The Illustrations of Poppy Palin

These pages share some of Poppy's imagery over the last 35 years

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Poppy is a trained illustrator, working on green-spirited themes that reflect the Oneness of all beings - human and non-human; seen and unseen. They reveal the enchantment inherent in everyday life and celebrate the extraordinary beauty of 'ordinary' people, paying loving attention to those not usually depicted in art or the media.

Above: Thy Garland Green This image gives a taste of the style of Poppy's next Tarot, called 'The Everyday Enchantment Tarot'. It was inspired, if inspired is the correct word, by the terrible devastation wreaked on the English hedgerows every autumn and winter by brutal cutting machines. These machines slash and hack at the bushes, leaving only broken brittle branches behind, branches that are then far more susceptible to disease.

Above: And this is one of the less brutalised hedges, often used as a repository for litter by passers by. When so little respect is blatantly shown to a living creation then the precedent of abuse is more readily established.

These denuded bitter boughs have no fruits and seeds to see the wild birds though the cold months. Nor do they provide adequate cover for them to take shelter in. 'Thy Garland Green' borrows a phrase from an Emily Bronte poem and suggests that we feed the birds and other wild creatures. It is not only the birds that suffer, such brutality affects many other species who, in their own ways, have dependency on the hedgerows for shelter and sustenance. And to the earth, denied the seeds for renewal and husks and leaves for compost.

We live in a world where those who have the privilege of being the custodians of the land seem the least caring. But we can, at least, keep our own garland's green.

Above: Forgiveness. Seeking absolution for our trespasses against all our relations.

The above image is dedicated to the hunt saboteurs who tirelessly dedicate themselves to saving our creature-kin

Please support these compassionate, selfless individuals - because non-human lives matter

Above: One Wild Night - the original design for 'The Hermit' from the Everyday Enchantment Tarot

Below are a selection of images that were to be in the Everyday Enchantment Tarot but were changed

This first image is The Star original version - like the final design this one shows a rescue from a disaster scene. However. this one didn't have the serenity, simplicity or clarity the card needs.

This is the original idea for Two of Wands - the two knitting needles are the wands. This design wasn't dynamic enough for a Wands card.

This image is the original Empress - although attractive she isn't warm and welcoming enough

The first idea for Ace of Wands was quirky but not creative enough

The first version of the Queen of Blades - the blade wasn't obvious enough

The original image for Queen of Coins - the Queen wasn't strong enough

The first version of Justice - the central figure was nice but wasn't what was needed to represent justice

The original Queen of Wands - not lively and expressive enough

The first version of Page of Wands - good idea but not quite right!

Below: Lian, from Poppy's book 'The Greening' - thanks to Peter Sorenson for the scan

Here are some spice illustrations for Bitten food magazine

(sadly not remotely a vegan magazine)

Below are the images from

Wild Spirituality

Journey to the Green Heart of Being

An Inspirational Guide

Published by Green Magic

Poppy has endeavoured to let the illustrations in this book reflect its all-embracing ethos. The images aim to be as inclusive as possible, reflecting a diversity of species with beings both seen and unseen, revealing humanity as part of wild life. The people depicted may challenge conventional stereotypes of what makes an attractive image, yet shine with their own inherent beauty. These artworks are part of a movement towards wholeness and a gentle rejection of the superficial differences we’ve allowed to divide us for so long. It’s hoped that you will enjoy them as a compliment to the unifying, wild-spirited words.

Here are the images in colour

The above illustrations are in the style of


Finding the Magic in the Midst of Life

And celebrating the extraordinary in what we suppose to be ordinary!

What follows is a selection of images from the deck - please see Tarot for more information.

These images are not neccessarily the final versions.

Above: The Fool - stepping boldly into a world of wonders

This deck and book set is an inspirational guide to finding the wild beauty and enchantment all around us.

Each card reveals an ordinary person expressing their extraordinary qualities. From a man on a building site to a boy on a skateboard the cards allow us to gain insights and encouragement from someone just like us…that is, an amazing, but commonplace, individual living in an amazing world.

