at this site

And offer any support you can. Thank you!

Above: Poppy's lovely handmade Lorica (faux leather) boot leaves its mark next to a fox's track on a pristine field.

Above: X marks the spot where two travellers met. Who was it that left their trails on the unsullied blanket of snow?

Considering our beautiful creature-kin, when better than the start of this (calendar) year to consider becoming vegan? Or to re-commit to your vegan intentions?

Or even to become a vegetarian if you haven't yet made that step?

Join Poppy in re-commiting to striving to survive by causing the least suffering possible in 2010.

Here's a few images - and accompanying comparisons - you may find thought provoking. Hopefully they will be unsettling enough to enable a shift in perception.

Above: It's certainly not a new idea to make this comparison but does this building remind you of anything?

Above: How about this view of it?

How about these intelligent, gentle beings standing crammed togther, penned in the mud, bewildered and afraid?

And how about the idea of sentient beings standing behind barbed wire with their 'identifying tattoos' and 'yellow stars', defined as 'livestock' and classified only as numbers, waiting for the 'final solution' at the mercy of other 'sentient' beings?

How about the little ones being seperated from their mothers...

While the mothers huddle together in the mud? Their cries of distress can be heard almost half a mile away

Now look at these pictures...

Or maybe the images below make it easier to see?


Different species, yes: a different interpretation of the Oneness of Being.

But same conciousness. Same pain. Same right to life.

Are you (unconsciously) still buying into what you may have been taught about other beings having no feelings...about 'man's dominion over the beasts' etc? Do you think they matter less than you do because they do not speak your language?

Every time I pass these effective deathcamps or see the cattle truck on the road or hear those cries - the impotent bellows of rage and pain and confusion - I feel just like the good German citizen who did nothing. I, like them, am complicit. I do not cry out against the atrocity in my midst, nor do I storm the gates. All I do is try my very best not to engage with 'the machine'; the industry of suffering - this slavery, this genocide - that our fellow beings are forced into. I implore you not to be complicit either. Do as much as you can. Just because you can't do EVERYTHING don't be deterred from doing SOMETHING to extract yourself from the horror in our very midst. Even if you still walk by without seeking to release the prisoners then do not deny them also. Acknowledge them in your own quiet, determined, compassionate ways.

This subjegation and systematic slaughter of our creature-kin in this way is not normal, natural or inevitable.

We no longer need to eat meat to survive. We no longer need to wear other creatures skin to be warm.
There are alternatives. Buy OUT of this industry. Do not fund this holocaust.

Do not consider the murder of any being as a 'cull'

Do not consider any being as 'live stock'

Do not consider sitting on the skins of slaughtered innocents as desirable and luxurious

Do not consider a shop window display of body parts and internal organs as normal

Do not consider a high street chemist that does not stock one product (or its ingredients) that hasn't been tested on animals as 'how it is'

There are countless ways we are de-sensitised to the true atrocity of what is done to other creatures:

Please notice them, do not perpetuate them.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT. Little shifts in conciousness and behaviour mean a lot.

Still unconviced?

Watch Earthlings


Eternal Treblinka
Charles Patterson

From Animal Aid

And look around you, lest we forget

For those who said it can never happen again, it is. It never stopped.


Want a good reason to keep recycling and cutting down on packaging etc. in 2010?

Above: This albatross chick was fed plastic junk by its parents as they clearly thought it was food.

Thanks to David Green for the albatross image and information.

A scene of beauty (above) and a scene of devastation (below)

Both at Wellow, UK, in deep midwinter.

Hearing the rooks in the rookery filling the skies of Wellow with wonderful corvid cawings and croakings I wondered what the scavenging, carrion-seeking rooks eat come hard-frozen days like these?

In fact what do the birds eat that rely on the hedgerows when the hedgerows are so brutally ravaged by the farmers?

Another (unwelcome) mystery...

Above: A wild poppy on the first day of December in Somerset, UK...a miraculous thing or a sign of dramatic changes in the seasons? This Poppy has certainly never seen such a thing before!

February 2009

Just something sent to me by David Green that has to be shared...

Here, the male swallow's wife is injured and the condition is fatal.

She was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road.

Here he brought her food and attended to her with love
and compassion.

He brought her food again but was shocked to find her dead.

Aware that his sweetheart is dead and will never come
back to him again, he cries with adoring love.

Finally aware that she would never return to him, he
stood beside her body with sadness and sorrow .

Millions of people cried after watching this picture in
America and Europe and even in India . It is said that the photographer sold these pictures for a nominal fee to the most famous newspaper in France .
All copies of that newspaper were sold out on the day
these pictures were published.
And many people think animals don't have a soul or

January 2009

Let's celebrate truth as well as beauty and start the new calendar year off with a bit of activism!

This is a tough one seeing as


Let's try and boycott anything made in's a REAL challenge!

And a worthy one because not only because SECOND-HAND or LOCALY and ETHICALLY produced better but, well here's just one good reason why...


Cats are skinned and boiled while still alive in Guandong, a south of China province. For full story, please read this latest news, and take action for the defenseless which are suffering unspeakable pain and agony. link:

And if that wasn't enough...

A country notorious for its animal cruelty now presents lions and tigers on horseback...

At a zoo in South East China, a horse is forced to carry a lion around an enclosure. The horse is kept in motion by a trainer with a whip; this horse has no choice but to perform. In order for the horse to perform these brutal acts it had to be subjected to torturous training, stripping it of all its natural instincts. Furthermore, the horse endures continual pain as the lion claws the horse's body to maintain its balance.

And here's something else you can do about it:


It's so hard not to get incensed with rage when cruelty is perpetrated on other beings. In fact it is virtually impossible to feel anything but a gut response of deep anger and even vengeful hate when confronted with the pain and suffering of our kin, no matter what 'suit of clothes' they physically wear in this version of reality. But the best response, as we all know, is to BE THE CHANNGE. If we were all the change we wanted to see and really behaved as if we knew that


And, moreover, that


Then it would be truly impossible for cruelty to continue.

Wouldn't it?

So, here's just as a quick check. When did we:

This year, on this day, we need to find the balance of doing and being and we need to laugh

Not because we don't care but because we do!

Because we want to feel good and for all our relations to feel good too

'The System' is ridiculous and we need to stop taking it and ourselves anything like so seriously. It is the major change of perception that will set us free. Yes, we need to know how we are controlled, why and by whom or what. But the way we respond to that decides if we remain controlled or refuse to be bound by fear, worry and stress.


December 2008

***Merry Midwinter ***

Above: Penwith at Winter Solstice, 2003

Here is part of the most beautiful evocative seasonal poem/carol written by Christina Rossetti in has always been a favourite piece of Poppy's

In the bleak midwinter,

Frosty wind made moan

Earth stood hard as iron,

Water like a stone

Snow had fallen, snow on snow,

Snow on snow,

In the bleak midwinter,

Long ago

Above: The Somerset levels, Midwinter 2008

How familiar are our winter hedgerows with the narrow blackened fingers of our native species reaching to a blanched, yet soon to be burnished, sky?

How beautiful are they in the late afternoon's chill?

Well, here's the close up and horrifying reality of what lies beneath...

Not a berry to be eaten by a hungry bird, no seed to fall to the earth, no shelter from the storms

Just ripped and shredded branches laid open to disease by the brutal machine cutting that saves the farmer time and makes our once green and pleasant land so neat and tidy.

Above:Wild rosehips in a hoarfrost...sadly this is no longer a familar sight

So, all hail our custodians of the English countryside! And we wonder why we no longer see the birds in our gardens?

This cruel, brutal shredding goes on year upon year here in Somerset. You can see the Tor of Glastonbury in the background of the second image.

How much longer will we see such short-sighted, selfish behaviour as part of the 'scenery'?

THERE IS NO 'ENVIRONMENT', we are not 'environmentalists'.

There is no outside/inside: no countryside/creatures/self

There is only Oneness

What we do to the land and its inhabitants we do to ourselves. How could it be any other way? So, what does this say about us? All of us?

Yet amidst the searing pain we may feel for experiencing such a travesty we can still pause to acknowledge incredible people doing truly inspiring things...

November 2008

*New for Winter*

Poppy Palin Tattoo Design for Charity

Poppy was inspired in this idea by a wonderful woman called Jane who has been so patient in waiting for months for her tattoo design to be completed. And here it is...

Although Poppy cannot be speedy in her response she will design any nature-based or meaningful tattoo she is able to free of charge but only if the recipient is willing to donate to one of the following charities:

This last charity has been set up by two incredible women, Jean Bird in the UK and Jelena in Serbia ,and especially deserves your attention, even if you are not interested in tattoo designs or donating at this time. Please go to the green-spirited links page of this site for more information on what they do.

One of the dogs the charity has helped: Robi before and after

Poppy's new idea means if you are thinking about a tattoo for the spring or summer next year now is the time to ask! Please email:

with your requirements or ideas and again please be patient when waiting for a response.