Above: Justice weighing up the balance and keeping the peace.

The cards will express the enchanting nature of everyday people and situations, allowing us to appreciate their unique charm and wisdom. Beauty will be celebrated in all its forms and the cards encompass people of all ages, sizes, colours and physical abilities. They will also embrace the other beings - both seen and unseen - that share our reality with us. These are the faeries and our creature-kin; the fabulous yet familiar mammals, birds and insects that share our journey. As such The Everyday Enchantment Tarot is warmly inclusive, welcoming us into a more unified vision of world.

Above: The elegant woman in the Nine of Coins enjoys living well

This deck will encourage us to appreciate life anew and engage with each other as the as the infinitely wise, and endlessly creative, beings we truly are. In this The Everyday Enchantment Tarot will expand our capacity for empathy and gratitude, promoting deep connection in our hectic, and often alienated, world.

Above: The Eight of Wands heralds swift movement

Below: The Eight of Coins shows an enthusiastic apprentice

Below: Strength - a bravehearted woman and her faithful companion

Above: Nine of Blades - the blades are her long (sword embellished) nails.

Above: The Two of Cups - there are more partnerships in this image than just the flirty men drinking coffee on the park bench! It's all about attraction - yes - but also deep relationship between all kinds of beings.

Below: The Empress - loving and laughing in her bustling kitchen

'I see this deck as being like a bridge between the mundane and the magical; reminding us that we don't have to wear long flowing gowns and sit looking longingly into a medieval fountain to be able to accept or bring magic into our lives.'

Rebecca Stevens

Above: Five of Blades. The angry chef has all the knives, and so all the power, in this kitchen. Not a harmonious place to work!

Below: Six of Blades. Instead of the traditional 'man rowing the boat away', here we have a man skating away from the past (represented by the backpack) with the woman and child, the blades being their skates of course. It was inspired by the old Jethro Tull lyric 'skating away on the thin ice of a new day'. Everything, including the geese, moves towards the dawning light.

Above: Mourning the past and not letting go - the Five of Cups. While the woman grieves on the grave the person she thinks she has lost appears unseen behind her, hoping to remind her of the eternal nature of being.

Below: Queen of Blades (swords) This woman is cutting to the chase - an incisive professional (Doctor) with a scalpel who will 'tell it like it is'. She has a little sword as a pendant too.

Blades are tricky thing to incorporate into 'everyday' cards while retaining the meaning of the original tarot. Try fitting many knives into familiar scenarios - what a challenge! But not was time to get inventive and incorporate sharp objects rather than only using literal blades.

Wands are easier to find and depict - here's the Four of Wands with the celebratory candles being the wands

Above: The King of Coins, gently sowing his seeds and considerately reaping the rewards. He's a genial sort of chap, a good earth-father to all. He's an ethical employer and the crop is organic, of course! It would be nice to think that the cows aren't there for farming purposes, and are kept happy in a field out of the goodness of this King's heart rather than for profit. He's a good steward, not a greedy man, but is still able to make a good living and is ploughing his material rewards back into the land and local inhabitants.

Above: In complete contrast to the hedonistic Knight of Wands the Knight of Coins is a staid young man seriously committed to making money. He focuses single-mindedly on the task in hand and ignores his peers having a good time in the background. He is grounded, determined and reliable but certainly a candidate for the adage 'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy'.

Below: The incisive King of Cups presents the case with clarity

Above: Two of Wands - a flamboyant, energetic drummer throws his sticks into the air. He earns the admiration of the crowd by being different. His backdrop is a lovely lake with free flying birds and his bass drum skin has an image of the world on it, both reminding us to follow our passion wherever it may lead. We can travel far, and to places of great beauty, if we listen to 'a different drum' and be ourselves.

Above: The Nine of Cups. This man is enjoying the fruits of his success and loving the lavish lifestyle he can now afford. He does however look a little smug - maybe all that attention is going to his head?

Below: The lionheart - the charismatic King of Wands. He's a born leader and his visual impairment doesn't stop him seeing, or doing, more than most others. People are drawn to him like moths to a flame.