October 2008

Ah, here we are again at my favourite season, so delicious I want to preserve it like a jar of translucent, jewel-like apple jelly so I can spoon it up whenever I feel like a dose of beauty.

October inspires me so much, which makes it so incredibly hard when I am not physically capable of keeping up with the creative demands of my soaring spirit; a spirit that would have me painting, writing and crafting twenty-four hours a day if it could. The pure creator-energy of which we are all a part surges through me as silver-white birds take wing over brown fields and the drifts of fragrant smoke hang over the lanes. Instead my creative time per day is severely limited by pain in this wonderful, but unreliable, body-vehicle I have chosen to occupy this time round! But at least I have that time, so this is not a grumble...just a squeak of frustration! Wouldn't it be wonderful to stretch that which we perceive as time and become forgetful of our physical boundaries (which are all illusory anyway) and just CREATE eternally? I guess that comes with the 'death' experience but for now...well, I don't know about you but I'll keep trying!

In celebration of creativity I am including some images of when I was a singer in a Pretenders tribute band...a fantastic outlet for me. I rejoice I was able to do that at all, bringing a fabulous dream to fruition even if for a short time.

Happy Autumn to you all, may the season of mellow fruitfulness bring you many unexpected gifts

And P.S soon I will be discussing next month a new idea I have for THE GREEN SPIRITUALITY HANDBOOK which I would appreciate feedback on. Is another book neccesary?

While I ponder this question I keep coming across quotes that make me think about how to write about our vital connection to 'The All' when it seems impossible...

If you think that the Truth can be known

From words

If you think that the sun and the ocean

Can pass through that tiny opening called the mouth

O someone should start laughing!

Someone should start laughing wildly -



(Sufi Poet)

There is also one from Wittgenstein:

'Whereof we cannot speak

Thereof we must remain silent'

Should I remain silent now?!

September 2008

What a shame that I have been offline for so long, I do apologise although mostly it has been out of my hands. I was alerted one day that my website had vanished and was then asked repeatedly by people when it was coming back. The problem was I couldn't even answer about where it had gone. One minute it was there, the next it was an advert for Orange! :-( This caused me much stress as I simply couldn't sit at the PC long enough to get any advice and people on the phone at the companies I dealt with treated me like an idiot for not knowing 'jargon'. No one could tell me why I now had an Orange advert in place of my fully paid up website...or how to get rid of it! Finally I was approached by a wonderful woman called Kristen from New Mexico who recommended her PC whizz pal Jimi in the USA. I would like to put any work his way that I can as he is utterly MARVELLOUS and I thank him for his selfless dedication to the web-cause of someone he doesn't even know. Here is his email for PAID work...

I am not suggesting for a moment he will do freebies! He is UTTERLY TRUSTWORTHY and kind, two rare things to be treasured!

As recompense I decided to create my own act of kindness when I found an abandoned Barbie doll inthe road by where I live. I guessed it belonged to the little girls who live in my terrace and had an idea...

That was the label she carried and here is her transformation from naked, bitten tangle-haired doll to a fairy doll...

I had her hung outside their front door one night so they would get a lovely surprise (I hoped!) in the morning. She is carrying two discs that read



Please pass on the magic!

It's so heartwarming you won't have to worry about rising fuel prices for the winter: you'll glow!

It is my wish that you have a stunning Autumn, best season of all!

June 2008


As the sun, and the greening of the land, reach their powerful zenith this month please use that tide of natural energy to make a compassionate pledge ...

Align yourself with the powerful point of full moon at Solstice and VOW TO BE STRONG IN YOUR CONVICTION THAT ALL BEINGS SHOULD BE FREE!

Here are three ways to take action to back up your pledge

This is Nativity

She was an innocent creature, who had, through no fault of her own, ended up a street dog, uncared for and unwanted.

She was taken off the streets by a man, Guillermo Habacuc Vargas, a man who calls himself an artist. Perhaps she thought she had found soemone to love her but instead she was taken to his gallery for an art exhibition. Perhaps he wanted her company there? But no.

She was tied up and left - starved to death as an example of his art. WHILE PEOPLE WALKED BY HER AND LET IT HAPPEN SHE SUFFERED STARVATION AND DIED. Worse even than this, he has been invited back again to do it this year.



or try

DO IT NOW and DO WHAT YOU CAN to find out as much as you can about this hideous crime against sentient beings and then PASS THE INFORMATION ON

And here is an urgent message from Kate at Animal Aid...


Hilary Benn (the Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) will be taking a decision on the ‘culling’ of badgers in England within the next few weeks.






David Green asks me to share:

This link is for the Tibetan people whose way of life and faith is threatened.
T here is no petition presented, it is just
signatures creating a wave of appreciation, love and support for them,
across the world. Please share and pass it on.

Power is doing what you can, beause you know it matters

Power is not focussing on how huge the problem is and how little you can do but knowing that your gesture is part of an overall movement towards love, understanding, equanimity and freedom.

Power is knowing ourselves to be a cell in the body of Creation: a cell that is healthy and cooperating to make the entire body well

What is personal is always universal and vice versa


I was powerful when I saved a fly from drowning in my tea

I was powerful when I forgave myself for messing up something beautiful

I was powerful when I was grateful

I was powerful when I admired another's efforts as my own

I was powerful when I was the change I wanted to see

For all our relations, this solstice and always,

May we be compassion and may we be respect

May 2008

What a difference a year, or two, can make...

I planted a local, organically grown apple seed in Auntumn 2006 when I was too ill to leave the house. I prayed that as it grew I too would grow in strength and that we would both find a new place to live that would nurture us both. Well, here is my delightful apple pip less than two years on, he is over six foot and thriving in a new garden!

Whatever ails you, whatever hurts you as you read this today, PLEASE HAVE FAITH. All things must pass, all seasons change, and you can change your world by thought, kind deed and PRAYER. Prayer is a focussing of intent with awareness of both our individual and collective part in the All. It is not a beseeching of Deity but rather an acknowledgement of our own unique power within the glorious One-song of the Uni-verse.


So, if you ever need faith just come back and look at my lovely tree...or better still, plant your own, with love!

Below are two beautiful little oaks that I planted as acorns last Autumn.It seemed for a while I was just staring at empty soil and they wouldn't germinate and then in a space of!

This reminds me NEVER TO GIVE UP, to dream harder! And that with care and attention (and a pure, heartfelt intent) I can gow to my full potential towards the light. I hope it helps inspire you too. Besides anything its a miracle...all that information held in such a small seed!

April 2008

Happy Spring!

Poppy recently received a campaign letter from an animal welfare organisation that reminded her that GOOD PEOPLE DO SOMETHING. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by grief or rage at the plight of our creature-kin, now is the waxing time to focus on what we can do, however small we may feel that something is. When we feel discouraged then we can recall that our drop in the ocean is the ocean and together we must be the change to see the change!

It would be a wonderful thing if this month everyone could donate a small amount to an animal welfare organisation. Poppy suggests UNCAGED to support their action against Proctor and Gamble - GLOBAL BOYCOTT P and G Day - which is officially held on Saturday 17th MAY 2008. UNCAGED are a not-for-profit organisation that is entirely dependent on public support.

Underpinning the work of UNCAGED is:

Although the concept of 'environment' is somewhat superfluous to those who have a sense of their one-ness with all creation UNCAGED still have a green-spirited, holistic approach that will surely appeal to those who enjoy Poppy's work. Their work on behalf of us all, and the All, is vital. Besides donations they are also seeking people to get involved, giving their time to run street stalls to raise money and awareness.

Their website is at or to get involved with the P and G campaign you can email their headquarters via or phone 0114 272 2220

Animal Aid is a charity that would certainly benefit from more practical support. They are always looking for school speakers and run regular courses across the country for those who wish to engage in this invaluable service. They also do a great deal of work for WORLD DAY

World Day for Laboratory Animals
Every year on April 24th, compassionate people around the world speak out on behalf of the victims of vivisection. World Day for Laboratory Animals is a time to reflect upon the suffering of millions of mice, cats, monkeys, fish, rats, dogs, birds, rabbits, pigs, horses and many other species. Despite mounting evidence demonstrating that the information gained by using animals cannot be reliably applied to human medicine, the suffering continues, and both animals and people continue to die.

The UK conducts about 3 million ‘procedures’ on animals every year, which is more than any other EU country. They are poisoned to death in ‘safety’ tests and in disease research, they are surgically mutilated, blinded, burnt, starved, psychologically tormented and infected with lethal viruses.

Animal Aid campaigns to end all experiments on animals, and there are positive signs that things are beginning to change. A poll of British GPs found that more than 80 per cent are concerned about the reliability of animal research. In the European Parliament, a large majority of MEPs has called for an end to primate experiments. And in a move that is resonating in scientific circles around the world, leading US government agencies have declared that using animals to test the safety of drugs and chemicals is unreliable, expensive and slow. Their goal is to switch to modern, humane testing methods within ten years.

The British government must make a similar commitment and be forced by public pressure to be true to its word.

To find out more about WORLD DAY action and the work of this fantastic charity go to

May our thoughts be prayers and our deeds be prayer-in-action.