Below: Ten of Cups with the planter/tubs being the cups here. This card is obviously a modern take on the traditional 'happy ever after' image.

Below: A fresh start for the creative Ace of Wands

Above: Five of Wands - there really are five, including the umbrella!

Above: The delightful Page of Cups - gentle messenger of love

Below: The intrepid Page of Wands makes the leap to inspire and lead

Below: Seven of Wands - the police batons are the wands here although the trees, and the protester's placard, are also wands...all things being connected. This card is clearly about standing up for what is right.

Below: Seven of Coins - the tattooist makes fantasy a reality

Below: The apathetic boy in the Four of Cups lets his hope trickle away

Above: The Ten of Coins from The Everyday Enchantment Tarot. Here's the generous patriarch as Father Christmas in his rather luxurious family home, complete with ancestral portrait. He even has a throne-like chair from which to dispense his largesse! The coins may be the chocolate ones you get at this time of year - preferably dairy-free chocolate but that's unlikely as this man is a stickler for long established ways of behaving. This card is all about security and patronage which can be either comforting or controlling.

Below: The hot-headed Knight of Wands - a wild man indeed

Below: The Hierophant - a conventional spiritual teacher

Above: The loving and creative King of Cups welcomes us in

Above: The Magician - turning soil into growing gold

Above: The World - creating a better reality together

Below: The mystic Moon - tormented mad woman or misunderstood genius?

Above: Two of Blades (suit of Swords) - a denial of difficulties

Above: The Sun lights up a drab alleyway and brings joy

Above: The Star - a guiding light in troubled times

Above: High Priestess - Queen of the Night

Above: The Chariot - forging ahead with style

Below: The Everyday Enchantment Tarot card back - a reversible image

This deck is now the property of Schiffer, as well as Poppy. Please see the Tarot pages for more details.


Above: There are also illustration/designs on the tattoo pages this being a potential tattoo expressing seasons/elements and interconnectedness. Poppy offers a 'tattoo design for charity service' when she can.

Above: The Garden's Song

The images that follow need updating and resizing. please bear with this process!

Above left: Artwork used in Pagan Dawn magazine

Above right: Image designed for Poppy's book 'The Greening'

Above Left: Cover of the first ever Pentacle magazine, UK and

Above Right: Poppy's first cover for Pagan Dawn magazine, UK

Below: A cover of the sadly defunct Wood and Water

Below are some of her favourite pieces from various sources, most notably from the books of Rae Beth, Rosa Romani and from her own tarot deck (Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot). All of the images will be available as cards or prints sometime in the future.

Above: The Wandering Minstrel, Soul Mates and Cunning Man from the

Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot

Below: The ones that got away...tarot cards that didn't make it to the published deck...

Above: Cover of Spellcasting for Hedgewitches by Rae Beth (HALE 2004)

Below: The thirteen internal images for Rae's book which are in ink and wash

Below: The cover for The Hedge Witch's Way, illustrated by Poppy

And following are the internal ink illustrations, some which Poppy has coloured in specially for this website

The above images for Rae Beth were auctioned by Dorset Wildlife Rescue in 2011

This was to raise funds for their work

Above: The cover of Green Spirituality by Rosa Romani and

Below: Poppy's internal images from the book

Above: image that did not make it into 'Green Spirituality'

Below: Images that didn't make it into 'The Greening'

Treeface One and Two

Above: An image of Alicia, a character from 'The Greening'

Below: An image of Lian from 'The Greening'

Below: From 'Season of Sorcery' by Poppy

Above: Poppy's cover for Rhiannon Ryall's book

What follows below is a gallery of images from Poppy's past

Above, top line: Moon Tree, Mother Nature One, Two and Three!

And bottom line:The Lady, New Boots on Old Tracks

Above: The Spell-Wife

Above: Elemental Spirit, Spirit of Freedom, Spirit of the Ancestors

Below: Image for Sagewoman, a magazine in the USA

Miscellaneous Magical Images

Below: Two cat pictures

Below: An Illustration for Poppy's children's story MELVINS NEW FLOOB