Let it start with this : we are all beings and may all beings be free...

February 2008

Here is a poem Poppy wrote when she first moved to the Somerset Levels area of the UK in 2001. It was inspired by the rhynes, or drainage ditches, which line the endless flat fields of this manmade, yet still mysterious, landscape. The rhynes are often filled with 'green stars' of algae which swirl into arcane patterns that reveal, then conceal, the strange reflections in the dark, still water beneath. What if there were someone beneath the green, in the dark mirrored beyond, staring up...

Watching from Underneath

Green stars, caught in your swirling hair,
Crowning a milky brow
Unlined by worldly care.

Blanched eyes, into the ether stare,
Reflections of tearing clouds,
Passing through ribs laid bare.

Fall now, lured by a face so fair,
Adored by a thousand snails,
White as the wildest mare.

Embraced now, riddles and reeds ensnare,
I’m smothered, held fast by love,
Caressed by the river’s prayer.

Cold now, bubbles of breath declare
My worship, open mouthed,
I’m drinking the draught prepared.

Released now, a love no longer shared,
I’m falling away from you,
I’m drifting in dark despair.

Rise up, towards all worldly care,
Discarding your widow’s weeds,
Your absence is everywhere.

Blind now, sight failing like the air,
I’m ravaged by mouths of loss,
Old bones that the fishes share.

Green stars, caught in my swirling hair,
I’m gazing up at the sky,
Remembering life up there.

The image above show the dark waters and the algae stars while the image below shows a half submerged silvered mirror, like a faery moon shining through the green.

December 2007

Westhay Nature Reserve, Somerset Levels, UK

Images as ever are by Gary Howe

This wonderful place is the site of one of the greatest wildlife spectacles anywhere in the world: the roost of seven million starlings, many of them migratory birds from Russia overwintering in the West of England.

Around this time of year they can be seen at approximately four p.m. swirling and swooping as one body through the darkening sky. Some evenings they will roost in the redbeds of Shapwick Reserve, across the Levels, but visitors are often graced with this most moving sight at Westhay.

It is hard to think of anything that expresses the individual interconnectedness of all life more eloquently than this breathtaking display. The intelligent, beautiful individual birds are such a cohesive unit at twilight that it is a great inspiration for anyone who has faith in the ultimate unity of each unique aspect of Creation . The sound of their wings alone can move the soul deeply.

Go there this winter if you can!

October/November 2007


Aren't these wonderful images? Both capture the incredible numinous halo that appears in the chamber entrance at this time of year. Both were taken inside the passage of this Neolithic womb/tomb in Somerset. The pale glimmering in that pulsing darkness is so evocative of the primary polar forces of existence, at one yet at odds always. Similarly this place is an absorbing paradox - deeply loving yet unsentimental, wholly welcoming whilst remaining unsettling. Within its folds the scent of loam and stone entice us to rest our bones even as we are suddenly expelled, thrust back outside by our fears into the waning light of an autumn afternoon.

Here are two more autumnal images of Overton Hill, Wiltshire, taken by Gary Howe

These show the delicious contrast between the two faces of Poppy's favourite month, October.

On the left the cold bright crispness that turns to shades of muted periwinkle and indigo as twilight approaches and the land's chill breath shrouds the scene from human eyes. It is then time to go back to hearth and home, to the blessing of our own burrow or nest.

On the right the stark bones of the season, stripped by a ragged wind, , a sight which touchs a part of us so deep it can hardly become known to us, by turns unbearable and ecstatic.What better place to visit but a silent long barrow, ringed with solomn beeches, at this time of passing into the Beyond.

Each year Poppy experiences a yearning inside to keep this time of mists and sighs forever. She recommend,amongst others, Ed Alleyne Johnson's 'Purple Electric Violin Concerto', Albinoni's famous 'Adagio for Organ and Strings' and Kate Bush's 'The Sensual World' as great 'soundtrack to Autumn' listening.

Overton Hill is on the Marlborough Downs along the Ridgeway and the tree covered barrows are known locally as 'hedgehogs'.


Please do come back soon and see any additions to this site that POPPY is (slowly) able to make!

Thanks for your support!

Above: Image for New Witch

Above: Wolf Tattoo Design Above: Green Man Tattoo Design

Meanwhile do help save laboratory animals by joining the SPEAK campaign against the animal lab at Oxford, UK

SPEAK Campaigns
PO Box 6712

Tel: 0845 330 7985

Mob: 07906 497317


Do also attend the protests to stop live exports at Dover

For the animals, as ever!